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  1. STEP 1:
  2. get herald of agony its poison aura and a minion and other stuff and is 10/10 neat
  4. and slot it up as much as you can, 5 good slots early would be simply amaze
  5. this is kinda ur main thing
  6. 2 most important things to link are minion speed support and damage on full life support (cuz its immune to dmg) so get 3 slots minimum, 4 is recommended, 5 is pure luxury and 6 will probs take too much mana.
  7. slot 4 will be pierce support most of the time but also carry vicious projectiles support for bosses. protip is that u have a second set of weapon slots on ur character u can put stuff on and toggle to. recommended to put some junk wep there and when ur not using vicious projectiles gem (aka always except strong bosses), keep it slotted in that weapon & stored in second slot. then b4 boss fight, swap gem to main gear. probs not important b4 we finish campaign but useful.
  8. slot 5 use probably physical to lightning support or critical dmg or fork depending on what u need, but nature of ur build reduces resistances alot except fire so lightning is gr8
  11. -second most important thing is actually ur left click
  12. -slots also important for this one but other skill is more important for # of slots, 4 slots recommended tho
  13. -poison 100% necessary as first gem, crucial to the build
  14. -life gain on hit probably next but not likely necessary until later. worth noting is that u might choose to cast ur leftclick with hp instead of mana so you can reserve 100% of ur mana for buffs and extra dps. slotting this life steal offsets that so u never really feel it, its equivalent to infinite mana. leave this out until you need it to live.
  15. -next, u really want 2 slots for curse on hit and the assassin's mark curse. dont. instead definitely just get the ring called mark of submission from ( its only 1c, make sure u get the right slot color) and put assassin's mark gem in it. this frees up 2 slots and lets u cast the curse automatically cuz of the unique mod.
  16. so i would probably slot, in order of importance:
  17.  rain of arrows + poison support -> now get slotted ring for assassin's mark -> lesser poison support -> faster attacks support or life gain on hit support if needed to live, both even better -> after u have those last 2 get maim support for dmg/slow or blind/knockback support for survival.
  19. ^ these 2 will end up slotted on ur chest and weapon as they need the most slots, doesnt matter which im p sure
  22. at the same time slot up another piece (or any spare single slots) with hatred aura for dmg and war banner to buff your minion's accuracy cause hes gonna miss sometimes. this is ok setup with no links for now but soon things get specific, thats around lvl 40 and will be covered in the GEEQUILIBRIUM section. basically hatred will make ur dps much worse after u hit a certain point in the skill tree, so needs to be linked with a specific gem
  24. i think blink arrow is ur movement skill but not sure
  26. (TEK)HOW 2 PLEY: so this all seems p complicated but its actually really easy in practice. once you get it setup you dont really have to mess with it much anymore except to tweak to ur liking. ur minion is ur primary damage dealer and your rain of arrows is setup mostly to apply debuffs and poison, 90% of which are designed to help ur minion more than u. sounds like boring d2 necromancer build but you can still 1 shot most trash mobs and move rly fast, its fun.
  27. Just gotta make sure ur permanent buffs are up and minion is alive -> use rain of arrows to apply debuffs for minion while u both dps -> occasionally cast abyssal cry for big blobs -> everything else gets autocast, just run fast boi
  29. this is super good build cause it lets you put all your expensive gear stuff towards dps and clearspeed things, ur passive tree takes care of most of ur survivability, and the ability to bypass resists and other expensive boring mods on ur gear makes ur shit alot cheaper. u just get to go fast and have fun 4 cheap
  32. with that in mind i recommend u rush str8 to elemental equilibrium on passive tree. dont get it until ur sure u can make it work properly (asap). u could make detours on passive tree for jewels (the things u equip into passive tree) as u get decent jewels that are worth the skill points to equip.
  35. till u get close to lvl 70 dont worry about gear really at all, except for sockets. until then ur sockets are 100% most important, followed by lots of runspeed. +life and resistance would be nice too to keep u alive while we finish tutorial. barely worth spending more than 10s on an item upgrade except for gem slots. If you wanna solo and need some dps for urself, minion buffs and added fire damage would be ok. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU KEEP ANY KIND OF ELEMENTAL DMG OFF UR CHARACTER'S ATTACKS ENTIRELY EXCEPT FOR FIRE DMG, or at least remove it when you hit elemental equilibrium in the passive tree:
  38. ur build relies on a passive skill called elemental equilibrium for lots of dps. basically when u hit with one element it increases the monster's resistance to that same element by 25% but REDUCES all the others by 50% including chaos.
  39. to make the build work, what u gotta do when you get this passive is make 100% sure that the only elemental damage ur character deals is fire. physical dmg is ok and any tiny amount of fire dmg works to start with. this is v ez and it only takes a tiny cheap modifier available on most gear bits. then ur gonna stack ur minion with all the other types of elemental damage thru gear, gems, etc.
  41. so hatred aura gives u cold damage, but when you have elemental equilibrium (EE) ur only allowed to do fire dmg with ur own attacks. hatred aura is rly the only/best choice dmg aura. what you gotta do when you get to EE is have 3 slots available to link hatred, war banner(semi optional, can remain unlinked) and generosity together. generosity makes it so ur buffs dont affect u, but affect minions and allies more strongly. so u do no cold dmg due to hatred, but ur minion does more cold dmg. less importantly, the war banner buff gives minion more accuracy which is the only reason u have it in the first place. A+++++ and cheap to setup
  43. STEP 2 (LATER):
  44. at some point after lvl 34 when its convenient u can get abyssal cry and put it in any available socket, it doesnt rly need links. idea is to use it in big blobs of shitty monsters where there are also hard to kill things, cuz it makes shitty things explode when they die and is gr8 aoe dmg. also slows and taunts them to u, but thats gr8 too and only for 1 unlinked socket
  46. when you hit lvl 38 and cast when damage taken support becomes available ur gonna want 2-4 links for:
  48. 1- cast when damage taken support: this one works in p unique way. when you take a certain # of dmg, you can cast linked skills automatically, but that skill has to be below a certain lvl requirement. as u lvl up the cast when dmg taken gem, u can use it to auto cast higher lvl gems, but obviously if it takes more hp than u have in ur pool to trigger it, its useless. level this gem up slowly to make sure its reasonable for ur hp pool. dont lvl up linked gems too fast either or they won't autocast. also notable is the fact that the autocast skill doesnt use any mana
  50. its important to note that this goes by the gem's level requirement, not the gem level itself. ie a lvl 1 gem might have lvl requirement of 6 but the same gem at lvl 20 will have lvl requirement of 70.
  52. 2- spirit offering: eats corpses to buff ur minion, gr8 to autocast
  53. 3- immortal call: makes u invincible for a bit, gr8 to autocast for obvious reason
  54. 4- increased duration support: makes the things u autocast last longer, imagine that
  56. obvs lots more but this will get u far :O
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