CTF ranking 2015 (final)

Dec 14th, 2015
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  1. !
  2. -~*~-
  3. /!\
  4. /%;@\
  5. o/@,%\o
  6. /%;`@,\
  7. o/@'%',\o
  8. '^^^N^^^`
  10. Its monday morning 14.decemeber 2015, hello world :D. i am waiting at train and i have hour time, i cant believe in this train hall is even internet. xD ( i usually go with car, but i am changing my summer tyres for winter) OH well.
  11. I was wondering what to do during this waiting so i try pull another ranking ladder of Competitive players.
  12. So since my first ranking CTF competitive were succesful. (welp i cant say if it was so succesful, but i think some players liked it). And since so many players pop up during inc christmas holliday, i decided make another Rank ladder and i promise its last for this year. xD
  14. Silver tier. (aka Bot Eugene tier, players rather new, average or bad aim, zero or tiny brain play)
  16. Silver 1
  17. Disfiguring - yup i am starting with this guy, this guy is probably the worst player currently (i am straight now, but its really nothing to be ashamed, after all we all started play), i could recomend him play shit ton of game
  19. Silver 2
  20. MrBoozer - i dont say this guy is this bad, and he can win some duels but it doesnt matter in CTF, in CTF he simple play not for team or barely and simple only camp spawns, its not all about aim only ;)
  22. Silver 3
  23. One_two - he is deff not dumb for this game, but his enthusiasm for CTF and aim is just really low, ( i really dont remember when i played a CTF game with this guy, must be like 100 years) but he understand CTF after all just only need a lot more practice
  25. Fatelord - also another guy which dont play much and expect being good, weaker aim but can provide some tiny brain play
  27. Silver 4
  28. AlienOverlord - basically copy of MrBoozer just more heavy and experienced in CTF, he was on good way become better player longer time ago, it just wont happen, why alien why? xD
  30. Silver 5
  31. Emmure - elite in silver tier, know name of map 31 in idl wad, needs play way more, i really dunno how he played in past, but nowadays need way better aim, you can see him more expierenced at positioning and some tiny game reading, but the aim and movement really hold him back
  33. Mifu - i put him just here on blind, i really dont know how he play, but i remember playing him long time ago some scrim in MLK i think, and he wasnt really this good, i dont expect playing him competitive even now anyway
  35. Gold (here are players which are more experienced in CTF, with good aim and know CTF basics)
  36. Gold 1
  37. Estar - tho a bit inactive now, but he is deff good in fact he dont play for long time, has really decent aim even with high ping, i am really wondering which level he can reach in future but he deff dont said his last word
  39. Marcaek xD - welp he is in DRZ and DRZ is competitive so i put him here, i never seen him play competitive CTF match, but i know him well from DM sessions, i think he can be some kind of player like WaTaKiD, they are experienced in games and in doom in particular and since CTF really is not some kind of study Atomic physics i expect him play well in scrims (if it happens)
  41. Halloween - yup he pop up again (wb), he just spammed yday on pub, i know it doesnt matter but i think he is ok in gold tier, but i think he could be way higher if played a bit more with focusing on game and stuff, but its his game
  43. ---------- so my train is here see you in couple of hours---------------
  44. ---------- and i am back :D its 20:20, and i am bit drunk, dont drive cars sux bcz you can drink but well?-----
  46. Dastan - dastan is ok, i think he can be even sometime a bit underrated but he can attack well, only has still tendency stop attacking if defender is leaking some flag which just fuck everything up, he is slowly improving...
  48. Gold 2
  49. Zeberpal - he is pretty versatile player, tho i really cant call him competitive player much anymore, he is here for his past, i think he could be higher if he wanted tho.
  51. ral - he just pop up recently i add him, i think he is about this level, i am not sure how much good he plays, for me he is kinda american cennou :D
  53. Argentum - another rather new player to competition but i think he is ok and know how to play decently, he just lack practice and shit
  55. emann - i think his rank is just here, i underrated him last time, but i think he deserve be here
  57. Gold 3
  58. Decay - he is known more for his mapping contribution (his one map is even in IDL pack map 18 complex epsilon), he is deff not much to fragging and shit, you probably lost with him on maps like 31 or 20 but he can become handy on certain cross flag maps.
