My Genome Kain't- No Wait He Did It Just Fine

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  1. [16:11:33] <@Kain> Theta has quite a bit of time on his hands! It's a bit earlier in the day than when the others unexpectedly came to the village via Teleport, and Nat is asleep. Now's the perfect time to mack on the ladies... or actually get important goals worked on!
  2. [16:11:42] <@Kain> Ambrosia is still with Mikoto for the moment.
  3. [16:11:58] <@Kain> Where do we find our resident Geonome?
  4. [16:13:13] <Theta> Let's first say at some point he reclaimed the chalk from Ambrosia else this would get silly!  Other than that he starts by poking around the village some before heading off to try to find Elizabeth.  Knowing she's a White Mage she might be able to help him.
  5. [16:16:51] <@Kain> Elizabeth is browsing the wares at the Black Cat Synthesis Shop, the one stop shop for all your synth needs. Two genomes maintain this place, still taking care of the (now very old) titular black cat that was here at the shop's founding.
  6. [16:18:17] * Theta greets the people there, and scratches the cat under the chin.  "Elizabeth!  Good, I was looking for you.  Are you free today?  I could use some help with something, not sure if Natalie is really around."
  7. [16:19:01] * Kain is now known as Elizabeth
  8. [16:19:47] <@Elizabeth> She looks from from the cat's paw staff she was looking over. "She's napping, and I'm just idling until we set out again. What were you needing?"
  9. [16:23:18] <Theta> "..." It occurs to him how funny this request is. "Well, I need to make some errands and speak with some people while I have the chance.  And being you're a White know the Teleport Spell, right?"
  10. [16:25:02] <@Elizabeth> Elizabeth: "It's currently my favored, spell, actually. I don't even have to give an incantation. Thouygh I suppose only a practitioner of magic would really understand how handy it is to be able to blink yourself and others to somewhere else with a thought instead of taking a few seconds."
  11. [16:26:04] <@Elizabeth> "For example... the floor breaking out from under your entire group while exploring ruins, that's a bit of a nasty predicament."
  12. [16:26:17] <@Elizabeth> "But yes, I can teleport you, long story short. Where do you need to go?"
  13. [16:27:15] <Theta> "Ooooooh. Huh.  Does sound handy."
  14. [16:27:42] <Theta> "...Honestly I'm not quite sure where to pick up some of the materials, so Treno would probably be a good place to start.  We'll need to pick someone up there anyway."
  15. [16:28:46] <@Elizabeth> "Treno... fair enough."
  16. [16:29:00] * @Elizabeth looks a bit wrapped in thought.
  17. [16:29:57] <@Elizabeth> "Are you ready right now?"
  18. [16:31:15] <Theta> He nods.  "Ready as I'll ever be I suppose."
  19. [16:32:13] <@Elizabeth> And indeed, in a split second, the synthesis shops washes away and you find yourself in the midst of the Dark City. Elizabeth simply looks around, and gestures out. "Lead the way."
  20. [16:32:38] <@Elizabeth> She pulls a draught of some kind out in the meantime and imbibes it. From the odor, probably an Ether derivative of some kind.
  21. [16:34:21] <Theta> He seems a bit shocked how painless that one was compared to previous teleportations.  "Woah.  I'm never going to quite get used to how convienent that is.  Anyway, someone -should- be home, yes!" He heads to the King Estate.
  22. [16:36:39] <@Elizabeth> "That would be... the mayor's residence, correct?" she asks as you get close. "I grew up in this city... and despite how large it is I'll never get over how small the world is in comparison."
  23. [16:38:12] <Theta> "You did?  Huh.  I didn't know that.  It is her estate, yes.  She granted me a bit of it by the lake to make a home as well."
  24. [16:41:00] <@Elizabeth> "When I was a young girl, this estate was split between other families... The Chechers, Don Mino and his mafia, and quite a few others...." she pauses to reminisce, but follows you to your house.
  25. [16:42:10] <Theta> "I'm not too familiar with the history behind it aside from Kuja aquired it, Mikoto inherited it, and from there...well she has some interesting plans for it.  This is a bit of a start, I guess." He heads down to the lakeside house and enters, "Anyone home?" he calls out.
  26. [16:42:41] <Theta> Other than that he plucks out the Earth Mirror, finds a good spot on the wall in the foyer for it, intuitives out a small hook and hangs it. "Perfect.  Really ties the room together."
  27. [16:43:21] <@Elizabeth> You hear some shuffling around, and a "meow" as Garland comes down the stairs and rubs up against your leg, purring. Savannah quickly comes down after, followed by the rest of the girls.
  28. [16:43:51] <@Elizabeth> Elizabeth laughs. "An interior decorator now, are you? I'll have to remember to ask you to come by and select some drapes."
  29. [16:44:19] <@Elizabeth> Savannah: "Hi, papa!"
  30. [16:44:33] <@Elizabeth> T-89 just raises an eyebrow at Elizabeth, curious.
  31. [16:45:06] <@Elizabeth> Vivian: "Oh... Theta, you're back." she says, dressed in her normal attire as she comes down, too.
  32. [16:45:22] <@Elizabeth> "Quite the few you've got here..." Liz remarks.
  33. [16:45:37] <Theta> He greets everyone.  "Oh! You're all home, hm?"
  34. [16:45:46] <@Elizabeth> Luna nods.
  35. [16:46:13] <@Elizabeth> Savannah: "We just got back from a trip to the Rooks' house! They're really nice people..."
  36. [16:47:17] <Theta> "Meeting the neighbors? I...need to find time to do that myself at some point, hm...anyway, everyone, this is Elizabeth."
  37. [16:48:23] <Theta> "'s a long story, but essentially these girls were given life by Ayane from one of my theories." He runs down the line introducing each of them.
  38. [16:48:57] <@Elizabeth> "Hiii!" they each introduce themselves to her and shake Liz's hand.
  39. [16:49:08] <@Elizabeth> Or let you introduce them, either way.
  40. [16:51:41] <Theta> In the mean time he leaves some money for living expenses in that treasure chest.  He thinks for a bit, looking over them. "T89, do you have some time to spare today away from your job?  I might need your help with something."
  41. [16:52:13] <@Elizabeth> T-89: "I should be free, yes..." she says, hesitantly.
