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  1. Import Options Dialog Not Allowing Deselection Of Datasets When Too Many Datasets Listed
  2. 1) Start Application
  3. 2) Right-click-and-drag multi datacube file into Application.
  4. 3) Ensure resulting Import Options Dialog is sized so that the Data Sets treeview has a vertical scrollbox.
  5. 4) Scroll to bottom and highlight bottom item.
  6. 5) Scroll to top and try to uncheck the root item.
  7. 6) All datasets remain checked and treeview scrolls down to the track highlighted in Step4.
  8. Workarounds: 1) Highlight an item near the top of the tree view prior to unchecking the root item, 2) resize Import Options Dialog so the Data Sets treeview vertical scrollbar is no longer displayed.
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