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  1. Keep Me Alive No Longer
  3. I walk through the fog in the dark
  4. Wanting to finally see the spark
  5. Of the dawning sun before me
  6. But there is nothing left to see
  8. Pushing past an old cemetery gate
  9. How is this going to be my fate
  10. Dying would bring me so much relief
  11. Sins of the world stole my belief
  13. Much of my life was bad
  14. Friends that left me when I was quite sad
  15. Emptiness is all that is left here
  16. Coldness, depression, and fear
  18. Graves all around me of loved ones so dear
  19. All that I want is for them to still be near
  20. Lying on the ground I start to cry
  21. Can I finally leave with one final goodbye
  23. Not sure what else I can do
  24. Resting for a moment and feeling so blue
  25. Yes this has to end now
  26. Just tell me how
  28. Very sadly I lay here though midnight
  29. Take me now before first light
  30. Understand that I am a shell
  31. Quickly take my life to Heaven or Hell
  32. -END- 9/6/18
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