  42. [16:52:17] <Theta> "Also if a bearman comes by and starts building something by the pizza oven I asked him to, everyone."
  43. [16:53:13] <@Elizabeth> T-404: "That sounds perfectly reasonable!" :D
  44. [16:53:34] <Theta> "Just wanted you to be aware he wasn't a burgler or anything."
  45. [16:54:06] <Theta> "Perfect! Um...come with us if you could then? Sorry this was short for now, everyone."
  46. [16:55:11] * @Elizabeth just remains silent as she follows Theta and T-89, once again lost in thought.
  47. [16:57:38] <Theta> He walks away a bit from the estate before finding some place quiet to talk.  "Alright, basically, T-89, I asked you because you're the most well adjusted of the girls for this, and you being a Time Mage would be easiest for things not to interfere with your life here..."
  48. [16:58:05] <Theta> His tone is a less jolly than it was a bit ago.  "Because of that I wouldn't be entirely surprised if you had a hint what this was about."
  49. [16:58:37] <@Elizabeth> T-89: "Mm... Your tone suggests... is this about the lifespan issue?"
  50. [16:58:49] <@Elizabeth> She says, plain as day.
  51. [17:00:01] <Theta> He nods.  "I recall Vivian asked me about it when we first met, Ayane didn't really make it clear to her, so I assumed most of them don't know.  If anyone did it would make sense you did."
  52. [17:00:18] <@Elizabeth> T-89: "I've read quite a few books since awakening. Books on sewing, romance, being successful. And history books, too. Some even managed to cover just 'why' there are so few black mages left in the world, in a sense others can comprehend."
  53. [17:00:49] <@Elizabeth> T-89: "Ayane hasn't told any of us, probably out of fear of a rebellion."
  54. [17:02:17] <Theta> "Basically...before you were born, I was researching how to undo that issue.  One of my ideas, one I admit now was naive, was since women are prone to longer life spans than men, dolls in their form would live longer.  I wasn't really ready to test anything on it, and Mayor Mikoto even tossed me half way across the world for how silly it was."
  55. [17:02:28] <Theta> "Ayane, for reasons I don't know, took that research and created all of you."
  56. [17:03:18] <@Elizabeth> Elizabeth: "THAT was why you ended up in my lap?" she sounds pretty amused.
  57. [17:03:21] <Theta> "It was rash, thoughtless, and very cruel, and I've been trying to find a means to correct it.  It was my hope I could find one before too long, but it's only now I've the means to actually further that research."
  58. [17:04:23] <@Elizabeth> T-89: "I don't think she needs much of a reason. The woman is clearly not in her right mind." she says to Theta.
  59. [17:04:29] <Theta> "In the mean time my goal was to make sure you were all comfortable, and Mikoto helped me with that.  But from here on out I think I'm on my own, though I did stumble across an interesting bit not long ago."
  60. [17:04:46] <@Elizabeth> She listens.
  61. [17:04:49] <Theta> He nods to Elizabeth. "It -was- amusing, yes, but less so when I realized...well...someone acted on it."
  62. [17:05:47] <Theta> "Basically, I'm going to need one of you to directly help me with this, be on hand when I need you to try things.  You won't always have to be around, but I don't really have the resources to come back to Treno everytime I need one of you to help me."
  63. [17:06:03] <Theta> "And...I'm not quite sure the others are as well off to help me as you are."
  64. [17:07:07] <@Elizabeth> 89 thinks about it a moment.
  65. [17:07:44] <@Elizabeth> 89: "Fair enough. I made sure there was a reasonable gap in my schedule anyway due to another project... I shouldn't be missed."
  66. [17:08:05] <@Elizabeth> 89: "But I have something to ask you."
  67. [17:08:50] <Theta> He nods, listening.
  68. [17:10:15] <@Elizabeth> 89: "What if you figure this out -too- well?"
  69. [17:11:01] <Theta> "What that sounds like to me is you're asking if my idea makes you immortal."
  70. [17:11:13] <@Elizabeth> 89: "That's exactly what I'm asking you."
  71. [17:11:36] <Theta> "That's a funny thing to ask given what I learned recently."
  72. [17:12:21] <Theta> "First off, the actual immortal in this town, The Renegade, is a complete jerkass and probably knows more than he's willing to tell me, but he did mention something that got me thinking."
  73. [17:12:32] <@Elizabeth> She listens.
  74. [17:12:35] <Theta> "And then I found Vivi's lab where Bebe and the others were born."
  75. [17:13:21] <Theta> "After Kuja fell, he assisted Vivi in his last days to try to undo whatever he did, but it seems it was a one way switch.  They couldn't find out why."
  76. [17:13:37] <Theta> "They found a workaround, and if it works as I think it does, his children -are- immortal at the moment."
  77. [17:13:47] <Theta> "Their lives are tied to that of a few Eidolons."
  78. [17:14:08] <@Elizabeth> 89: "That is... disturbing to think about."
  79. [17:14:17] <@Elizabeth> "..." Liz remains quiet.
  80. [17:15:04] <Theta> "There are stones where their souls are stored at the moment, I hid them so they couldn't be easily found, but it's not a very stable solution at all, no."
  81. [17:15:13] <Theta> "Here's what I'm thinking..."
  82. [17:16:22] <Theta> "The biggest question to me is why would Genomes be fine here but Dolls, natives, aren't.  My theory is it has to do with what we were created for.  We were born to slowly be slipped into Gaia's stream of souls.  Garland probably suceeded in that to some extent, as we -are- fine aside from what he did to Kuja as an individual."
  83. [17:16:53] <Theta> "Your race was originally made as living weapons.  Kuja skipped an important step he probably wasn't aware about because he himself wasn't included in it."
  84. [17:17:27] <@Elizabeth> 89: "Why struggle so hard to preserve the black mages, then?"
  85. [17:17:37] <@Elizabeth> 89: "Why simply not produce more genomes, instead?"
  86. [17:18:41] <@Elizabeth> 89: "The reason Ayane created all one thousand of us was the direct result of research trying to expand the life cycle of the black mages... but I question why that's necessary in the first place."
  87. [17:18:58] <@Elizabeth> 89: "We're causing you problems...."
  88. [17:19:04] <@Elizabeth> She looks away.
