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  1. I twisted my body under the ruffled fabric of Jenny’s pajamas and grunted. I turned over again, but I just wasn’t feeling sleepy. Thankfully, Jenny didn’t share my predicament: she was snoring peacefully. No, she had another problem.
  3. Her belly groaned, indicating Jenny’s hunger. I decided to investigate. Currently, Jenny was sleeping on her right side. I was nestled against her bosom, in between her breasts. I had to go deeper to find out how hungry she was. Dipping my head under the hem of her dress, I started exploring, crawling across the surface of her right breast. Ahead, her rhythmic breathing caused her breasts to smush against each other every time Jenny exhaled. However, I was determined to serve her to the best of my ability. She was always kind to me and now, I had the chance to return the favor.
  5. As I crawled deeper under Jenny’s clothes, she let out a long exhale, and I was sandwiched in between her sweet smelling breast flesh, cutting me off from outside air. I wasn’t giving up now, however. Instead, I tugged on the skin under me, dragging myself forward an bit at a time. Soon I started to sweat at the exertion and Jenny breathed in again. This was a good thing, I could cover a lot of ground. On the way back, my sweat would lubricate me against her breasts. Soon, I reached, the underboob of Jenny.
  7. I had to be careful, although my sweat would be advantageous on the journey back, over here, it could cause me to slip. A lightbulb went off in my head. I could use the friction of her underboob to get closer to her stomachs without the risk of falling off! I set about securing myself against Jenny’s underboob. and inched down until I was right outside her stomach.
  9. I pinned my ear against the stomach of Jenny, but I didn’t have to: her stomach let out a loud, pathetic gurgle, the liquid inside splashing around, hoping for some food. The gurgle was followed by a long, low groan. My face contorted into a look of pity. I had to feed Jenny. Her stomach sounded so sad. “There, there. Don’t cry,” I whispered, trying to soothe the stomach. I started rubbing the stomach, but deep inside, I knew words weren’t enough to console the beast. I had to find a way to get food inside Jenny's maw and into her gullet.
  11. I had to think, what could I feed Jenny? I was too small to get anything from the kitchen. Was there anything nearby? My thinking was interrupted by another loud complaint by the stomach, sending vibrations throughout my body. Maybe I should get back outside from under Jenny’s clothes. Fresh air should help my come up with a plan.
  13. I started the long journey, pulling myself on top of the underboob. My sweat did help me get across her breasts faster, even when Jenny exhaled. Soon, my faced popped from under the hem of Jenny's pajamas, exposing me to the cool night air. I took a guilty breath. What could I feed her? I racked my brain, trying to think of answers, there was literally no food within the vicinity. Unless, I shuddered at the thought, I could use my body to keep Jenny satisfied until morning. This was so crazy, moments ago, I was safe outside, but soon I would be at the complete mercy of Jenny's body: I needed to be her snack. Jenny continued breathing, unaware of my dilemma.
  15. Here goes nothing, I think, sliding down her chest, onto the bed below. I move toward the head of the bed, interrupted, once in awhile, by folds in the fabric of the covers. I look towards Jenny and how her body cause the bed to sag under her weight. Jenny is so incomprehensibly giant; I’ve never noticed that when she was awake. Her personality made the size boundary seem nonexistent. But the fact remained: she was a titan and I was comparably a bug. I shook my head, scattering my thoughts. My philosophy didn’t matter, I had a hungry giantess to feed.
  17. Soon, I reached the slope of the pillow and started my ascent. Thankfully, the climb didn’t take too long. Soon, I was face to face with Jenny. Her eyes were closed and she wore a blissfully innocent expression. This is the last chance to back out, I realized. On the other hand, this was the only way a tiny such as me could show gratitude, I believed. I wasn’t going to back out.
  19. As I got closer, to her face, I could feel her periodic exhalations, which warmed up the air around me. They had a faint musky smell to them and seemed to foretell my fate inside of Jenny, causing me to shiver. Soon, I was close enough to make out the ridges of her plush lips, leaking out was sweet smelling saliva. I assessed the situation, I have to go through the saliva to get to her mouth. Well, here goes nothing.
