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  1. #include<stdio.h>
  2. void main()
  3.   {
  4. char *place;
  5. char *systemcommand;
  6. place=(char *)malloc(10);
  7. systemcommand=(char *)malloc(128);
  8. printf("memory address of place is : %d\n", place);
  9. printf("memory address of systemcommand is : %d\n", systemcommand);
  10. printf("The space in memory between place and systemcommand is : %d\n",systemcommand-place);
  11. printf("Where is the best place on the web to learn hacking ?");
  12. gets(place);
  13. printf("The best place to learn hacking on the web is %s\n", place);
  14. system(systemcommand);
  15. }
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