  89. [17:20:28] <@Elizabeth> 89: "Then again, with so many of us on the clock, I suppose there isn't a choice anymore."
  90. [17:20:38] <Theta> He frowns, looking down.  "You're right.  We were too slow to save the majority of your race.  Most of them have passed on aside from a handful."
  91. [17:21:47] <Theta> "I guess part of it, to me, was to ensure the legacy of those who helped me when I first got here wouldn't be forgotten.  That's a very sad end for a race that was essentially our counterpart here.  Most of our culture now was once yours."
  92. [17:22:20] <Theta> "In a way it was a greedy endevour, but it's why I'm so furious with Ayane.  We were not ready to embark on this."
  93. [17:22:52] <Theta> "And...well, I'm not going to let her repeat the same thing Kuja regretted way too late.  You may not think of it this way, but you're all to me, in a way, my kids."
  94. [17:23:00] <Theta> "Why wouldn't I want to save you?"
  95. [17:24:56] <@Elizabeth> T-89: "I'm grateful for my life, but I don't want to view you in that way. There's just too much I feel is wrong with considering you a father, or Ayane a mother. I don't wish to hurt your feelings either, though... so I at least acknowledge how you feel. ...thank you... For the sake of those who are living now, I plan on helping you to my full extent."
  96. [17:26:30] <Theta> He nods. "I understand.  It is weird.  We are such complete oddities to this world's culture at large, as none of us really had parents."
  97. [17:27:06] <Theta> "And...well, I think the solution might be way simpler than Vivi, Kuja, Mikoto, Bebe or myself ever really realized."
  98. [17:27:21] <@Elizabeth> "...? Do you think so?" Liz asks.
  99. [17:27:56] <Theta> "I think the problem is, and what Walt said suggests it too..."
  100. [17:28:51] <Theta> "You have memories and emotions, but you lack a spirit of this world.  It thinks you're an alien being and won't accept you." He says to T-89.  "This didn't happen to us because it was intended we would be 'slipped in.' "
  101. [17:29:05] <Theta> "We just have to show the spirits all around us that's not the case.  I'm...not really sure how to though yet."
  102. [17:29:30] <@Elizabeth> "You're saying... that the crystal isn't feeding them lifeforce because they're aliens?"
  103. [17:30:11] <@Elizabeth> "Or a proper 'soul' of this world?"
  104. [17:30:13] <Theta> "Yes. Walt said in his moment of death he experienced something that I think was...well..." he inuitives up a ball of water from the waterways.  "Something out there recognized him."
  105. [17:30:31] <@Elizabeth> 89 approaches the waterside to have a look.
  106. [17:31:50] <Theta> "These little guys are sorta stupid," he says as he finaggles around the waterball.  "They have a limited mix of memory and emotion, I experienced that much when building the estate."
  107. [17:32:04] <Theta> "The land spoke to me about what once stood there and it accepted being given form again."
  108. [17:32:42] <Theta> "They're also raw spiritual energy.  I think the key is something about them.  But I'm not really sure how to test it quite yet."
  109. [17:33:38] <Theta> "For now all I was thinking is maybe some chemistry equiptment, some way to 'capture them' if you will, and from there if we're confident enough I can create another device much more in the fashion us Genomes were born."
  110. [17:34:04] <@Elizabeth> "Capturing spirits... Bebe mentioned something like that before, I think." she ponders.
  111. [17:34:31] <Theta> "Which is also why I think The Renegade is full of crap about something unless he just accidently fell into the Crystal one day or something."
  112. [17:36:16] <@Elizabeth> T-89: "I wouldn't trust a cynical wizard, myself."
  113. [17:37:04] <@Elizabeth> "I know that elemental spirits are used fairly often to forge attuned equipment..." Elizabeth murmurs .
  114. [17:37:33] <Theta> "Me either after the whole thing with Ambrosia.  Unfortionately what she is, well..."
  115. [17:37:35] <Theta> "Hrrm."
  116. [17:37:36] <@Elizabeth> "Flamberges and Air Rackets, and even the legendary Excalibur."
  117. [17:37:45] <@Elizabeth> "There -must- be a way to entrap them."
  118. [17:37:53] <Theta> "Hrrrrm."
  119. [17:38:54] <Theta> "How do you feel about poking around a space ship to see if maybe something there is a bit more adaquet than the equiptment we've been using thus far has been."
  120. [17:40:35] <@Elizabeth> "...?" Elizabeth looks intrigued, and 89 just seems indifferent.
  121. [17:42:52] <Theta> He looks to Elizabeth. "You remember when we ran into you in New Cleyra, right?  It's not TOO far off from there.  I -think- they'd let us into it being as my group was the ones who handled the situation there."
  122. [17:43:08] <@Elizabeth> "A... 'space' ship, you said."
  123. [17:44:29] <Theta> "It's probably easier to show than tell.  But...yeah sorta."
  124. [17:45:01] <@Elizabeth> "Well, I'm all for scavenging interesting things..."
  125. [17:45:36] <@Elizabeth> 89 just crosses her arms. "What are we waiting here for, then?"
  126. [17:46:57] <Theta> He nods to Elizabeth.  "It'll prove interesting!"
  127. [17:52:49] <@Elizabeth> Liz nods then, and swirls her finger around. In an instant, Treno becomes New Cleyra, the daylight tugging at your eyes.
  128. [17:55:05] <Theta> He collects himself in the change of scenery before looking to the cliff sides outside of town.  "It's up there a bit, so we have a bit of a hike ahead of us, but not that far..."
  129. [17:56:31] <@Elizabeth> 89: "Why would we have to hike?"
  130. [17:56:38] <@Elizabeth> 89 throws out her arm, chanting.
  131. [17:56:58] <@Elizabeth> 89: "Screw gravity. Flight!"
  132. [17:57:22] <@Elizabeth> A wind kicks up underneath each of you, propelling you slightly into the air. You feel as though you can drift freely.
  133. [17:57:53] <Theta> "...Or that."
  134. [17:58:08] <Theta> "I sorta forget about those things. Heh."
  135. [17:58:41] <Theta> He, well, starts floating in the right direction then.  Those poor confused Ratopians who witness this floating trio.
  136. [17:59:22] <@Elizabeth> Elizabeth seems a bit impressed, and follows along as the three of you fly off towards the Forbidden Forest.
