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  2.  nyctotheory 3:25 pm
  3.     /snrk
  5.  Kith 3:26 pm
  6.     kdfjghladkfghladfgafghkljfhadh Yakko..........
  8.  nyctotheory 3:26 pm
  9.     So there. That's what Trail did to him in a nutshell.
  10.     There's a reason I kinda just leave him alone mosttims.
  11.     *times.
  13.  Kith 3:27 pm
  14.     dvsk.vjbnadsbv
  16.  Kith 3:28 pm
  17.     "A sister, instead of a monster in sibling skin" <-kinda feel I've been punched at that line...
  19.  nyctotheory 3:28 pm
  20.     Gh. That's -- not my phrasing, that's all i got to say on that.
  21.     Yakko, when he's crossed, tends to fight mostly with words. He uses them. And this version of him uses them more and without much mental restraint.
  23.  Kith 3:30 pm
  24.     ghk, she'd....yeah, she was REALLY trying on the very last trail to not....DO anything...it mostly came out as just exaustion. if she saw THAT....
  26.  Kith 3:30 pm
  27.     ah
  28.     well
  30.  nyctotheory 3:31 pm
  31.     That's a thing he would pretty much never say aloud -- easier to just suspect that than possibly confirm it.
  32.     Doesn't much want to even say anything along those lines to himself let alone anyone else.
  34.  Kith 3:33 pm
  35.     and trailDot's not....I mean, she's stopped caring about much else besides her brothers. on the last one? she didn't WANT anyone to die. She really didn't. it's just that when it comes down to it, she only wants the three of them to be left alone.
  36.     and she'll get REALLY vicious about protecting them
  38.  nyctotheory 3:33 pm
  39.     But that's just it. She doesn't care. She doesn't care about anything else. She'll do anything it takes to win, and there are no rules, constraints, or anything that's too far.
  41.  Kith 3:34 pm
  42.     yuuuup
  44.  nyctotheory 3:34 pm
  45.     It only effects her in the sense that it effects her brothers. And that just means she'd be more likely to take care of a problem when they're not looking.
  47.  Kith 3:34 pm
  48.     (*affects)
  50.  nyctotheory 3:34 pm
  51.     (yes thank you)
  52.     It's the mindset of an assassin, not ... a Warner.
  53.     And it's very, very clear.
  55.  Kith 3:35 pm
  56.     yyyeah, so long as Yakko never LOOKS at her the way he did right after Trevor....
  57.     she doesn't care
  58.     and if Wakko never finds out? She'll be happy
  60.  nyctotheory 3:35 pm
  61.     Which means his job is no longer to watch over their wellbeing, it's to watch over their mental state. He has to be the one keeping them both sane, together, and he knows he can't do it.
  62.     But he really, really hates the IC him who seems to be able to do just that.
  63.     Despite everything.
  64.     Mostly because it's parading in his face what he could have, and lost..
  66.  Kith 3:36 pm
  67.     ......t'be fair, IC Dot is trying to help there....
  69.  nyctotheory 3:36 pm
  70.     Yeah, but Yakko's... internalized a bit too much to notice that.
  71.     Wakko's trying to help that too - and IC Yakko, unlike Labo, has admitted readily he can't do this alone.
  72.     Takes three to be a family. Told that to Wakko
  73.     And after that Wakko's been around more. Which is awesome.
  75.  Kith 3:37 pm
  76.     aha
  78.  nyctotheory 3:37 pm
  79.     IC Yakko matured. Labo just snapped.
  80.     That's the difference.
  82.  Kith 3:37 pm
  83.     and Wakko got REALLY angry at Blank when he couldn't be there...
  85.  nyctotheory 3:37 pm
  86.     Yes. Yes.
  88.  Kith 3:38 pm
  89.     now you've woken LaboDot up....
  91.  nyctotheory 3:38 pm
  92.     So too is I_C Yakko, but it's Labo who really decided to be acidic about it.
  94.  Kith 3:38 pm
  95.     since, well...
  96.     ....they don't really 'meet' those two Yakkos, do they
  98.  nyctotheory 3:39 pm
  99.     Labo knows both.
  101.  nyctotheory 3:39 pm
  102.     That's that darker voice mentioned? Yeah, he deals with Bizarro. They kinda just leave each other alone though. Labo's no fun.