  21. As I stepped forward, I noticed the saliva was hot and sticky, begging me not to leave. The liquid was knee deep and oozed off of me like honey. Slogging through the liquid was like walking through a swamp. My pants were drenched, so I decided to just take my clothes off. Would save me a lot of trouble. I would also taste better to Jenny. After a while, I reached the far end of the pool, right under Jenny’s lips. A bunch of fresh saliva just dropped on my head.
  23. Somehow, that made me feel flustered. I wiped the saliva off my face, knowing once inside, I wouldn’t have that luxury. I rested my head on Jenny’s plump lips. They were so soft, almost like a pillow. I began to take deep breaths to compose myself. But, Jenny’s body might’ve guessed there was food nearby. Her tongue snaked out of her mouth, licking her lips and brushing over her body. Jenny let out a deep moan of delight. Her large tongue also went over my whole, naked body, the spongy texture of the tongue excited me. I had to go inside. Jenny seemed to be thinking the same thing. A sexy sigh escaped her lips, covering me in a plume of warm air.
  25. I parted her large lips, which folded in around me on my way inside. I entered head first, grabbing onto her teeth for support. After I went inside, Jenny ominously closed her lips. She was starting to salivate. Just as I got my bearings, Jenny’s tongue tossed me backwards, into a pool of saliva. She moaned again. Apparently, I tasted good. The saliva got all over my body, and I struggled to move. I was almost like a fly stuck in mud. As I crawled forward, the tongue sent me careening into Jenny’s left cheek, rubbing me in circular motions. It was almost like I was on a rollercoaster.
  27. But soon, I started falling, down onto her tongue again. I slid off onto Jenny’s right cheek. Jenny let out a shuddered warm breath. Maybe I didn’t want to feed her. But it was too late. Now, I was at the complete mercy of her body. It would be less merciful than Jenny ever was. After all, I was just a morsel who walked into a mouth. It had a job: to savor and eat me.
  29. Saliva started falling around me and Jenny’s ragged breaths began to get faster. Her tongue picked me from her cheek and pressed me against her hard palate, savoring me for one last time. Jenny half sighed, blissfully. Then I was dropped onto the tongue, which tried to toss me into the eager gullet behind me. Out of primal fear, I tried to climb the other way, toward Jenny’s lips. She should have woken up by now. Right? She would realize that I was in her mouth by mistake. No such luck. Instead, as I gripped her tongue, Jenny, turned onto her back. Her breathing a grim reminder, teasing me of my fate.
  31. I exerted myself, trying to hang on to the top of Jenny’s tongue, but it wasn’t playing games anymore. Jenny was ready to devour me whole. I looked down fearfully, all the saliva was oozing down toward the gullet, which was flexed in anticipation for its next meal. Soon, the tongue began shaking trying to throw me off and soon it succeeded. I slid down trying to grasp her tongue, gums, anything, but I had no luck. Jenny’s tongue curled up, throwing me toward her gullet.
  33. I was stuck in warm saliva, heading toward Jenny’s throat, which looked even larger close up. Jenny’s gullet twitched under me and the flesh under me gave way. I was unceremoniously shoved into Jenny’s esophagus, losing sight of Jenny’s mouth. Jenny gulped, sending a shiver down my spine. I was being sent to her stomach like any other food. From outside, I would just be a tiny bump, moving down her throat until all signs of my existence disappeared under her chest. The only reminder of my existence would be my clothes.
  35. Jenny sighed again, sending tremors through my body. She seemed very content with her meal. I was covered head to toe with saliva, the rhythmic peristalsis massaging my body. The esophageal contractions were almost sensual. I lost my rational thought in their warm embrace, a series of warm, tender hugs. But sadly, this couldn’t last forever, the sphincter was coming up ahead. With one last contraction, the esophagus pushed me into Jenny’s inhospitable stomach.