  137. [17:59:33] <@Elizabeth> This is a much more pleasant trip that before.
  138. [17:59:34] <@Elizabeth> *than
  139. [18:00:09] <@Elizabeth> You arrive near the shrine of Bahamut in short order.
  140. [18:01:01] <Theta> He looks around in case any guards are standing by.  "Basically it's. Well.  Really up there."
  141. [18:01:12] <Theta> "That thing teleported us up before." he nods to the temple.
  142. [18:01:40] <@Elizabeth> It... doesn't seem like there are, any. The doors are pulled shut and locked, but that's easy enough to bypass as a geomancer.
  143. [18:02:47] <Theta> He does so, sliding the doors aside and entering.
  144. [18:03:23] <@Elizabeth> The shrine is much as you left it before, the first floor a bare area of worship, the pews long empty.
  145. [18:03:39] <@Elizabeth> The teleportation circle still pulses occasionally at the far end of the room.
  146. [18:03:49] <Theta> He saves everyone the misery of the 'who goes first' thing and demonstrates, stepping onto the platform.
  147. [18:04:57] <@Elizabeth> You end up on top of the Enterprise, miles above the ground, and the two girls appear behind you shortly, looking around. 89 seems a bit more impressed than she first was. "This sounded boring when I heard of it before. She remarks.
  148. [18:05:01] <@Elizabeth> "
  149. [18:05:32] <@Elizabeth> "Boring? This is... this is incredible! This airship is enormous!"
  150. [18:05:53] <Theta> "Well, it was...sort of hard to describe in full."
  151. [18:06:35] <Theta> He leads them along the paths they walked.  "It's huge. An entire city, a colony I guess.  Us Terrans weren't the first to try to come here.  These people were humans."
  152. [18:07:08] <Theta> "Bahamut struck a deal with them to let them dwell here.  They had to leave their technology behind.  Including their Magikin(sp?), which is what Ambrosia is."
  153. [18:07:49] <@Elizabeth> *manikin
  154. [18:08:16] <Theta> CLOSE ENOUGH.
  155. [18:10:11] <@Elizabeth> "Well, no one said we couldn't come in and plunder everything, now did they?" she sounds amused.
  156. [18:10:42] <@Elizabeth> 89: "Lead the way, chief."
  157. [18:10:56] <@Elizabeth> Where do you try to look for relevant equipment?
  158. [18:11:20] <Theta> "We were hardly the first.  Though the defenses here were fairly good at making sure it wasn't easy.  Renegade had us come here to investigate under the pretense he wanted us to examine it more.  Though really he just thought it'd be funny for us to get in trouble up here."
  159. [18:11:43] <Theta> "There's...a room where most the manikin are in stasis.  We can start there.  But I think what we really want would be where they were created at."
  160. [18:12:03] <@Elizabeth> "It is an age old adage that wizards have no sense or right or wrong."
  161. [18:12:13] <Theta> "Interesting to note, the Moogles seemed to know -where- it was."
  162. [18:12:19] <Theta> "least the one who came up here did."
  163. [18:12:32] <Theta> "But he was sort of...well, more hardened than most Moogles."
  164. [18:15:19] <@Elizabeth> 89: "Moogles? Can't stand'em, personally."
  165. [18:15:43] <@Elizabeth> "They do have a keen sense of direction... I can't see how they'd know about a place like this, though..." she muses as you walk along.
  166. [18:16:21] <Theta> "I'm -pretty sure- he was some sort of mercinary or something because he didn't act very...Moogly."
  167. [18:18:03] <@Elizabeth> You walk the cold halls of the Enterprise, the light systems since fully restored. Spiderbots wander the hallways, paying not attention to you.
  168. [18:20:56] <Theta> "The oddest part about this place, though, is their records were very...well, readable."
  169. [18:21:10] <Theta> "Compared to say how not many can read Terran."
  170. [18:21:18] <@Elizabeth> You finally reach the manikin stasis chamber after a bit of walking (god this place is so big) and find that they're still mostly in stasis. One of them, Herja (the one you saw awake previously), moves around the room performing adjustments at consoles. She looks up at you as you enter, but returns back to her duties shortly.
  171. [18:21:27] <@Elizabeth> "Not even a different dialect?"
  172. [18:23:31] * Theta waves at her quickly as she looks to them.  "Sort of?  We really didn't have any trouble reading any of it."
  173. [18:23:50] <Theta> He addresses the manikin.  "Herja, would you happen to have that map you loaned us previously on you?"
  174. [18:24:12] <@Elizabeth> She wordlessly approaches and hands it over to you.
  175. [18:25:45] <Theta> "Thank you." He looks over it in a way the others can look at just -how- huge this place is as well.
  176. [18:26:13] <Theta> "Probably quicker if we head there first then poke around here if we don't find much..."
  177. [18:26:57] <@Elizabeth> Elizabeth is more interested in looking from tank to tank.
  178. [18:27:03] <@Elizabeth> "All of these... are atificial beings..."
  179. [18:27:56] <@Elizabeth> 89 looks over the map with you.
  180. [18:28:18] <@Elizabeth> You see that the production facility on sublevel F.
  181. [18:28:22] <Theta> "I wouldn't be surprised if Garland somehow got ideas for US from here, but..."
  182. [18:28:26] <@Elizabeth> Towards the back of the ship.
  183. [18:29:01] <Theta> "They are more..." he nods to the control device.  "Mechanical in nature. Sort of."
  184. [18:29:39] <@Elizabeth> Herja: "Entirely mechanical, but designed to mimic some biological functions." she says, from a console.
  185. [18:30:40] <Theta> He thanks her for the clairication.  "It's a good distance in, so should be plenty of sights on the way too."
  186. [18:31:08] <@Elizabeth> You notice the pods near where she's working have synringe-like objects on mechanical arms injrect something into the manikins. Then she moves on to another console.
  187. [18:33:00] <@Elizabeth> Liz, in the meantime, pockets some of the random scientific looking junk lying around for further study later.
  188. [18:37:23] <@Elizabeth> 89 stretches a bit, idle.
  189. [18:37:47] <Theta> He takes note of this.  "Yeah there's a lot of neat stuff up here.  Might find things to help your own research as well for all I know."
