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Feb 16th, 2020
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  1. Kyra ParysLast Friday at 12:26 AM
  2. Hi and hello, I believe you are Elmo Seabreeze?? I'm one of the captains for the White Sox (this is my reporter account), and our head draft scout, would you be willing to answer some questions for me?
  3. BibbsLast Friday at 12:27 AM
  4. Hello Kyra, nice to meet you! Sure, I'm up for it!
  5. Kyra ParysLast Friday at 12:27 AM
  6. What would you bring to a team, outside of submitting a number? Everyone can and does do that, for the most part, but why should we draft you over Joe Schmoe?
  7. BibbsLast Friday at 12:30 AM
  8. Good question! I think I definitely bring a friendly, fun, competitive personality to a team to start. Definitely like to joke and generally people like me right from the get go. More technical wise, I enjoy data a good bit, and know my way decently around spreadsheets and such
  9. Kyra ParysLast Friday at 12:30 AM
  10. oh i like that answer a lot
  11. I do the "scouting" for the White Sox, so I always love hearing people are interested in the data end of the game
  12. BibbsLast Friday at 12:32 AM
  13. Yea! Just crunching data can be pretty addicting. good procrastination tool lol
  14. Kyra ParysLast Friday at 12:32 AM
  15. lol I feel that. I'm a HS senior, and I would screw around in class on google sheets every day in class
  16. As far as activity, do you have an estimate as to how active you'd be?
  17. BibbsLast Friday at 12:33 AM
  18. Lol, pretty typical for HS. It doesn't change much haha. I'm in a PhD program right now and I still procrastinate a good bit
  19. Probably pretty active, at the very least in the clubhouse
  20. Some of the more general chats go a bit fast for me; gotta get in work at some point. But I've been pretty active with UNC so far nd I'm liking it a lot
  21. Kyra ParysLast Friday at 12:34 AM
  22. Yeah, that's all that people really care about. I personally don't love the main server, it's kinda drama-y at times lol.
  23. BibbsLast Friday at 12:36 AM
  24. Lol, yea. Fun to lurk, but I don't quite have the time to keep up with every different thread
  25. Kyra ParysLast Friday at 12:37 AM
  26. lmao
  27. yeah
  28. Here's a few of the tabs on the team scouting sheet, adn there's a lot more than that, and I've been working on it a lot this offseason
  30. I take it pretty seriously
  31. If you're interested in scouting, CWS and KCR are probably the 2 best places to be
  32. BibbsLast Friday at 12:40 AM
  33. Woo, that's definitely an improvement over what I was considering atm haha. I'd like my data crunching skills to be slightly better; getting there with some of the research I'm doing, but my mastery over sheets is still only above average. It definitely sounds like a few teams have some really good scouting, so good to hear CWS is really a team that one could flourish in
  34. Kyra ParysLast Friday at 12:41 AM
  35. Have any questions for me about Chicago, or the team culture, or the league, or anything?
  36. BibbsLast Friday at 12:42 AM
  37. Yea, what's it like in the clubhouse? And how'd you guys do this last season?
  38. Kyra ParysLast Friday at 12:45 AM
  39. It's pretty active and tight-knit, but not difficult to be immersed in. We have a pretty open space for whatever you watn to talk about, be it shitposts, or the game, or trouble irl. Val and I are pretty much always on discord, and a few others aren't far behind.
  41. We finished 10-6. After a 2-4 start. Won 8 of our last 10. It's kinda a sore spot, because we missed the playoffs purely on a tiebreaker, and we woulda made it by a mile if we were in the NL, or even in the AL west. Our division is the most competitive in the league, and I think we're maybe a piece or 2 away at most from being one of the top 3 teams in the league.
  42. BibbsLast Friday at 12:47 AM
  43. Oh nice, didn't realize Val was also CWS. Very cool! Sounds like a good space. Definitely looking for a team that wouldn't take it personally if I need to lay low for a bit sometimes, but I'll always check in everyday; wouldn't be fun if there wasn't regular interaction! Down to talk gaming, anime, real baseball, whatever as well.
  44. Kyra ParysLast Friday at 12:48 AM
  45. Yeah, she's the GM of the team, but she's very busy with OOTC shit so she has me running point on draft stuff lol. Plus I asked.
  46. If you want, add my actual main account Alyx Sabor#0016 cause i check it about 900x as much as this one
  47. BibbsLast Friday at 12:49 AM
  48. Ooo, brutal tie breaker... well, if I could be a cog in a top team I'd definitely enjoy it. Sounds like NL is fairly easy atm. Hard to be in the tough league lol, but good to hear y'all are really keepin it together
  49. Okay, will do! Sounds like you're a great co-lead, congratz on the responsibility!
  50. Kyra ParysLast Friday at 12:49 AM
  51. Yeah. Of our really active core players, 3 declared for FA, but 2 have said that they watn to come back but want to see their options in case something insane comes around.
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