  37. I fell right into a puddle of bile. Saliva slid in after me, further messing up my hair. Soon, from all around me, I heard an ominous gurgle. The stomach sounded far more fearsome up close, almost like a dinosaur. It was happy that, finally, something came to fill it up. I moved toward the edges of the stomach; I didn’t want to stay in the icky bile too long. I had forgotten that my choice didn’t matter now. As a prisoner in Jenny’s stomach, I was beholden to its whimsy.
  39. The stomach elongated, causing me to slip on its steep surface, making me slide right back into the bile with a wet *shlick.* Afterwards, I tried to steady myself, but the stomach wasn’t playing my game. It compressed a bit, causing me to fall forward, onto my hands and knees, close and personal with the rank smell of the stomach contents. *Growl.* The stomach seemed to be laughing at my petty efforts. I sighed. Even through this humiliation, it was all worth it to sate Jenny.
  41. I looked above me, finally trying to take in the more intricate details of the stomach. It was made of pulsing, pink flesh which folded in on itself, giving a wrinkled look. Coating the surface, however, was glistening mucous, meant to protect the stomach from invaders like me. The flesh morphed into two puckered holes to either side of me. I realized that I could no longer tell which one was the entrance and which one was the exit. I could also hear the distant, comforting heartbeat of Jenny as well as her smooth, even breaths. The Jenny that cared and loved for me.
  43. My thoughts were interrupted with another, more intense grumble, the stomach was preparing to digest me. It didn’t matter what Jenny thought about me. Her body would treat me like any other food. The stomach glistened with new digestive juices that were sliding down, expanding the pool below me. Oh boy, I thought. The juices were now knee deep. The stomach groaned, as if signing a declaration of war. But I knew, deep inside, that I had no chance in winning. I didn’t even have a chance to wave a white flag. This enemy was merciless.
  45. The stomach started out shifting, like a crazy trampoline. It alternated between pushing up one half and then the other. At first, the stomach pulsations didn’t affect me. But soon, I was privy to the movements. The half on which I was on rose, and despite my attempt to firmly grip the flesh, I slid down toward the lower half, sliding down a mini waterfall of bile. I tried to swim against the current, but to no avail. After, I reached the lower half, the bile poured from above, a vile shower.
  47. But the stomach wasn’t done with me yet. On the contrary, it was just getting started. Now the bile was waist deep and above, the stomach walls seemed to cease their acid production, deeming the current quantity enough. I was glad for the small victory. Now it was less likely that I’d drown in the stomach at least. The stomach let out a deep, long groan as if conceding a point. My side started rising again, starting the waterfall process all over again. This time, however, I decided not to fight the current, it was a fruitless battle. I also noticed that the strong smell of the stomach ceased to bother me as much now. That was nice. I rode the stomach to its lower elevation, the stream of bile not far behind.
  49. As I acclimated, I also noticed that Jenny’s stomach was quite warm. Not too hot, the perfect temperature. Maybe Jenny’s stomach was nice after all. It didn’t try to drown me and the whole sliding to one side to another felt like a nice water slide. The stomach groaned, as if in agreement. I must be crazy, I thought. I’m starting to become friends with Jenny’s stomach of all things. My side of the stomach started to rise again, depositing me, along with the bile, onto its lower half. “Wheee,” I dared to cry out.
  51. I plunged below the bile’s surface this time, only to hear another groan. The stomach seemed to be laughing at me. But it also let out a deeper, wistful gurgle. Although I was filling, I wasn’t exactly food that it could digest. That made me feel sort of guilty. Maybe I missed something on the outside: something that I could feed Jenny. I was glad Jenny’s stomach was also so kind to me.
  53. As my portion of the stomach raised again, I tried floating on my back, seeing if that would keep me from submerging after the fall. No such luck, I ended up having to change my position as I slid down the stomach. Some bile got thrown up into the air. The stomach gave another long, wistful groan and I couldn’t help but feel upset again. Before the stomach could shift, I hurried over to a shallow area and leaned onto my belly. I started massaging the stomach with my hands, hoping that this at least would make it feel better, even though it didn’t have food.