  103.     No really, he's been labeled as boring and left alone.
  104.     That's the problem with getting used to dying. He just no longer cares.
  106.  Kith 3:40 pm
  107.     not to mention, though Bizarro would never 'realize'....Labo would probably be more dangerous
  108.     if pushed
  110.  nyctotheory 3:40 pm
  111.     Way way more.
  112.     He'd not give indication.
  114.  Kith 3:40 pm
  115.     no banter
  117.  nyctotheory 3:40 pm
  118.     There's way more that goes on in his head than he ever shows.
  119.     He just pushes through things, gamely goes along with it.
  120.     And he'd be the one to just calm as you please slip a knife to the kidney as he walks by if he had to.
  121.     There would be no warning whatsoever.
  123.  Kith 3:41 pm
  124.     no waiting for realization/fear
  125.     no enjoyment
  127.  nyctotheory 3:41 pm
  128.     He's got no fear, really, except watching his sibs suffer more.
  129.     For himself? Who cares.
  131.  Kith 3:42 pm
  132.     yyyyeah....Dot's kinda similiar. only she REALLY doesn't want her brothers to hate her
  133.     that much is....that's what drives her. keep them safe, keep them WITH HER
  135.  nyctotheory 3:45 pm
  136.     What drives him...
  137.     He has to set the role. He has to be the limiting bar.
  138.     He's got a role to fill. It's acting.
  139.     He can do that.
  141.  Kith 3:45 pm
  142.     and they both act for each other
  144.  nyctotheory 3:45 pm
  145.     He's got her to keep in line, he's got Wakko... innocent.
  146.     He'll not do a dang thing if they're there to be the role model for - if he does it's over. Endgame.
  147.     That's the path to something far worse than Bizarro is.
  148.     And personally if it means he doesn't die anymore he's oddly okay with that - just not dragging others down with him.
  150.  nyctotheory 3:47 pm
  151.     Bizarro can be stopped or flinches under pain.
  152.     Labo will keep going and use a dismembered limb against you.
  154.  Kith 3:47 pm
  155.     ....eesh, this was NOT intentional at the start. it's really fascinating in a very dark way
  157.  nyctotheory 3:47 pm
  158.     So yeah Labo's.. snapped.
  159.     Forcing him to kill Elmyra or leave her to die did much for that path.
  161.  Kith 3:48 pm
  162.     eeeugh, I wasn't there for that one....
  164.  nyctotheory 3:48 pm
  165.     You read it?
  167.  Kith 3:48 pm
  168.     yeah
  170.  nyctotheory 3:49 pm
  171.     Yeah that..
  172.     He'd rather Dot didn't know.
  174.  Kith 3:49 pm
  175.     there's those secrets again
  177.  nyctotheory 3:49 pm
  178.     Mmhm.
  179.     And again -- I_C Yakko's far better at balancing secrets vs spoken things with his sibs. He doesn't like keeping them. In the end he'll always tell all, just takes him a while.
  180.     Labo? Nope.
  182.  nyctotheory 3:51 pm
  183.     Bizarro on the other hand will tell you everything. Happily. In way way too much detail.
  185.  Kith 3:52 pm
  186.     which...I mean they're the same template ('cept Bizarro, he's just backwards) so it's odd....well. anyway
  188.  nyctotheory 3:52 pm
  189.     Different paths. Labo's got I_C Yakko's general past, at least up till sibs appearing.
  190.     He just... never got past being separate. He leaves them out of his mental equations, and only in the spoken ones.
  192.  nyctotheory 3:53 pm
  193.     So when Dot also broke in her own way/parallel to his own, he didn't notice it coming. I_C would have.
  195.  Kith 3:54 pm
  196.     since he was more used to paying attention to Rigby at that point
  198.  nyctotheory 3:54 pm
  199.     Rigby was a thing to protect. Not really a person, only half of one.
  200.     Kinda .. like a sort of security blanket/teddy bear, more a thing to anchor him than someone to depend on.
  202.  Kith 3:55 pm
  203.     I'm sure he would LOVE that description :-P
  205.  nyctotheory 3:55 pm
  206.     --and too stupid to notice.
  207.     Tack that on for bonus points.
  209.  Kith 3:55 pm
  210.     *snrk*
  212.  nyctotheory 3:56 pm
  213.     Honestly? Labo's on the road to something more along the lines of a competent Trevor. Or something.
  214.     Very much becoming the very thing he hates most.
  216.  Kith 3:56 pm
  217.     oy vey
  219.  nyctotheory 3:57 pm
  220.     So yeah he's kinda fascinating but it would help absolutely nothing for I_C cast to meet this one.
  221.     Because he's not an opposite, and so easily written off.
  223.  Kith 3:57 pm
  224.     mmhm
  226.  nyctotheory 3:57 pm
  227.     Not really the darker side and Thing To Project Bad Personality Traits onto.
  229.  Kith 3:57 pm
  230.     and no, I_C Dot did NOT need to hear Labo's thoughts on the matter
  231.     so very not
  233.  nyctotheory 3:58 pm
  234.     He doesn't give indication of those thoughts. He operates on a different set of thoughts than the ones he actually thinks.
  235.     --meaning he's gotten kinda difficult to write in interactions.
  236.     But nope. He does not trust Labo Dot. Nor does he like at all who she is now. He hates himself too though. Just projects that and blames it on the other two hims.
  237.     Nothin's his FAULT here, you see, of course not, noooo...
  239.  Kith 4:00 pm
  240.     oh boy.
