Oct 14th, 2017
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  1. December 21st, 2034
  3. >A great wave of magic pulses through the sky, a great blast of violet and pink auroras are visible throughout the world. Men, women, and children alike all gather outside to observe the strange phenomena.
  5. >Hours later many of the world leaders and their families retreat into former nuclear bunkers, their respective governments informing them of the implications of this "wave of magic", citizens have yet to feel or notice the effects. As the media talks about what may have caused this, the populace return to their daily routine, the magic wave popping up in discussion every so often.
  7. December 23rd, 2034
  9. >Hunters in rural areas in North America report strange happenings occuring to the animals, trapping of rabbit, beaver, mice, and other critters has reduced dramatically for seemingly unknown reasons. Food has been stripped from said traps, leaving hunters scratching their heads. Others report that family pets have been going missing, while other pets are noted to be observing their owners quite a bit more than usual.
  11. >Horses, donkeys, and other larger animals are reported to have been bucking off their riders, a wide variety of stampedes even occuring in other regions of the world. Entire stables and paddocks going empty as some just ride off into the wild.
  13. December 25th, 2034, Christmas Day
  15. >Sheltered forest communities and other off the grid domiciles beginning to go silent, a mass wave of confusion is hitting the general populations of areas near where the wave of magic originated, Oklahoma, USA. CDC and FEMA coordinate and quarantine various towns. As reports of odd happenings get out. Rumors of a "virus" or "pathogen" go around the local areas as the media is totally dark on the subject. Conspiracy theories rise on the internet about the government finally using this as an excuse to enact marshal law.
  17. December 26th
  19. >The national guard has been deployed to Okalahoma city as rumors turn to hysteria seemingly overnight. Multiple reports get out of the city about office buildings going dark, and powerplants being left without workers. Many people vanish in the city. Snapchat videos and livestreams get out of the quarantine zone showing odd blue webbings, or even black crusty formations inside videos. All of the streams go dark, as the people taping these vanish.
  21. >Gunshots are heard throughout the city as strange creatures attack the guard members, not out of offense, but defense. Almost like a bee defending its nest. Within hours of the guard being deployed they receive orders to retreat as similar occurrences are reported throughout the surrounding states. Many US citizens retreat to Canada or Mexico attempting to escape the mass confusion and hysteria as grocery stores begin to run out of produce, the farmers responsible never delivering, as they too have simply vanished.
  23. January 1st, 2035
  25. >The word "Transformed" or "Transformation" has finally reached the mass media, as law begins to break down in the United States.
  27. >Entire cities in the midwest have fallen to what has been called an alien invasion of bug pony-like creatures. Rural and suburban homes across the United States and Canada are being plagued by packs of raccoons, rabbits, and other mammalian creatures. Deer, elk, and bears defending themselves from hunters as they adopt serpentine tactics to avoid the precision shots.
  29. >The Rocky Mountain region goes silent as many towns are now inhabited by batlike ponies. Who are confirmed to be intelligent by many media corporations, in the west and east coast. The US government goes dark as they fail to effectively respond to the crisis, and for the first time in history, they totally shut down as senators and representatives flee Washington D.C. to be with their families. Marshal Law is in effect, though not effectively as states start to refuse to co-operate with eachother as trade shuts down as well.
  31. >A few videos are shown by minor media companies on the internet of various transformations occuring. It starts with goosebumps rising throughout the human body as hairs sprout up seemingly at random, any variation of color can occur. Even in children this happens. For what many are now calling "ponies" the body is coated in patchy fur, then a fever overcomes the victim as they become unconcious for two days. Over the two days various other changes occur. Bone structure shifts to a more horselike structure. Quadruped stature overtakes the bipedal stature. The victim's nose and mouth fuse and push out to form a sort of muzzle, the shape differentiates between each person, the spine elongates and curves as the tailbone pushes out to form a proper tail. Some even report that wings sprout from the back, or even horns pushing out of the skull followed by a burst of energy.
  33. January 8th, 2035
  35. >The transformation doesn't stop, and only seems to be increasing, Oklahoma USA is confirmed to be completely without human life barring a few outliers straying from settlements. Lynchings are reported to be commonplace once more in the south as hate groups desperately try to get rid of what they call the "pony menace" from society. Co-operation between the west and east coast becomes impossible. As relations between states completely breakdown without the help of the United States federal government
  37. >Multiple states declare independence, mostly the larger states, as they cite "horrifying negligence" from the federal government. Texas and California are the first to secede, while at the same time Oklahoma and some surrounding areas formally secede as a nation inhabited by ponies. The new species are quick to affirm themselves as members of Earth's community and cite the lynchings as a good reason as to why ponies should stick together. The new nation of Equestria forms itself out of the majority ponified regions in the midwest, while Texas secedes most of their "horn" to the fledgling nation, hoping to keep the ponfied residents satisfied.
