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  43.                 <h1><a href="">Manly Guys Doing Manly Things</a></h1>
  44.         <div class="description">Updated Mondays</div>
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  77.                                 <div id="comic-1" class="comicpane"><img src="" alt="I&#8217;m not Kawaii, I&#8217;m Manly as Hell" title="I&#8217;m not Kawaii, I&#8217;m Manly as Hell" /></div>
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  116. <table cellpadding="0" border="0" cellspacing="0" width="468" bgcolor="#ffffff"><tr><td><img src="" width="468" height="60" usemap="#admap53600" border="0" alt="" /></td></tr><tr><td bgcolor="#ffffff" colspan="1"><center><a style="font-size:10px;color:#0000ff;text-decoration:none;line-height:1.2;font-weight:bold;font-family:Tahoma, verdana,arial,helvetica,sans-serif;text-transform: none;letter-spacing:normal;text-shadow:none;white-space:normal;word-spacing:normal;" href="" target="_blank">Ads by Project Wonderful!  Your ad here, right now: $0.60</a></center></td></tr></table>
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  120. </div></div>
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  126.                 </div>
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  128.                                                 <div class="post-head"></div>
  129.                         <div class="post-content">
  130.                                 <div class="post-info">
  131.                                                                                                                                                                 <div class="post-text">
  132.                                                 <h2 class="post-title"><a href="">I&#8217;m not Kawaii, I&#8217;m Manly as Hell</a></h2>
  133. <span class="post-date">February 27th, 2012</span> <span class="pipe">|</span> <span class="post-author">   by <a href="">Coelasquid</a></span>
  134.                                         </div>
  135.                                 </div>
  136.                                 <div class="clear"></div>
  137.                                 <div class="entry">
  138.                                         <p>Because I know someone is going to jump the gun and get angry about this, I just want us to acknowledge the difference between actual gay people and what <a href="">yaoi fangirls think gay people are</a>.</p>
  139. <p>A little backstory here. Volt Krueger is one of my favourite characters in anything ever. I can&#8217;t really explain it because the Bouncer wasn&#8217;t really anything special, was poorly received and kind of went out with a fizzle. But the advantage (or not) of having such a small fanbase is that it&#8217;s really easy to consume every piece of creative material your fellow fans have made. I&#8217;ll admit I can&#8217;t shake my soft spot at the idea of Kou and Volt together, if only because they <a href="">remind me so much</a> of <a href="">Kenner and Johnny in Showdown in Little Tokyo</a>. And while an individual or two has managed to pen some decent in-character interaction between the two, I have seen some <i>comically awful</i> fanfiction involving them. I think the worst fanfic I&#8217;ve ever read to date involves a whole interlude of Volt crying on his kitchen floor and smudging up his eyeliner at the thought that something might happen to Kou, and then taking out his piercings in an excessively drawn out segment of &#8220;describing Volt washing his face&#8221; narrative and looking &#8220;like an angel&#8221; (Remember this is the guy with transdermal horn implants) as described by Kou&#8217;s Astrally projected soul who is hanging out and spying on him in his apartment.</p>
  140. <p>It really was a gem, I&#8217;m disappointed seems to have disappeared from the face of the internet.</p>
  141. <p>People get the idea that I make fun of things I don&#8217;t like. Not at all, I make fun of things that make me tear up with laughter while I sit alone with my computer at some ungodly hour. I never want to lose that. I still count the horrible Bouncer doujinshi my old roommate brought me back from Japan among my most prized/hilarious possessions.</p>
  142. <p>Anyway, this page was probably just an excuse to make you all think of <a href="">Volt&#8217;s voice actor</a> saying the words &#8220;Super Kawaii&#8221;, you probably know him better as the hostage negotiator in Robocop and like half the Dwarves in Orzammar.</p>
  143. <p>And hey, since the comic was late you can have this <a href="">bonus Bouncer comic</a> I posted over on my Tumblr while I was trying to remember what exactly happened in the Bouncer.</p>
  144.                                         <div class="clear"></div>
  145.                                 </div>
  146.                                 <div class="clear"></div>
  147.                                                                 <div class="post-extras">
  148.                                         <div class="post-tags"></div>