  190. [18:38:09] <Theta> "Anyway, let's seesee here..." he leads them along when ready.
  191. [18:42:37] <@Elizabeth> It's a long walk that wasn't quite as interesting as you might have thought it was... The elevator is a pretty cool thing at least, but the walk itself is rather unremarkable, taking you past a bunch of samey looking rooms and hallways, punctuated only occasionally by a spiderbot looking for jobs to do.  Before long though, you get to Sublevel F, which appears to open up to a large, far more
  192. [18:42:37] <@Elizabeth> open area with conveyer belts and all sorts of strange machinery. You see spare parts hanging on the walls here and there. Detached arms, naked torsos, heads with no body to call their own (some with eyes open staring blankly ahead
  193. [18:42:46] <@Elizabeth> ) and others closed tight.
  194. [18:43:27] <@Elizabeth> The machinery appears to be some sort of automated assembly line the likes of which you haven't seen. Even assembly lines for the most advanced machines in Lindblum had to have manual assistance at times.
  195. [18:44:37] <Theta> "...Okay. This is a bit more creepy than I had in mind but sure.  Let's see what we have here..."
  196. [18:46:27] <@Elizabeth> Even 89 is unnerved a little, waving her hand in front of one of the heads. Elizabeth just reaches over and picks one up, posing dramatically with it. "Alas, poor Yorick. I knew him, Horatio." She playfully puts the head back, in a good mood.
  197. [18:46:44] <@Elizabeth> "Remarkable, really..."
  198. [18:47:40] <Theta> He continues along this raw manufacturing line. "I'm...guessing this is just where they had them assembled.  As for what makes them tic..."
  199. [18:48:13] <Theta> "I can sorta see why Ambrosia doesn't want to recall parts of this."
  200. [18:48:16] <@Elizabeth> There are crates and crates of mechanical organs in one area as you pass by.
  201. [18:48:33] <@Elizabeth> One of the robot arms is still clutching a white and grey steel heart.
  202. [18:48:47] <@Elizabeth> Apparently it was interrupted in the middle of its operation.
  203. [18:49:35] <@Elizabeth> "I don't. Imagine if you could get the mind of a man into an artificial body like this... No sickness, no disease..."
  204. [18:51:36] <Theta> He stares at that and hesitates. "..."
  205. [18:51:38] <@Elizabeth> 89: "No reproduction. No feeling full after a meal, or feeling pain when you're cut. That sort of idea is dangerous."
  206. [18:51:46] <@Elizabeth> She says to Elizabeth.
  207. [18:53:02] <Theta> "It's sad.  On some base level we both were made for similar purposes as them.  Just we were composed of magical elements, not...steel."
  208. [18:53:24] <Theta> "Maybe what I'm looking for isn't here, but given your own studies...can't say it was a mistake to see."
  209. [18:55:18] <@Elizabeth> "Magic and technology are not mutually exclusive things... using both in conjunction could produce amazing results..."
  210. [18:55:42] <@Elizabeth> She reaches up to take the mechanical heart. "They won't be needing this, will they?"
  211. [18:56:47] <Theta> "I don't believe so.  This place...well...the world forgot it at whole, I think."
  212. [18:59:13] <Theta> He looks around for anything that would have been used to actually produce these actual parts.  Do they look like they were just stored away and not actually produced here?
  213. [18:59:16] <@Elizabeth> 89: "They could have just as easily forgotten us, too..."
  214. [19:00:44] <Theta> He thinks on that a bit.  "Maybe Bahamut holds more answers on what it would take to have the Manikin find their home here too.  But honestly?  This facility, from...what it looks like, was just, well, turned off."
  215. [19:01:26] <Theta> "Even now they are able to keep themselves alive and functional.  If anything Ambrosia is proof of that."
  216. [19:02:00] <@Elizabeth> You notice the crates seem to have been moved in from the other side of the production facility. It's about a ten minute walk around all of the machinery, but you make it, eventually, to more delicate looking machines with molds, weird green plates with strange patterns and metallic imprints, tiny, blue spheres that seem to be inserted into those mechanical hearts... You see half of a face,
  217. [19:02:00] <@Elizabeth> the mechanical underworkings of a manikin's head grinning oddly at you.
  218. [19:03:16] <Theta> "The green things look similar to some Terran workings I've seen. ones..."
  219. [19:03:19] <Theta> "Well what the heck ARE those."
  220. [19:05:43] <Theta> He tries to find exactly where those are kept at.  
  221. [19:06:47] <@Elizabeth> You find them, after a moment, on a machine labeled "Energy Cores"
  222. [19:08:19] <Theta> "Aha.  Maybe this'll do!" He takes out the orange chalk and starts to draw a ring around the machine.
  223. [19:11:55] <@Elizabeth> Shhhhhk. Shhhhk, shhhhrk, you draw the lines around the machine... then VWOOP.
  224. [19:12:42] <@Elizabeth> The entire energy core production machine vanishes into the recesses of your pocket dimension.
  225. [19:14:30] <@Elizabeth> T-89: "You think you can find a use for that...?"
  226. [19:14:54] <@Elizabeth> "Well, if it stores energy, it's probably in part connected to their longevity somehow..."
  227. [19:15:11] <Theta> "Well..." he looks to the metal heart Elizabeth found.
  228. [19:16:06] <Theta> "There's gotta be a reason they placed them in the heart, and while what is actually stored in them might not be the same by the original design, it might suffice for at least capturing spiritual energy for later."
  229. [19:16:30] <@Elizabeth> "That's a good idea, actually..."
  230. [19:16:56] <@Elizabeth> 89 slowly nods after a moment. "I don't really get the technical or geomancey stuff. But if you saaay so."
  231. [19:17:03] <@Elizabeth> 89: "Where to, now?"
  232. [19:17:05] <Theta> "...Seems this is a bit more sophisticated than just chemistry though." He pokes around the machines.  "Wonder if there's anything here I could use as a basis for an incubator..."
  233. [19:17:15] <Theta> "...Or. huh."
  234. [19:17:42] <Theta> If there's nothing here like general chemistry equiptment, he nods. "I think I got an idea for that as well."
  235. [19:17:56] <@Elizabeth> Nothing in this factory, no.