  55. The stomach growled, as if in appreciation for my efforts. Nonetheless, it continued its periodic shift, catching me off guard for once. I started sliding down, my face pressed against the wrinkled stomach floor. Bile rushed overhead and as usual, I started sliding too, all the while kissing the stomach lining. Soon I splashed into the pool below, butt first, spitting out bile that had entered my mouth. I have to be careful,  I realized. Even though Jenny’s stomach was kind, it could still pose danger to me if I let down my guard.
  57. The stomach gurgled in apology, bubbles rising to its surface, but I knew it’s behavior would continue similarly for a while. But despite my realization, I continued massaging Jenny’s stomach anyway. I was reckless like that for the things I cared about. What I didn’t realize was that Jenny’s breathing started to normalize, ceasing to be as deep as before. She was starting to wake up due to the intrusion in her stomach as well as her continued hunger.
  59. Jenny let out a deep moan in annoyance and mumbled a few unintelligible words. Her moan echoed around me and shook me to the bone, sending a warm tingle inside my heart. But I wasn’t ready for what she’d do next. She rolled onto her stomach, causing me to plunge toward the stomach flesh below. I moved my hands and legs in fear. But I didn’t have to worry, Jenny’s stomach lining absorbed most of the impact, bouncing in recoil like a enormous bed of jello. What I had to worry about was the tsunami of gastric juices that were rushing in from behind me. They collided with me, pulling me along and slamming me against the far wall of Jenny’s stomach, which groaned in protest. I slid down, full of dizziness, but the pool of gastric juices continued to rock. Jenny’s stomach seemed to gurgle in sympathy afterwards.
  61. “I’m so hungry,” Jenny murmured, causing her inner cavern and its contents, which included me, to vibrate. She yawned. “It’s six thirty. Might as well wake up.” Sliding around in the bile, I face palmed. I forgot to check the time. Instead of feeding myself to Jenny, I could have attempted to wake her up. That would have satisfied her hunger more than a tiny like me ever could.
  63. “Jenny,” I cried in vain, forgetting that I was in her stomach. My words were silenced by the sounds of her stomach, which groaned in anticipation.
  65. Outside the stomach walls, Jenny sighed. “Oh well, no better time than now. Right Checkers? Checkers?” She looked around. Checkers seemed to be nowhere in sight. She moved her hands throughout her body, checking for the tiny. She blushed at the the pool of saliva in front of her face.
  67. How embarrassing, she mused. As she shifted her eyes, Jenny happened upon my discarded clothing. Did Checkers feed himself to me? Maybe that’s the delicious aftertaste lingering in my tongue. How sweet, Jenny fawned. But Jenny's expression quickly shifted into a look of annoyance. I’ll just pretend that I didn’t notice. After all, who is he to go into my stomach without my permission. He could get hurt! I need to teach Checkers a lesson.
  69. But Jenny couldn’t help sticking her index finger into her mouth, dragging out a strand of saliva. Checkers had soaked in this same saliva moments ago. She blushed. There was something erotic about Checkers entering her. He was literally closer than anything else she valued in her life. Jenny’s belly groaned. Jenny lifted up her pajamas and set about to rub her tummy. Checkers’ presence wasn’t enough. She had to eat a good, hearty breakfast. I’m sorry, Jenny apologized in advance, But this is what you signed up for Checkers, by going into my belly without my knowledge. Jenny gulped down the excess saliva in her mouth and started to purr, this was going to be a fun experience.
  71. I tried responding to Jenny’s calls to no avail. I hope she doesn’t get too worried, I feared hurting Jenny’s emotions. She was a kindred spirit at heart. But soon, more light filtered through Jenny’s stomach, which had continued to eagerly growl after Jenny woke up. Thereafter, the stomach compressed a bit, light cycling in periodically. I could assume that Jenny was rubbing her belly. She let out a deep, catlike purr and saliva slid down from the sphincter to my left, mixing with the pool of bile. Oh there the entrance is, I noticed halfheartedly. With all of Jenny’s shifting, I was sure to lose track soon.