  60. Otacon - i love otacute, ota is love, ota is life, you want him in team, really he is fragging machine and improving fast, keep it up man
  62. Crusher - i will not lie this man piss me off he still insult me and stuff or provoke, i really dont care, true is you cant ignore his skills, he is really pretty good runner, and i managed with him couple of games, he is deff on good way to improve and be better and better
  64. AVC - i kinda underrated him last time, he basically can run and score flags, i only think its all what can does, and he simple play same like for 2 years already? he can ez rape low team just with his speed but in serious games he has just no chance or he is just lucky, sry my friend xD
  66. Gold 4
  67. Slyfox - i basically say last words i typed last time, he is rusty and shit, but i think his rank is just here
  69. Gold 5
  70. Mobius - he could be maybe platinum and shit but just no, i never seen him too good in past and you basically dont become better when you stop play and pop up again after time, doesnt matter you are old, but he is ok
  72. cennou - this guy is just joke, i just put him to gold bcz he is in R, real talk
  74. IdeIdoom - i start with older player, he is well experienced in CTF and has also played in WDL, he is deff good player, i think he kinda stagnate for last year or two, but its just bcz dont play this much anymore, play more bro xD
  76. Armitage - same as last my words, he is mistery for me, doing really well in CTF, learning fast, he can be top if he wanted and with ton of practice
  78. Galactus - (just copied text from last ranking) he is pretty much the copy of armitage, but playing for a bit longer time, kinda started stagnate during summer, probably bcz of lack competition overall, p much learned aim and use weapons on Judas23 last year and now reaps fruits in CTF, can provide huge frag power, also usefull in team work and in more serious game, i hope his potenetional is not over, but it all depends on competition overall and shit, so who know.
  80. DSparil - maybe is lower rank than this i am really not very sure, but he just frag so well and score well :D
  82. Kiwi - i think his competition enthusiasm is really low nowadays, he was always rather causal player, but he can play well always even when dont touch doom for long time
  84. Platinum (here are players which know CTF very well, they can play sub par with best players and they will not struggle, just lack some more experience and practice to be in top tier)
  85. Moti - i think i downrrated him last time, sorry bro :o, true is i have not much played with him overall and in games i remember i played with him, he sucked, i know its team game, but shit just went wrong and simple was not my fault or the other (at this time) and i have more games like this, for sure he cant be in lower ranks, he is so good for it, but for highest tier i still miss some stuff, but it doesnt matter he is good leader and ppl follow him , so wel ...
  87. HTG - i dont ranked him last time, but i saw him pop up recently, i was always about this guy like "everyone just overrate him so much" the true is just half, he is really very good player and pretty consistent runner which can score flags almost every game, when i played with him in past, i was even kinda supresed we managed win against better teams..14 lover so can never hit top tier xD
  89. Starrk - he is almost top tier, but he still lack something :p
  91. Chowww - i was realyl not sure about this guy if put him to platinum or to diamond but i put him here just for now, bcz he really dont play much overall and shit, his fragging ability prepay him platinum tier really for long time tho
  93. Karakurt
  94. JohnZombie
  95. SwiftShot
  96. JCD
  97. Torvald
  98. Goblin
  99. Alt_Stab
  100. Edd (yes this is edd)
  102. Diamond ( the best of the best (dont be jelly pls :D, i simple will not put any text , the ppl are elites)
  103. Ru5tk1ng
  104. Strangle
  105. Fsn76
  106. capodecima
  107. Jwarrier
  108. Dragon
  109. RoSking
  110. Water
  111. Ammar
  112. Jenova
  113. Tai
  114. Water
  115. Shane
  116. Zakken
  117. Rude
  118. Stall
  119. X-Ray
  120. Infer
  123. I dont put here these OK players bcz i dont know who they are, so i cant rank them, i think they are all cheaters anyway. xD
  124. So its over my friends. Again all those ranking are just for fun but they can be sometime "very" accurate ;). I wish everyone nice christmass and nice enter to year 2016. xD
  126. edit: some ppl complained my rankings are not accurate, so i a bit changed them, i think now its way more accurate, and we all love accuracy xD
  128. Like xmass present for edd i added some ranking of players on certain positions.
  130. TOP 5 D
  131. Stall
  132. Edd
  133. Water
  134. capodecima
  135. Jwarrier
  137. TOP 5 M
  138. X-Ray
  139. Shane
  140. Fsn76
  141. Zakken
  142. Rude
  144. TOP 5 O
  145. Jenova
  146. RoSKing
  147. Ru5tk1ng
  148. Ammar
  149. Infer
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