  236. [19:18:04] <@Elizabeth> Elizabeth looks at you, curious.
  237. [19:19:43] <Theta> "Back upstairs, though.  You noticed the empty cell right?"
  238. [19:19:59] <Theta> "That WAS Ambrosia's, at one point.  But probably would work for this as well..."
  239. [19:23:16] <@Elizabeth> "So... using those... sleep tanks to grow your black mages?" she asks, trying to follow your line of thought.
  240. [19:24:09] <Theta> "Or to help just...complete this process."
  241. [19:24:36] <Theta> "He holds up the chalk.  "This thing is silly useful and it's things that can be studied later on.  I just need to collect a basis for now."
  242. [19:26:03] <@Elizabeth> "I haven't ever seen a portable hole that large before..." she remarks, nodding.
  243. [19:27:13] <Theta> "Though if you think there's anything down here that might help you we can poke around more, since that we can get on the way out."
  244. [19:27:26] <@Elizabeth> "I'll make a quick sweep around, then." she says, happily.
  245. [19:27:57] <@Elizabeth> And off she goes, like a kid in a candy store. T-89 watches her go and just hmms a moment.
  246. [19:28:44] <@Elizabeth> 89: "You understood what question I was asking earlier, Theta... but... I don't think you caught -why- exactly I asked."
  247. [19:30:23] <Theta> "I have a slight idea why, but I might be wrong.  Why, then?"
  248. [19:33:57] <@Elizabeth> 89: "I'm just wondering... Black Mages can reproduce. That much I know from Ayane, since Kuja had never intended to make any female Black Mages to begin with, it wasn't taken away. If you make our species effectively immortal... it could lead to rapid rise in population density worldwide. With only unnatural death to curb our numbers, starvation and overcrowding would become an issue...
  249. [19:33:57] <@Elizabeth> perhaps even resource depletion. Our quantity of life would go up, but the quality would eventually start to decline. Are you prepared to take the chance that if you discover a way to give us limitless life... that you may have to artificially cut it short for the good of everyone?"
  250. [19:36:59] <Theta> Ouch. That's a toughy. "Yeah I figured that was it.  Just...I didn't imagine the avenue I plan to take leading to that.  You're right.  That's a very dificult subject."
  251. [19:38:22] <@Elizabeth> 89: "We're here working with things we don't completely understand... it may be possible to find a solution that's too efficient..."
  252. [19:38:51] <Theta> "Every immortal being I've met in my travels thus far has gripes about it.  It's not my mission, but it probably wasn't all of theirs either."
  253. [19:39:49] <Theta> "This is going to sound sorta dumb, but...well, I was hoping through this I could find a way to better commune with the spirits all around us.  To better understand just what it is -I- do and beckoning them could do."
  254. [19:40:25] <@Elizabeth> 89: "I guess it's nice, to seek to understand... I'm rather inquisitive myself..."
  255. [19:40:37] <Theta> "Because, well, as a mage you feel you have a good grip on it, right?  I honestly don't really fully understand Geomancy.  There's not really enough of us around to study it in detail much, not now at least."
  256. [19:41:18] <Theta> "I don't want to be hasty with this, but I do have a deadline.  It's tough."
  257. [19:41:59] <@Elizabeth> 89: "Mm... well, I'm a 'time mage', but I couldn't claim to understand exactly every nuance of time. I can make it flow faster, or slower, or bend space to bring forth chunks of rock hurtling through a vacuum at speeds faster than we can normally see with our eyes alone. But... I don't think I quite understand it all either."
  258. [19:42:50] <Theta> "Hmm...I have been meaning to introduce you all to Bebe and the others.  Maybe now's a good time for it, or at least soon.  Him and myself were the ones most engrossed in this."
  259. [19:43:30] <@Elizabeth> 89: "I'd like to meet him, sometime." she nods. "Though perhaps laying down the foundations for this work is more important right now."
  260. [19:44:05] <@Elizabeth> Elizabeth hurries on back, her haversack bulging.
  261. [19:44:18] <@Elizabeth> "I can't carry any more." she sighs with discontent. "Oh, well."
  262. [19:44:51] <Theta> "A book of ethics on this, essentially?  It's sort of hilarious to consider there -isn't- one yet."
  263. [19:46:20] <Theta> "Well you know where it is now, at least.  And how to get back to it," he says to Elizabeth.
  264. [19:46:50] <Theta> "Considering what I'm thinking is largely based in Geomancy I think this actually -would- be a good discussion to have with Bebe around, though."
  265. [19:47:01] <Theta> "We had a funny exchange on something similar to this the other day."
  266. [19:49:31] <@Elizabeth> 89: "Did you?"
  267. [19:50:25] <Theta> "If we could establish an actual school of it and attract others who practition it, we'd have a much wider network of resources on just how to approach this."
  268. [19:50:48] <Theta> "You're right, though, and I agree that we shouldn't do anything drastic until we fully understand what we are working with."
  269. [19:50:57] <@Elizabeth> 89: "That might be true..."
  270. [19:51:46] <Theta> "I'm just getting gladder and gladder I asked you to assist with this," he chuckles.  "I...think other than securing that cell though we should have everything here though."
  271. [19:52:39] <@Elizabeth> "Well then, let's not keep it waiting~" Liz says, eager to see the inert manikins again now that she's had a chance to see what's inside them.
  272. [19:52:44] <@Elizabeth> Oh god, she tilded.
  273. [19:53:10] <Theta> OH GOD IT'S A DISEASE.
  274. [19:53:25] <Theta> He nods then, heading back to the elevator.
  275. [19:53:38] <@Elizabeth> Doodle doodle doo~
  276. [19:54:36] <@Elizabeth> You walk back in to the stasis chamber to find Herja finishing up her work there. A spiderbot with a maid headband brings her a sandwich on a plate, which politely declines. The bot scurries back off into one of the maintenance shafts.
  277. [19:55:11] <Theta> He approaches Herja, handing her back the map, then points at the empty cell.  "I'm going to borrow this. For Science, if that's okay."
  278. [19:57:00] <@Elizabeth> Herja looks over at you, then at the empty pod. "That unit has not returned in some number of cycles. I do not think she is returning. You may take it if you wish, but allow me to initiate maintenance mode so the system will recognize the unplugging."