  73. Jenny continued to rub her belly, noticing the tiny movements of Checkers in her stomach. She had to withhold a squeal of delight, afraid of clueing Checkers in on her awareness of his location. She got up and started walking. Time to brush my teeth.
  75. Jenny’s stomach tilted ninety degrees again, surprising me. She must be getting up, I realized. I clung to her stomach walls, hoping to slide to the bottom without a sudden fall, but I had no luck. The stomach gurgled in laughter. Instead, the current of stomach acids quickly pulled me down. This time, the waterfall was huge, giving me a sense of vertigo. But yet again, Jenny’s stomach cushioned my fall.
  77. After the initial drop, Jenny’s stomach acids climbed the sides of the stomach, carrying me along them. I could hear Jenny’s footsteps, indicating a leisurely, morning pace. Not unlike before, I was shifted between either side of Jenny’s stomach. In her vertical position, Jenny’s acids reached up to my neck. I was swept along the restless torrent of Jenny’s acids.
  79. After the first footfall, I was launched into the air, along with some acid, falling back into the acid like I was some sort of pizza. The belly grumbled and I felt like I was sort of a pizza, being tossed by a chef. After, I fell, I submerged, but this time, I remembered to hold my breath. I noticed that Jenny’s stomach was grumbling a lot less and now gave a soft growl. I assumed Jenny was rubbing her stomach, appeasing the beast, but I couldn’t help but feel lonely. Jenny’s stomach used to have so much character, like a friend, but now it was silent.
  81. Out of the blue, Jenny’s stomach heaved, letting out a deep, long groan. It felt as if it was trying to comfort me. After the next footfall, the stomach started shaking a bit, but thankfully, I didn’t get tossed in the air. Instead, the acids climbed Jenny’s stomach walls. I assumed this foot was her left foot, since it is farther away from her stomach.
  83. Jenny racked her mind, Checkers should learn his lesson. But I don’t want to hurt him. She noticed her belly complained a lot less and continued to rub it, I hope Checkers feels safer without all the threatening growling. Jenny blushed, she couldn’t stay mad at Checkers for long. Even if he is dim witted, Jenny conceded, Checkers had been trying to solve my hunger by feeding me.
  85. Jenny soon reached the bathroom mirror and examined her shape, putting her hands at her sides. Hmmm, Jenny sucked her belly in, turning left, then right. I still need to lose a bit of weight. Jenny let her pajamas fall over her belly, she had to brush her teeth. Grabbing the toothpaste container, Jenny squeezed the very end, depositing some on top of her toothbrush. She started to brush her teeth, hunched over the bathroom sink.
  87. After a while, Jenny’s stomach stopped throwing me around. I heaved a premature sigh of relief. Her stomach, however, whirled counterclockwise, yet again disorienting me. The stomach let out a sympathetic gurgle, but soon after, the stomach whirled clockwise, throwing stomach acid into the air, which fell down on top of me, causing me to fall into thought. I wonder how bad I smell right now. How many showers would I need to get back to normal? After a while, however, Jenny’s stomach tilted forward, seemingly coming to a standstill, for now. After hearing the sounds of the bathroom sink, I began to relax.
  89. Jenny scrubbed her teeth, replacing any residual taste of Checkers with the minty flavor of toothpaste. She sighed with regret. Although Jenny knew that she had to brush her teeth, she wished she could allow Checkers’ taste to linger. Hmmm, she wondered, Maybe after Checkers gets out, he can clean my teeth sometime. If he was willing of course. I hope he’d want to try it. That would allow Jenny to keep Checkers’ taste fresh in her mouth. It may also prove to be a nice bonding experience. Plus, Jenny reasoned, I’m sure Checkers could clean my teeth far better than I ever could.
  91. Jenny proceeded to wash her toothbrush, storing it in its appropriate container. She washed her face to wake herself up and turned around, toweling her face off. “Time for breakfast,” she chirped, giggling with sadistic glee. How would poor little Checkers deal with the situation? The situation he had gotten himself into? Jenny licked her lips again and put her index finger into her mouth, dragging out another strand of saliva. She gulped, blushing. It was so funny, like she was giving a little gift to Checkers in her tummy. Jenny’s tummy roared and she let out a burp. “Oh my,” she exclaimed, hoping Checkers was all right. Jenny slid her hand under her shirt and began to rub her tummy again, hoping to soothe her upset stomach.