  242.  nyctotheory 4:01 pm
  243.     --well, if it WAS his fault, that means he directly chose to doom Elmyra when it's proven that there's a way to save/stave off things.
  244.     Because Trevor's orders.
  245.     And a few other choices, like letting Ren die.
  246.     Etc.
  248.  Kith 4:01 pm
  249.     uh huh, yeah...
  250.     this is quite a world that happened, innit?
  252.  nyctotheory 4:02 pm
  253.     Broken, sad, dark and grim.
  255.  nyctotheory 4:03 pm
  256.     But yeah that's Labo in a coconutshell.
  257.     And what I am VERY adamant about not letting I_C become.
  258.     But know how he could.
  260.  Kith 4:04 pm
  261.     YES
  262.     EXACTLY
  263.     (also, HAH, fanfic writers, THIS is a proper grimdark world, nyeah)
  265.  nyctotheory 4:05 pm
  266.     (It's more anger and less angst)
  267.     (They don't angst well. This is bitter anger that keeps finding outlets.)
  268.     (Like Trevor!)
  270.  Kith 4:06 pm
  271.     (and eventually the writers if we aren't careful...)
  273.  nyctotheory 4:06 pm
  274.     (Yeah. Uh.)
  275.     (Labo, if he got out, would kill you, then me.)
  276.     (No hesitation)
  277.     (Think that much was clear from that D_M thing)
  279.  Kith 4:07 pm
  280.     (not much hesitation in the fact that his sister wouldn't exist anymore? ....point well made)
  282.  nyctotheory 4:08 pm
  283.     (... she's... not his sister. Not anymore. He'd be fine with taking her out, just so he doesn't have to see her break anymore. He'd just ensure that they all three go. Or, if Wakko's completely untouched... just... let him wonder, maybe. Better that than seeing what they two became.)
  284.     (That's what I mean about separating out)
  285.     (His SISTER stopped existing when she set her pet on someone)
  287.  Kith 4:09 pm
  288.     (and honestly Labo Wakko's not....at all different from IC Wakko.)
  290.  nyctotheory 4:09 pm
  291.     (No. And Yakko's got no inclination to see him, too, fall.)
  292.     (Yes, Wakko. Get angry. Get confused and upset. But never, EVER know what happened.)
  294. Transfer complete: Labo Dot wall tag.docx 4:15 pm
  295.  Kith 4:15 pm
  296.     not quite as talkative as Yakko
  298.  nyctotheory 4:16 pm
  299.     .. that's a given.
  300.     And ... gh.
  301.     I hate to say it, but these two are... beautifully broken.
  303.  Kith 4:17 pm
  304.     how so? (I kinda get it, but more detail....)
  306.  nyctotheory 4:18 pm
  307.     Not sure how to put it.
  308.     But it's fascinating, and almost like looking at a disturbing art piece.
  310.  Kith 4:19 pm
  311.     yes
  312.     me? I'm kinda staring at it wondering how I DID that
  314.  nyctotheory 4:19 pm
  315.     It's constructed, it's twisted, and it's.... beautiful in its horrific twists.
  316.     Subtle.
  318.  Kith 4:19 pm
  319.     because it sure as hell wasn't INTENTIONAL
  321.  nyctotheory 4:20 pm
  322.     Exactly.
  324.  Kith 4:20 pm
  325.     it's got these facets you didn't realize were there until you went looking
  327.  nyctotheory 4:20 pm
  328.     It happened. Organically.
  329.     It's ... more real, not manufactured. It feels like a progression.
  330.     Were you to sit there and piece it together you can watch it happen, but not knowing where it goes means it looks a lot more startling than if you see the end result first.
  332.  Kith 4:21 pm
  333.     yes
  335.  nyctotheory 4:21 pm
  336.     Knowing before you go back and read though...
  337.     It's like a greek tragedy - with this feeling of crushing inevitability. Kinda spooks me regarding the I_C Warners now.
  338.     Cause, well... I can see the start of it. Hovering around.
  339.     Just don't want it to go farther down that road, because somethin' tells me I_C Yakko'd be the most dangerous and devious of all three versions.
  340.     Dot, too.
  342.  Kith 4:22 pm
  343.     mmmmhmmmm....and well....these versions have BACKUP...and they'd learn to manipulate others REAL QUICK
  345.  nyctotheory 4:23 pm
  346.     Mordecai? Can be used. Rigby's a stooge. Ichigo can be.... misled.
  347.     Wakko and Dot are going to be in on this all the way. No secrets? Fine then. Come. Let's talk.
  349.  Kith 4:24 pm
  350.     this...must be prevented. I vote New Years prank day for one
  352.  nyctotheory 4:24 pm
  353.     Heck, he'll be talking to those two about Bizarro. Just... a few possible things. Not much, but ... enough warning for coordinated warfare and preplanned means to identify one from the other. More like a fighting formation than anything else.
  355.  nyctotheory 4:25 pm
  356.     That's what they could become the whole time. The start of a very very efficient militant force.
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