iDevice ricing guide!

May 20th, 2015
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  1. ~~~iDevice ricing guide!~~~
  2. Below will be listed some decent themes and tweaks as to what I see fit, if anyone has anything to add email me at and I'll edit this to suit. Also should you have any questions at all about this, feel free to email to me about it as well!
  3. ***LATEST EDIT: 15:10, 31/01/2016: Updated iOS revisions.***
  5. <<Useful Links!>>
  11. >inb4 hurr durr reddit
  12. Yeah I don't like reddit all that much either, but the autism is contained to certain sub-reddits, and the iDevice ones have little to no autism.
  13. Also one of the single greatest pages for all essential Cydia packages is posted below, I have posted some myself in this sticky, however if you desire more options and/or tweaks then go here.
  16. <<Jailbreaking Guide>>
  17. --As of 31/01/2016 (DD/MM/YYYY) there is no way to Jailbreak to anything higher than iOS 9.0.2 so if your iOS version is higher than this, then you may have to wait, however follow this link and place in your email, and you will be notified with instructions on how to Jailbreak once it has been released.
  19. --If you're iOS version is below iOS 9.0.2 (inclusive) then follow this link to get your iDevice Jailbroken
  22. <<Tweaks>>
  23. --Tweaks are effectively the modifications to your iDevice, Tweaks can range from being visual (aesthetic), all the way to changing system based processes. The later of this is usually down to people who know what they're doing and how to diagnose when things don't go as expected, however I've included some Tweaks that work well and are easy to use, also there are some Tweaks that work and make significant (and somewhat insignificant) changes visually.
  24. As a side note, some tweaks break somewhat upon updates, follow the link posted below to check whether the tweak you want is still supported for your iOS version.
  29. --Activator--
  30. Free, allows you to create gestures and use your iDevice much more effectively, can make life A LOT easier!
  32. --Alkaline--
  33. Free, themes the battery in the status bar (Themes can be found in Cydia and /r/iOSThemes).
  35. --Badge Customiser--
  36. Free, allows you to theme the badges from the standard red.
  38. --Barrel--
  39. $2.99, changes the transition between pages, has some really cool effects!
  41. --BytaFont 2 & BytaFont Tweak Mode--
  42. Free, changes the font, can be either system-wide or just on a per-application basis (Has an in-built font repository).
  44. --CClean--
  45. Free, remove/hide elements in the Control Center.
  47. --CCSettings--
  48. Free, adds new toggles for the Control Center, ie: a toggle for Mobile Data instead of Airplane Mode, or 6 toggles instead of 5, etc.
  50. --ClassicFolders--
  51. $1.99, changes the folder opening sequence back to the style in iOS 6.X.
  53. --DockShift--
  54. Free, changes the dock background to many different styles, or can completely remove it (only the background).
  56. --EqualizerEverywhere--
  57. $3.00, allows you to take control over your EQ settings in a whole new way, by allowing you to manually change each frequency, or use the predefined ones included in purchase.
  59. --Flurry--
  60. Free, creates/changes blur and tint effects in applications (Settings).
  62. --Fortune--
  63. $3.00, the only 4chan client that has embedded .webm support. Is a must for users of 4chan on iDevices
  65. --GridSwitcher--
  66. Free, if you don't use your favourite contacts in the app switcher, then this may be of use, it groups the pages tighter, and can arrange your app switcher in 2x2, 3x3, and even 4x4 grids (Useful on iPads!).
  68. --GroovyLock, LockHTML--
  69. Free (GroovyLock), $1.00 (LockHTML, all versions), allows you to theme the lockscreen of your iDevice (Themes can be found in Cydia and in /r/iOSThemes).
  71. --HomescreenDesigner--
  72. $1.99, arrange your apps how you want to, create custom icon grids and place them on a per page basis or page-wide.
  74. --iCleaner Pro--
  75. Free, to download this you have to add a source, or repo. To do so go to Sources, tap Edit, then Add and place this link into the box:
  76. Basically it just un-clutters your iPhone, removes temporary files, cache files that are no longer used, it's especially useful in removing GB's worth of files that you don't use, so you can add more music, themes, apps, porn, shitty memes, whatever.
  78. --iFile--
  79. $4.00, A file manager and viewer, gives you access to your entire system with read/write access. This will be useful for any themes that require manual installation. Also has a in-built server so you can turn your iDevice into a mobile server, and also can edit/upload files directly to your iDevice from your PC.
  81. --iWidgets--
  82. Free, HTML based widgets on your Homescreen. Adds so much life to your Homescreen, and makes a big difference to your iPhone! (Themes are listed in Cydia and can be found on /r/iOSThemes).
  84. --LockKeyboard, Color Keyboard--
  85. Details on installation of this are in the link below.
  88. --MessagesCustomiser--
  89. Free, to download this you have to add a repo. To do so go to Sources, tap Edit, then Add and place this link into the box:
  91. Allows you to customise your Messages application like no other, full of features!
  93. --Protean--
  94. $1.99, changes many elements of the status bar, everything from hiding parts of the status bar, to adding notifications to the status bar for applications (Facebook, SnapChat, Mail, Messages, etc.).
  96. --Springtomize--
  97. $2.99, a must for changing anything and just about everything to do with your iDevice!
  99. --StatusVol--
  100. Free, to download this you have to add a repo. To do so go to Sources, tap Edit, then Add and place this link into the box:
  102. Changes the Volume HUD so instead of seeing a fucking massive blob on the screen, it relocates it to the status bar!
  104. --WinterBoard--
  105. Free, a MUST for all iDevice jailbreakers! It's how 99% of Cydia's themes are installed
  107. --Zeppelin--
  108. Free, replaces the carrier text (ie: AT&T, Verizon, Vodafone, etc.) to an image, or to custom text!
  110. <<Themes>>
  111. --Themes are the most significant change to do with iDevices, so here are some that are good baseline themes to start off with! Many do cost, but there are a lot of free themes around!
  113. --Aelon--
  114. $1.99, Transparent glyph icons.
  116. --Avier--
  117. $1.99, light-coloured theme that brightens up the SpringBoard.
  119. --Axla 2--
  120. $2.99, Simple, colourful icons.
  122. --FlatiOS--
  123. Free, the name says it all, flat icons that feature a bright palette, suits a low-poly/anime/bright wallpaper.
  125. --Glasklart--
  126. Free, the most comprehensive theme available, has over 7300 handmade icons for applications!
  128. --Gotham/Glyphs--
  129. Free, arguably the best icon theme to grace iDevice users! Can be downloaded with instructions here:
  132. --Mocha--
  133. $1.50, highly detailed theme that incorporates a lighter colour palette.
  135. --Zoobhoy Eight--
  136. $2.99, One of the best themes ever released, clean and elegant. Is practically 3 themes bundled into one package.
  138. --0xygen--
  139. $1.99-$2.99, Shadow-like icons.
  141. --1ONE--
  142. $2.99, Glyph icons combined with a colourful and detailed backdrop.
  144. GOOD LUCK!
  145. As time passes you'll gain knowledge and ideas, eventually creating themes that you truly enjoy using, everyone started from somewhere, so as the man himself Gandhi said "Peace out, bitches."
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