  93. I sat in Jenny’s bile for a while, hoping my peace could last forever. The stomach was not unlike a hot tub and I began to fall asleep. Jenny’s heartbeat was a lullaby and the constant brushing motion of the toothbrush far above was hypnotic. But all good things must come to an end. Jenny finished brushing her teeth. She seemed so happy about breakfast, her words echoing around the stomach chamber. Jenny even started giggling, shaking the stomach and causing me to sway from side to side. I wondered what was so funny. A glob of saliva fell on my face and suddenly out of nowhere, Jenny’s stomach roared, ready to churn again. It must be getting impatient, I yelped frightened, Jenny must be thinking about food.
  95. Jenny burped, causing air to escape the stomach and constricting the space inside. Jenny apologized. Wow, even with nobody present, she’s so polite, I gushed. The stomach gurgled now, seemingly ready to give me a more personal treatment. Jenny started to rub her tummy again and this time, it affected her inside contents. Each time her hand passed over, Jenny’s stomach contracted, sending waves of bile toward me, which was actually pretty comforting. I wanted to also comfort her from inside though. I waded toward Jenny’s stomach walls and massaged them, causing her to giggle. My heart felt warm. Even though Jenny didn’t know I was inside, I could still make her happy.
  97. Jenny giggled as she felt a light, fluttering sensation in her tummy. She looked downwards. Even in his suboptimal situation, Checkers was trying to comfort her, how sweet. Jenny’s belly growled prompting her to continue rubbing her belly. She had to get breakfast fast though. No amount of Checkers’ niceties could assuage her hunger.
  99. Jenny’s stomach groaned, and the erratic movements of the bile inside seemed to signify that she was hurrying towards the kitchen. This time, however, the stomach contracted, seemingly trying to limit the movements of the acids within. However, by limiting the side to side movement of the bile inside, the stomach encouraged upward motion. Jenny’s footfalls tossed me into the air, and for the first time, I got a good grip on the curved stomach wall. But this position wasn’t to last.
  101. Jenny purred, stroking her belly more vigorously. Soon, the stomach wall further convulsed, like a crazy bull throwing its rider off. I flew off onto the other side of Jenny’s stomach, falling into the Bile below with a splash. The stomach gurgled again, as if laughing at my struggle. Maybe it wasn’t so nice after all. Jenny started humming, her voice echoing throughout her stomach, causing the acid to move in even stranger ways.
  103. Jenny’s belly tickled. Seems like Checkers is having fun in there, she mused, squeezing her stomach with her hand. Jenny started to hum, Checkers actually felt so good in her belly. Maybe she’d eat him again in the future, just to feel his fluttering movements inside. Instead of rubbing her stomach, Jenny was now squeezing it and letting it go. Let Checkers have some action.
  105. Jenny’ stomach started to convulse periodically, it’s stomach wall folded in further every few seconds, sending waves in her stomach. Jenny’s humming sounded to me, like a goddess, consoling me in her stomach. She might as well be, I realized. Jenny was my whole world now. The combination of the footfalls and Jenny’s stomach squeezing had resulted in a very chaotic inner world, however.
  107. Jenny squeezed her stomach just as she took a step. Consequently, a wave of stomach acid pulled me along to the stomach lining, caving in on itself and drenching me in bile. The stomach groaned and I waved my arms and legs uselessly. I was starting to get tired. Although not deadly yet, Jenny’s stomach tossed me around with reckless energy, while Jenny used to tenderly care for me. The force of the wave crashing down pushed me down towards the bottom hole of Jenny’s stomach, which curved around me head, but let go. The stomach roared in anger, frightening me,
  109. “Let’s get food into you,” Jenny cooed, as she got into the kitchen. Her belly was going to be appeased no more. It demanded food. I wonder how Checkers feels right now, Jenny giggled. She could imaging chewed up waffles and milk falling onto Checkers below, who would be churned in the stomach like any other food. Time to make some new friends, Jenny giggled. Time to meet the other food.
