Jan 29th, 2018
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  1. Valkyrie
  2. Dolls capable of leaving the ground behind
  3. Their speed and flight are potent weapons on the field
  5. ARM 0 MUT 1 ENH 1
  7. Special Skill:
  8. Speed is its Own Defense [Auto/0/Self] When you use a move maneuver on yourself, all attacks damaging you have defend 1 applied to them until your next action timing. If your move maneuver had cost 0 AP, this bonus lasts until your next action on a later count. This cannot stack with itself.
  9. "Being so hard to hit does wonders for staying intact just a little longer."
  10. ----
  12. Assault Jump [Auto/1/Self] Once per round, you may declare this skill when making a move maneuver. If the move is successful, all enemies in the destination zone have a -1 to their next attack check.
  13. "Use the force of your own descent to disorient your enemies."
  15. Burning Jets [Auto/0/Self] When you move through a zone, you may apply Blast 2 to a single enemy. This can affect enemies in the zone you start in but not your destination.
  16. "You've figured out how to turn the flames that propel you into a weapon."
  18. Vantage Point [Rapid/1/Self] When you use a move maneuver, you may declare this skill to allow the target of that move maneuver receive +1 to all Ranged or Blast Attack Checks until they move out of the zone. This can be used multiple times per round but only once per count.
  19. "Your ability to move lets you, and others, get to the perfect place to lay down fire."
  21. Speed Demon [Auto/0/Self] Gain one move part of any reinforcement type and tier.
  22. "You've got a need for speed and the parts to take advantage of it.
  24. Plunging Attack [Auto/0/Self] +1 to the damage of the first melee or Unarmed attack you make after a move maneuver
  25. "Use your height advantage to bring yourself crashing down on them."
  27. Juke [Check/3/0-3] Hinder 2, apply Move 1 to yourself.
  28. "Sometimes, evasive maneuvers are needed."
  30. Battering Ram [Action/2/Self] Move 1, make an Unarmed 1 + Stagger against a target in the destination zone. Break 1 Part if you successfully land a hit.
  31. "A reckless attack. However, with your speed, it's certainly staggering."
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