  149.                                                                 <div class="comment-link">
  150.                                 <a href="" title="Comment on I&#8217;m not Kawaii, I&#8217;m Manly as Hell"><span class="comment-balloon">233</span> Comments </a>                      </div>
  151.                                                                                                         <div class="clear"></div>
  152.                                 </div>
  153.                                                                                         </div>
  154.                         <div class="post-foot"></div>
  155.                 </div>
  156.                         <div id="blogheader"></div>
  157.                         <div class="blogindex-head"></div>
  158.                         <div class="blogindex">
  159.                                                                         <div class="post-1034 post type-post hentry category-blog uentry post-blog postonpage-2 even post-author-coelasquid">
  160.                                                 <div class="post-head"></div>
  161.                         <div class="post-content">
  162.                                 <div class="post-info">
  163.                                                                                                                                                                 <div class="post-text">
  164.                                                 <h2 class="post-title"><a href="">Catch a Falling Star and Put it in Your Pocket</a></h2>
  165. <span class="post-date">February 28th, 2012</span> <span class="pipe">|</span> <span class="post-author">   by <a href="">Coelasquid</a></span>
  166.                                         </div>
  167.                                 </div>
  168.                                 <div class="clear"></div>
  169.                                 <div class="entry">
  170.                                         <p><center><img src=""></center><br />
  171. While I draw the comic that I was supposed to have made on Sunday, I invite you to enjoy this three-layer marbled chocolate-funfetti cake featuring Garrus riding through the cosmos on Pinkie Pie that I made instead as a birthday surprise for my friends <a href="">Balactus</a> and <a href="!/CaptainMAAAN">Captain MAAAN</a> of the <a href="">Harbinger Podcast</a> and their celebratory <a href="">Bioware Birthday Bash episode</a> (that I got to participate in).</p>
  172. <p>Because I&#8217;m that kind of a friend.</p>
  173.                                         <div class="clear"></div>
  174.                                 </div>
  175.                                 <div class="clear"></div>
  176.                                                                 <div class="post-extras">
  177.                                         <div class="post-tags"></div>
  178.                                                                 <div class="comment-link">
  179.                                 <a href="" title="Comment on Catch a Falling Star and Put it in Your Pocket"><span class="comment-balloon">168</span> Comments </a>                     </div>
  180.                                                                                                         <div class="clear"></div>
  181.                                 </div>
  182.                                                                                         </div>
  183.                         <div class="post-foot"></div>
  184.                 </div>
  185.                                                                 <div class="post-1038 post type-post hentry category-blog uentry post-blog postonpage-3 odd post-author-coelasquid">
  186.                                                 <div class="post-head"></div>
  187.                         <div class="post-content">
  188.                                 <div class="post-info">
  189.                                                                                                                                                                 <div class="post-text">
  190.                                                 <h2 class="post-title"><a href="">Spam Links Under The comic</a></h2>
  191. <span class="post-date">February 28th, 2012</span> <span class="pipe">|</span> <span class="post-author">   by <a href="">Coelasquid</a></span>
  192.                                         </div>
  193.                                 </div>
  194.                                 <div class="clear"></div>
  195.                                 <div class="entry">
  196.                                         <p>I made a post about them a while back, but apparently it went ignored because I still get emailed several times a day about them. The short of it is, I have hired people to rebuild the site, and they are doing what they can to solve it.</p>