  279. [19:57:30] <Theta> He nods, "By all means."
  280. [19:57:59] <@Elizabeth> Herja heads over to one of the computer consoles... beep boop bip blop. She nods at you, after a second.
  281. [19:58:13] <Theta> Theta thinks with portals. And by that I mean he chalks it away.
  282. [19:58:38] <Theta> "...Anything else I can probably just buy somewhere, I guess, if it's needed."
  283. [19:58:55] <@Elizabeth> VWOOP. The stasis pod is nabbed, too! There seem to have been pipes underneath and wires that were simply cut away. Oops. Well, you'll figure it out.
  284. [19:59:20] <@Elizabeth> Thankfully the pipes don't spew anything, having just been shut off by Herja.
  285. [19:59:21] <Theta> "Thanks for helping me get this out of the way, Elizabeth.  And to you T-89 for agreeing to all this."
  286. [19:59:52] <@Elizabeth> "No problem. This was a far more interesting excursion than Cirra and Gale usually drag me on."
  287. [20:00:16] <@Elizabeth> 89: "I still have some worries, but I'm more confident now we'll find something that works."
  288. [20:01:30] <Theta> "As a Time Mage, can you Teleport as well?  If anything we should think of a way that this isn't inconvienent for you."
  289. [20:02:31] <Theta> "I was thinking, if you could, at least accompanying us to where we'll be leaving from and when we leave I could leave notes with people as to where we're heading."
  290. [20:04:23] <@Elizabeth> 89: "Theta, I'm -all about- convenience." she gives a bit of a small smile. "I made sure I learned how as soon as I could."
  291. [20:06:55] <Theta> "Great! We'll try going with that for now then.  Since I think there's a bit of infrastructure that's going to need to be established before going too into details."
  292. [20:09:31] <@Elizabeth> She nods. while Elizabeth goes about with a sketchpad, sketching some drawings of the manikins.
  293. [20:10:54] * Theta waits paitently for her to finish up.
  294. [20:11:38] <@Elizabeth> After a bit she returns over. "Anatomy sketchbook. It's subtle, but they're consistently thinner than humans. I bet they don't have a digestive tract at all."
  295. [20:11:57] <@Elizabeth> "At least not one we'd immediately recognize."
  296. [20:13:11] <Theta> "Well, Ambrosia -is- one of them."
  297. [20:13:20] <Theta> "I don't think she'd mind if you asked her about things."
  298. [20:13:56] <@Elizabeth> "I think I will, if she won't be offended..."
  299. [20:14:05] <@Elizabeth> "In any case, where to, now?"
  300. [20:15:25] <Theta> He thinks a bit. "Unless you have a good recommendation on where to buy some chemistry equiptment I think we're good to return to Black Mage Village."
  301. [20:17:53] <@Elizabeth> She thinks. "I know the owner of a small Atelier in Lindblum, I bet they'd have a number of alchemy sets..."
  302. [20:18:11] <@Elizabeth> "Alchemy -is- just applied chemistry when it comes down to it."
  303. [20:19:08] <Theta> "Can we make a quick stop there, then, if you don't mind?"
  304. [20:20:39] <@Elizabeth> She nods and whips her fingers out again. Zoom! The sound from 0:00-0:03 plays here.
  305. [20:21:11] <@Elizabeth> The three of you are dropped right outside Atelier Alexis in Lindblum, a nice little shop that some of the players have stopped by before.
  306. [20:22:10] <@Elizabeth> It's a place with its own sort of charm, the house peaked like a little witch's hat like one might see in Black Mage Village, the walls painted bright purple and the windows filled with flowers and vinebearing plants.
  307. [20:22:18] <Theta> (the last one just sounds like a fart)
  308. [20:23:01] <Theta> "Huh.  That's a cute little shop."
  309. [20:23:47] <@Elizabeth> "It is, isn't it? They specialize in this sort of thing, and also act as a sort of general store for adventurers too."
  310. [20:25:33] <@Elizabeth> Inside, a witch clacks her nails against the counter, waiting for a customer. Cauldrons line the shop, each smoking with a different colored, fragrant pillar of fog. Expensive bottles line the shelves, and there are vials and canisters of so many different ingredients on hand. You notice labels mentioning things like "Vitriol" or "Rebis w/Rubedo".
  311. [20:26:17] <@Elizabeth> Elizabeth heads over to the counter. "Hey, Raz. Where's Alexis at?"
  312. [20:26:22] * Theta approaches the counter. "Hello."
  313. [20:26:45] <@Elizabeth> The girl waiting the counter waves. "Out on business again, sorryyyy, can I help you, Lizzybeth?"
  314. [20:27:37] <Theta> "Elizabeth recommended your store to me.  I'm looking for an alchemy set."
  315. [20:29:04] <@Elizabeth> Raz: "Oh, sure. Let's see........ ..........................         ...eeee..... here."
  316. [20:29:40] <@Elizabeth> She leans over the counter to squint at you for several moments, leaving an awkward pause hanging, before nodding and ditching the counter to go dig through some junk in the back.
  317. [20:30:06] <@Elizabeth> You hear metal clunking against metal, and, the sound of a cat screeching... Elizabeth just shrugs.
  318. [20:30:34] * Theta raises an eyebrow but says nothing.
  319. [20:34:38] <@Elizabeth> The witch comes back to the store front and slams some sort of folded cylinder on the table. "Cackling Cathy's Collapsible Cauldron... " followed by a rack with countless vials inb them, already filled. "Complete suite of Alchemy Necessities for Beginners..." A monocle... "Oh wait, you already have one of these, don't you? I can tell." she ditches the Inventor's Lens.
  320. [20:35:44] <Theta> "How did you - well, yes this looks sufficient, thank you." He brings out his gilbag.
  321. [20:35:45] <@Elizabeth> Then comes a portable range for the cauldron, a few disassemblable alembics (for each cleaning), mortar and pestle...
  322. [20:36:02] <@Elizabeth> Things keep piling up.
  323. [20:36:11] <@Elizabeth> "Raz, is all of this -really- necessary?"
  324. [20:36:42] <@Elizabeth> Raz: "Nope! But it'll help!"
  325. [20:36:50] <@Elizabeth> "... how much is all of this, anyway?"
