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  1. <b><size=40><align="center"><u><color="yellow"><b>Dr. Bright's Facility</b></color></u></align></size=40></b>
  3. <align="center"><size=20><u><link="https://discord.gg/XUtkhUp">Discord</u> (Clickable)</size=20></link></align>
  4. <align="center"><size=20><u><link="https://www.patreon.com/drbrights">Patreon</u> (Clickable)</size=20></link></align>
  6. <size=20><color="red"><b>THIS IS A HEAVILY MODDED SERVER</b></color></size=20>
  7. <b>Below is a brief explanation of the core gameplay changing plugins in the server. For a more detailed explanation or name of any plugin, see the #plugins-list chat in the Discord.</b>
  9. - <color="blue">MTF</color>/<color="green">CI</color> spawn with randomized weapons.
  10. - <color="blue">MTF</color> do <u>not</u> trigger tesla gates.
  11. - There is a chance <color="green">Serpent's Hand</color> will spawn instead of <color="green">Chaos Insurgency.</color> This is a force that helps <color="red">SCPs</color> eliminate all other targets. Due to this, <color="green">Chaos Insurgency</color> does not win with <color="red">SCPs.</color>
  12. - <color="red">SCP-914</color> will upgrade items in your hand, you don't need to drop them.
  13. - All <color="orange">D-Class</color> will be given a <color="yellow">coin</color> that can be used in <color="red">SCP-914</color> on <color="yellow">Fine</color> for a chance to get a more useful item.
  14. - Players will gain <color="yellow">XP</color> by playing the game and completing tasks such as escaping as a <color="orange">D-Class.</color>
  15. - If there are no <color="red">SCPs</color> left except <color="red">SCP-079</color>, he will be turned into a random <color="red">SCP</color> and given half health to prevent rounds from lasting too long.
  16. - Be careful what you pick up, you never know what item might be <color="red">SCP-035</color> in disguise.
  17. - Every <color="blue">MTF</color> spawn wave has a chance to contain a <color="green">Chaos Insurgency Spy (CISpy).</color> This spy is tasked with staying undercover and trying to kill as many <color="blue">MTF</color> as possible.
  18. - Always carry a flashlight with you, you never know when <color="red">SCP-966</color> might be lurking around.
  19. - <color="red">SCP-106</color> has the ability to stalk random players, keep an eye below you for his portal.
  20. - <color="red">SCP-079</color> has been given extra commands such as faking CASSIE announcements. Don't believe everything you hear.
  22. <size=20><b>Rules:</b></size=20>
  23. 1. Do not suicide to avoid playing as a class
  24. 2. No mic spam
  25. 3. No racism/harassment, there's a fine line between poking fun at someone and bullying them
  26. 4. Do not intentionally stall the round
  27. 5. Do not camp the nuke room
  28. 6. No advertising
  29. 7. Staff members are permitted to kick/ban players for general harassment if it gets too bad, even if you're not breaking a specific rule.
  30. 8. You are not permitted to use macros to gain an advantage as any class. This especially applies to SCP-049.
  31. 9. Teaming with a user from another team is generally allowed, as long as it does not break rule 4.
  32. 10. You are not permitted to kill or to intentionally grief other players on your team.
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