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  1. Mission 3 - Missing Bidoof
  2. Active Rangers: Dhen [Golett], Lil G [Joltik], Ray [Buizel], Drake [Snivy], Zebodia [Ledyba].
  3. Mission Status: Complete!
  5. Summary: A Bibarel mother named Betsy, lost their Bidoof named Brian within the forests near Windsprout Village. After meeting up with Betsy, the Active Rangers, with Betsy in tow, proceed to head towards the last known lo location Brian was seen.  During our walk, Betsy had told us the truth of her mission request. A wild Psyduck had tried to use their son, Brian, to calm down themselves down, since Psyducks are known for their psychic breakdowns when they're mad. A fog had suddenly swept in the moment Psyduck had came into the scene, causing Betsy to lose track of her son. Using our keen eyes, the group tracks down a set of footprints leading deeper into the  forest, leading to a foggy part of the forest.
  7. After some inspection, we found that the fog stood in one place. Our group investigated to find the source of  the fog, only  to find  the Psyduck in question, still holding and petting Brian to keep himself calm. Next to them, however, was a group of Piplup, and a... taller Piplup (they seemed different from the others, we're not sure what Pokemon they are yet.)? The group of Piplup seemed to have a Never-Melt Ice along with them, most likely using it to keep themselves cool (We later found out this Never-Melt Ice was the cause of the strange fog).
  9. The group approached the strangers, trying to assess the situation. Zebodia proceeded to try and bribe Brian away from the strange Psyduck with a Oran Berry he had found on the way there. The bribe worked, but only briefly, as now Zebodia was being used to calm the Psyduck down without his consent. After a short scuffle, Zebodia was freed from the Psyduck's grasp, and the Psyduck, in a fit of rage, caused a wave of psychic energy to disperse throughout the area.
  11. A large brawl went down, and in a matter of seconds, the Psyduck was dealt with. Zebodia, proceeded to profusely apologize to the Piplup group, and their leader wasn't too happy, but was understanding.  The Piplup simply asked for Zebodia's help with a certain task in return, and only him.
  13. The group dispatched back to their base afterwards, Brian and Betsy safe and sound.
  15. Reward: 35 Poke,Oran Berries (1 for each party member), & 8 EXP
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