  326. [20:37:35] <@Elizabeth> Raz: "Ooh, together, about... 1239 gil, including tax." she rings it up.
  327. [20:38:16] <Theta> "Fair enough!" He hands over the gil and then chalks the mix of stuff.
  328. [20:38:40] <@Elizabeth> Poof!
  329. [20:38:49] <@Elizabeth> That'll count as an Alchemy workshop, by the way.
  330. [20:40:14] <Theta> "Thanks!  That was a major time saver."
  331. [20:41:06] <@Elizabeth> Raz: "Enjoy~"
  332. [20:41:22] <@Elizabeth> "Glad you could find what you need. Now, back to the village?"
  333. [20:41:40] <@Elizabeth> Elizabeth takes another swig of go-juice.
  334. [20:43:05] <Theta> Theta nods. "This is perfect.  Glad everything went so smoothly."
  335. [20:44:19] <@Elizabeth> Liz nods, then VWOOP, back to the village you go!
  336. [20:45:03] <@Elizabeth> "Last I spoke with him, Bebe was still studying that corrupted storm stone you gave him. He should still be back at the house..."
  337. [20:46:48] <Theta> "Wouldn't hurt to check in on him, then."
  338. [20:46:53] * Theta heads over!
  339. [20:47:55] <@Elizabeth> You slip over to Bebe's house, where Cirra and Gale seem nowhere to be seen. T-89 hangs back a bit, checking out the village with wonder.
  340. [20:48:44] <@Elizabeth> "Bebe?" she calls towards the back. "In the lab!" comes his reply.
  341. [20:50:04] * Theta heads on in.  "Hey Bebe.  Any progress on that stone yet?"
  342. [20:51:56] <@Elizabeth> You find Bebe in the midst of a mountain of his usual machines. Gizmos and gabobs that whirr and clank and steam, and give readings on various fluxuating energies in the area, or things about Black Mage village like the temperature, humidity, etc... Right now he's sitting on a tall stool with the corrupted storm stone in a vice. It looks like he's lightly sprinkling holy water over it and
  343. [20:51:56] <@Elizabeth> watching the effects, which happen to be immediately steaming up.
  344. [20:53:52] <Theta> "Well...that's..."
  345. [20:54:22] <Theta> "Not entirely surprising but unsettling."
  346. [20:55:47] <@Elizabeth> Bebe: "It's very intriguing, actually! Shadow Stones don't react this way..."
  347. [20:56:25] <@Elizabeth> Bebe: "So this is in fact quite different... even though Holy and Shadow are polar opposites, holy is still proof against corruption and causes it to react...."
  348. [20:56:53] <@Elizabeth> Bebe: "Anyway, what did you need, Theta?"
  349. [20:58:35] <Theta> "After some collaboration with one of the Dolls who will be assisting me with research I think we have very probable cause to actually try to establish a school of geomancy."
  350. [20:58:44] <Theta> "...Hell if I know where to start with that though."
  351. [20:58:51] <@Elizabeth> 89 wanders in, after a moment.
  352. [20:59:04] <@Elizabeth> Bebe: "Oh...? Oh! Oh, I see."
  353. [21:01:40] <Theta> "Oh! There she is.  T-89, this is Bebe."
  354. [21:01:52] <@Elizabeth> 89: "Hello..."
  355. [21:02:54] <@Elizabeth> Bebe: "That's... her serial name? I guess it can't be helped. Hello, miss!" he looks up at her a moment, sort of swaying, and has to steady himself to avoid falling off his stool. "A-ah... er, excuse me." he hops down, bowing. "Very nice to meet you."
  356. [21:07:40] <Theta> "89 will be assisting us with this, but she's raised a valid concern that a lot of this, well..."
  357. [21:07:56] <Theta> "We could use some structure for and potentially more collaboration."
  358. [21:09:13] <@Elizabeth> Bebe: "Oh, I see..."
  359. [21:09:23] <@Elizabeth> Bebe: "That's... going to be a bit difficult, isn't it?"
  360. [21:09:44] <@Elizabeth> Bebe: "But... it's worth a shot!"
  361. [21:11:22] <Theta> "Yeah. Uh. I won't even pretend to know where to start with that."
  362. [21:11:34] <Theta> "Other than getting some land in Madain Sari maybe."
  363. [21:12:17] <@Elizabeth> Bebe: "I could possibly help with the collaboration... I could send out notes to everyone I know..."
  364. [21:15:07] <@Elizabeth> Bebe: "Getting land in Madain Sari could prove to be a problem. You'd a lot of gil, and have to know someone influential for a prime spot..."
  365. [21:15:42] <Theta> "Hmm.  Well it gives us a sense of direction I guess..."
  366. [21:15:55] <Theta> "Anything you could need from me in the mean time"
  367. [21:20:36] <@Elizabeth> Bebe thinks...
  368. [21:22:24] <@Elizabeth> "Well... all I can think of is a reminder to stay healthy. Get plenty of sleep and the right things to eat... people who pull all-nighters for their research have a harder time... hehe..."
  369. [21:22:38] <@Elizabeth> *Bebe
  370. [21:23:12] <@Elizabeth> Bebe: "By the way, are you moving out of your old home here in the village?"
  371. [21:24:03] <Theta> "Um.  I didn't really think much on it but probably."
  372. [21:24:09] <Theta> "Why you ask?"
  373. [21:24:45] <@Elizabeth> Bebe: "Just curious! I didn't want to let it fall into disrepair or anything..."
  374. [21:25:31] <@Elizabeth> Bebe: "And... well..." he looks sort of embarassed. "I could kinda use some extra storage space, do you think it would be alright if..."
  375. [21:25:58] <Theta> "Oh! Sure.  I don't mind at all."
  376. [21:30:18] <Theta> (I think this covers most things for now unless there's something I missed?)
  377. [21:33:10] <@Elizabeth> (Okay, let's see)
  378. [21:33:18] <@Elizabeth> ((Yeah, I think we're good)
  379. [21:33:30] <@Elizabeth> Bebe: "Alright, thanks, Theta! Good luck with everything..."
  380. [21:33:49] <Theta> Theta nods.  "Let me know if you find out anything about. That. Thing."
  381. [21:34:09] <Theta> Annnd he goes to show 89 around or something while she's here, then~
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