  111. As I heard Jenny mention food, I shivered, getting a new perspective. It wasn’t that I didn’t realize my place, as food, before. But joining the other food in Jenny’s stomach and getting churned around would make the experience more real. The stomach roared again and I was sloshed around. Jenny giggled, causing the stomach to fold and unfold, churning me rapidly. I was just another piece of food. The earlier feelings of friendship between the stomach and I were just an illusion.
  113. Jenny stopped massaging her stomach, pulling her hand out from under her pajamas. She got a plate and then proceeded to fill it with four frozen waffles from the freezer. Inserting the waffles in the toaster, Jenny poured herself some milk and grabbed a banana from the fruit bowl. Jenny had to lean forward to get the syrup from the cupboard.
  115. Soon, the toaster beeped, indicating that the waffles were ready. Filling her plate, Jenny walked to her table, sitting down. She had already set the banana and syrup down. All that was left to do was start eating. “Time to eat.” Jenny lipped her licks. “Ready or not here I come.” Whether Checkers was comfortable or not, he would have to deal with company. That’s what he signed up for.
  117. Jenny’s stomach stopped moving around, filling me with a sense of dread. Jenny was getting ready to eat. Jenny’s stomach started contracting gently, in preparation, gurgling eagerly for the long-awaited food. I didn’t want to be anywhere near ground zero when the food came in. I scrambled against the stomach floor, trying to reach the edge. Blurb, the stomach wall condensed, excited, covering my face with bile. I looked up in horror, the stomach walls glistened. The stomach was producing more acid!
  119. I tried hurrying to the edges, but the stomach started folding in waves, carrying me to the center. The stomach gurgled in joy. “Mmm, get in my tummy!” I heard Jenny’s voice echo around me. I heard a thud, sending me flying backwards. Jenny’s must have slapped her tummy. Jenny started gulping, and I stared at the sphincter above in horror. Cold liquid trickled in, forming swirls within the bile.
  121. The stomach contracted again, the warm walls pushing me right into the stomach’s center. The cold liquid started falling on my face and I closed my eyes. Some of it rushed into my throat: the liquid was milk.
  123. Jenny held the glass of milk to her lips, rubbing her tummy yet again. Checkers, hope you like your new friend! He seemed to be bouncing around inside. Jenny moaned deeply, starting to fondle her breasts, Oh Checkers. *Mmmmm.* Jenny proceeded to lick her lips,wiping off the milk that had accumulated there.
  125. If I thought Jenny’s tummy was churning before, now the stomach was really churning. The stomach let out a long, deep growl. Jenny burped again, “Excuse Me.” she giggled. The damage had been done, the stomach was tighter than before. The stomach churned again, sending the milk infused bile crashing over my head. Somewhere outside, I could hear Jenny breathing faster.
  127. Jenny proceeded to open the syrup container. Thereafter, she poured the rich golden liquid over her waffles. It was always satisfying to see the syrup flow into the waffles square shaped holding cells. Jenny giggled again. I guess I’m a holding cell for Checkers. Licking her lips, Jenny cut the waffle, picking up a piece with her fork.
  129. She inserted the waffle into her mouth, her lips closing in on the fork that emerged out of her mouth. She exhaled and moaned. “Mmm why do waffles have to be so delicious.” Jenny chewed the waffle thoroughly, feeling the syrup melt inside her mouth. But the waffle could never match the flavor of Checkers stashed in her Belly. Jenny gulped, letting out a sigh. The waffle mush slid down her throat.
  131. A few chunks of waffle sludge plopped down from the sphincter, depressing the stomach floor with a splat sound, sending ripples through the gastric juices. Soon, the stomach started to try to mix again with a gurgle. Another chunk fell
  132. prompting the stomach to start trying to mix its inner contents and me along with them! I tried moving to the edge of the stomach but no luck only to realize what was starting. The stomach started pulsing again, causing me to slip to
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