  197. <p>If you want to help me get rid of them, this is what my tech guys sent me on the matter;<br />
  198. <strong>&#8220;To be short, can you get a copy of the source code (or just a saved page) when the spam pops in, we cannot for the life of us get it down here and from what Matt and I can tell, it&#8217;s insertion at a higher level than your website.&#8221;</strong></p>
  199. <p>It&#8217;s a problem that randomly pops up and goes away and only a handful of people see. I myself have never come across the spam links in any browser or system, but if you see them you can help me out by getting a copy of the source code.</p>
  200. <p>Thanks!</p>
  201.                                         <div class="clear"></div>
  202.                                 </div>
  203.                                 <div class="clear"></div>
  204.                                                                 <div class="post-extras">
  205.                                         <div class="post-tags"></div>
  206.                                                                 <div class="comment-link">
  207.                                 <a href="" title="Comment on Spam Links Under The comic"><span class="comment-balloon">21</span> Comments </a>                  </div>
  208.                                                                                                         <div class="clear"></div>
  209.                                 </div>
  210.                                                                                         </div>
  211.                         <div class="post-foot"></div>
  212.                 </div>
  213.                                         </div>
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  215.                                 <div id="pagenav">
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  217.                 <div class="pagenav-left"><a href="" >&darr; Previous Entries</a></div>
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  221.         <div id="text-10" class="widget widget_text">
  222. <div class="widget-head"></div>
  223. <div class="widget-content">
  224.                         <div class="textwidget"><div align="center">
  226. <!-- Beginning of Project Wonderful ad code: -->
  227. <!-- Ad box ID: 53678 -->
  228. <script type="text/javascript">
  229. <!--
  230. var pw_d=document;
  231. pw_d.projectwonderful_adbox_id = "53678";
  232. pw_d.projectwonderful_adbox_type = "1";
  233. //-->
  234. </script>
  235. <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
  236. <noscript><map name="admap53678" id="admap53678"><area href="" shape="rect" coords="0,0,468,60" title="" alt="" target="_blank" /></map>
  237. <table cellpadding="0" border="0" cellspacing="0" width="468" bgcolor="#ffffff"><tr><td><img src="" width="468" height="60" usemap="#admap53678" border="0" alt="" /></td></tr><tr><td bgcolor="#ffffff" colspan="1"><center><a style="font-size:10px;color:#0000ff;text-decoration:none;line-height:1.2;font-weight:bold;font-family:Tahoma, verdana,arial,helvetica,sans-serif;text-transform: none;letter-spacing:normal;text-shadow:none;white-space:normal;word-spacing:normal;" href="" target="_blank">Ads by Project Wonderful!  Your ad here, right now: $0</a></center></td></tr></table>
  238. </noscript>
  239. <!-- End of Project Wonderful ad code. -->
  241. </div></div>
  242.                 </div>
  243. <div class="widget-foot"></div>
  244. </div>
  245. <div id="text-11" class="widget widget_text">
  246. <div class="widget-head"></div>
  247. <div class="widget-content">
  248.                         <div class="textwidget"><div align="center">
  249. <iframe class="scribol" height="142" width="656" id="scribol_309953" scrolling="no" frameborder="0"></iframe>
  250. <script>
  251. var Scribol;
  252. if(typeof Scribol=='undefined'){Scribol={};  Scribol.frames=[];'';Scribol.is_preview=false;}
  253. Scribol.frames.push('309953');</script>
  254. <script async="async" defer="defer" src=""></script>  
  255. </div>
  257.  </div>
  258.                 </div>
  259. <div class="widget-foot"></div>
  260. </div>
  261. </div>
  262. </div>
  263.         <div class="clear"></div>
  264. </div>
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  266. <div id="footer">
  267. <div id="sidebar-footer" class="customsidebar ">
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  269. <div class="widget-head"></div>
  270. <div class="widget-content">
  271.                         <div class="textwidget"><form action="" method="post">
  272. <input type="hidden" name="cmd" value="_s-xclick">
  274. ">
  275. <input type="image" src="" border="0" name="submit" alt="PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!">
  276. <img alt="" border="0" src="" width="1" height="1">
  277. </form> <img src="">
  278. <br>
  279. <a href="">Donate direct to the webhost instead.</a></div>
  280.                 </div>
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  282. </div>
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