  39. >California, and parts of Washington and Oregon form a new union dubbed "The Cascadian States" choosing to secede most of their Mountain Ranges to Idaho, which has quickly become inhabited by a majority of bat-ponies, and as such have renamed the state into the "Rocky Caves" Not wanting to secede in the first place, but a majority of humans have now become downright speciest and want nothing to do with ponies of all kinds.
  41. >Various other states secede, such as the Confederate States under the leadership of the grand dragon of the Ku Klux Klan, seeking to wage a genocidal war against all of ponykind. Other figures rise up and take power as the United States continues to balkanize. The two dakotas unite under a singular Dakota. The state of Utah secedes under Mormon leadership as New Mexico and Nevada join with it to form the country of Deseret. New England secedes from the USA as well, seeking to form a stronger bond with Canada among all the chaos. This leaves the USA vulnerable and divded. What remains of the US military has broken up, and an emergency order to annex the national guard into the US Army was delivered from the president in his bunker.
  43. >As mass confusion and hysteria spreads from the land of Equestria, seemingly not affecting the ponies. The majority that are not transformed tend to range from confused to downright insane, justifying the actions from the confederate states against ponykind.
  45. >Those that are not confused or insane attempt to seek refuge in various forests or the wilderness, horrified by the acts of their fellow humans against ponykind. Or horrified by the whole situation in general. Power failures are reported en mass in the USA, and major exports and imports begin to shut down as major economic sanctions are placed upon the former superpower by China and Russia. China opens trade relations with Cascadia, and Russia begins talks with the governor of Alaska, citing a "mutually beneficial agreement" as the catalyst.
  47. January 15th, 2035
  49. >The zone has expanded beyond Oklahoma, as a result of this the majority of Texas has joined with Equestria, citing that it needed to dump its ponified regions into the new country to preserve whats left of the human population. Kansas, Colorado, Missouri, and Arkansas are nearly completely ponified. The region of Equestria has officially grown from a small nuisance to a major threat to global peace.
  51. >The executive order to annex the national guard has failed, as many guardsmen have chosen to go back to their families and emigrate to Canada or New England to get away from the mess. The European Union, along with most nations including Canada and Mexico have restricted immigration from the United States, calling it the worst refugee crisis in history. Immigration to Canada, despite international pressure and the military assistance, is at a record high as millions flee the now balkanized United States.
  53. >The Confederate States grow increasingly hostile as many ponies are gunned down on sight, the unicorns that are captured being forced into slave labor in former FEMA camps, now turned concentration camps for the ponies. Bands of hunting parties and exclaves of backwoods regions have even resorted to eating the ponies they shoot, becoming little more than cannibalistic savages among all the chaos. With deer and other game populations seemingly growing more intelligent, they are able to evade traps and gunfire much more effectively than before.
  55. January 21st, 2035
  57. >The zone has expanded at an exceedingly alarming rate, waves and bursts of unknown sources have been described as coming from the center ofthe zone, and scientists in the east coast at MIT and Harvard are calling it a type of unknown radiation that seemingly infects the particles around it. They say that this same type of unknown radiation is observed when a human transforms into a unicorn, as the horn fully developes, a radiant light shines from the entirety of the horn in a different color for each pony. It is theorized that the sheer concentration of unicorns in the zone has created a permanent "bubble" of energy that leaks more and more of this radiation to other areas. Unicorns in the zone have been reported to be able to telekinetically lift objects with little effort.
  59. >This sparked massive outrage from nearby states that are still left unponified, with some ponies now living in every region, it won't be long before the zone fully encompasses the United States, or even Canada and Mexico. The unponified population remaining in the former United States is estimated to be 100 million, the rest of the 270 million has either died, emigrated, or has become ponified. The population in the Confederate States has dwindled by over 60%. European scientists predict that within the next year, the zone will expand to all of the Americas, and cause a humanitarian crisis the likes of which have never been seen.
  61. >As the stock markets open up, every single company based in the United States, barring some international banks and real estate, immediately fails and liquidates what little they can recover. Inflation quickly bloats as the remaining unponified populations find themselves with no money, no jobs, and little food as the imports from other countries simply stop in an effort to contain the ponification. Around the world, one by one, United States military outposts and bases are taken over, as the head of NATO quietly dies in the night. Millions will quickly begin to starve, including ponies who cannot farm.
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