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CMC Poop Contest Day 3 (SCAT)(MINOR PISS)

ShitPissWritefag Sep 22nd, 2013 534 Never
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  1. >Applebloom groggily woke up. Her mind trying to sort itself.
  2. >A sharp pain inside reminds her, and she clutches her stomach until the pain dies down.
  3. >Her bladder protests as well, demanding for release.
  4. >Looking outside, she sees the sun has barely risen into the sky.
  5. >She would tell her bowels to just deal with it, and go back to sleep.
  6. >Her bladder would absolutely empty itself if she did listen to its calls.
  7. >Slowly and half asleep, she makes her way out of the bedroom, glancing at the sleeping pegasus inside.
  8. >Scootaloo had been passed out since 6:00 yesterday, a side effect of the food poisoning medicine twilight gave her.
  9. >Applebloom returns to her task of relieving her bladder, and finds her way to the bathroom, door slightly ajar.
  10. >Opening the door and walking in, she stops in her tracks.
  11. >Sweetie Belle had her butt facing one of Rarity’s tall mirrors, and... was she pooping?
  12. >Applebloom knew she should have knocked, and she should leave and find some other place to empty her bladder.
  13. >She knew she [i][b]should[/b][/i] have left, but for some reason, she wanted to stay.
  14. >The brown turd sticking out of sweetie grew, before let it back in again.
  15. >Sweetie was watching the show in the mirror, and it was only when Applebloom moved did she spot her.
  16. >Immediately, the turd shot back inside, and Sweetie turned to applebloom.
  17. >Even in the very dim light, Applebloom could see the blush on her face.
  18. “A-Appleb-bloom... I- I-...” Sweetie tried to say, her voice cracking.
  19. >Sweetie was having a breakdown, one of her best friends had just caught her doing something highly private, and what she considered personal.
  20. >She worried that Applebloom would think of her as a disgusting freak, one of her best friends, would hate her.
  21. >Applebloom, had mixed feelings.
  22. >What sweetie was doing was weird, and gross.
  23. >And yet for some reason, it didn’t bother her. In fact, she wanted to see more of the show.
  24. “You probably think I'm a disgusting weirdo, huh?...” Sweetie said dejectedly.
  25. >Right now sweetie was having a breakdown, and it was up to applebloom to comfort her.
  26. “Hey now, ah don’t think you're a weirdo. Ah mean, what you were doing was gross, but in a strangely satisfying way.
  27. Hey, if anything, ah enjoyed the show.”
  28. >Sweetie blushed further. Applebloom liked what she was doing. Maybe what what she was doing was natural?
  29. “Would you... Would you like to see more?”
  30. “Sure! But would ya mind explaining to me what exactly you were doin?”
  31. >Sweetie wasn’t quite sure where to start...
  32. “Well.. I need to poop pretty badly, as I’m sure you do. But I found that pushing put a little bit out, and then letting it come back in, felt really... Good? I’m not sure how to explain it.”
  33. “Would’ja mind if ah try then?” Applebloom offered.
  35. “Sure! Alright, just turn towards the mirror.” Sweetie instructed.
  36. “Okay. Now what?”
  37. “Just... Push. Wait, is this cheating?”
  38. “Ah don’t see how it would be, the poop goes back into our body.”
  39. “Oh, Okay. Just push, but not too much. After it sticks out a little, your body will want to take over. At that point, you want to bring it back in.” Sweetie advised.
  40. >Straining a bit, Applebloom raises her tail and pushes.
  41. >Her dam breaks, and she starts pissing on the floor.
  42. >Panicking, Applebloom jams her hoof into her crotch.
  43. >Instead of stopping the stream, though, she merely scatters it.
  44. >the stream splashes off of her hoof, and ends up everywhere in range.
  45. >The mirror, the towels, the floor.
  46. >Slowly, Applebloom is able to stop the flow.
  47. >She still really needs to go though.
  48. >Sweetie could only watch on in half horror, half arousal.
  49. >She never thought watching a mare pee could be so... exciting.
  50. >Then it dawned on her that her friend had just peed on the bathroom floor.
  51. >Rarity’s bathroom floor.
  52. >Jumping into action, she rushes to clean up the mess with the damp towels.
  53. >Once the urine is cleaned up, she throws them into the bathtub and turns on the water.
  54. >With the bathtub filling up, she turns to Applebloom.
  55. “Sorry Applebloom, but you know how Rarity is with cleanliness.”
  56. >Applebloom nodded, understanding.
  57. “Ah still need to go, would’ja mind...”
  58. “Sure.” Sweetie leaves the bathroom, waiting by the door.
  59. >Applebloom waddles over to the toilet, hovering over it.
  60. >She removes her hoof, and waits for relief.
  61. >Only, relief doesn’t come. And she finds herself with a full bladder hovering over a toilet.
  62. >Thinking about it, her full bowels must be to blame, putting pressure on her tubes.
  63. >She was only able to go before because she was pushing.
  64. >Pushing slightly, and her anus opens up.
  65. >The movement she has put off for a few days begins.
  66. >Noticing it’s now taking control, she clamps down.
  67. >Well this is quite a predicament.
  68. >Applebloom still really needs to pee, but she can’t do so without pooping in the process.
  69. >Her earlier method of concentrating on holding her bowels doesn’t seem to work.
  70. >Suddenly, she gets an idea. If she can’t stop her bowels from emptying internally, why not stop them externally?
  71. >Wrapping one of her forehooves in toilet paper, she reaches back to her anus.
  72. >Unfortunately, she can’t seem to reach it.
  73. >There’s only one pony who can.
  74. “Sweetie Belle, Ah need your help.”
  75. >Sweetie perks up, and heads inside.
  77. >She sees applebloom squatting over the toilet.
  78. “Uhh, what do you need help with?”
  79. “Ah can’t seem to pee without pushing. And if I push, I’ll poop. Ah need you to use yer hoof to cover up my butthole, while I push.
  80. “Won’t that get poo all over my hoof?”
  81. “Not if you cover it in toilet paper.”
  82. “Yeah, I guess. Besides, you really need to go, right?” Sweetie says as she wraps her hoof.
  83. >Once it’s wrapped, she puts her hoof against Applebloom’s exit.
  84. “Ready?” Applebloom asked, not sure if sweetie could hold what her body would push through.
  85. “Yep.”
  86. >Applebloom started pushing, and a stream started to form between her legs.
  87. >Sweetie wasn’t quite prepared for the force of what applebloom had to give, and she really had to fight to keep it contained.
  88. >As much as any other pony would absolutely hate this, sweetie loved it.
  89. >The tip of the mass has poking through, and she could feel it.
  90. >Applebloom was feeling much of the same. The feeling of her body trying to move the mass, and the being denied... It just felt incredible.
  91. >Pushing harder, the stream intensifies, and the pressure grows.
  92. >Sweetie, feeling the added weight, hatched an idea.
  93. >Slowly easing up pressure, Applebloom’s turd slowly made its way out.
  94. >The size was incredible. Just over 2.5 inches wide!
  95. >And that was just the tip of the iceberg. Sweetie Belle couldn’t wait to see what Applebloom could do.
  96. >Seeing the stream dwindle, Sweetie pushes the turd back into its home.
  97. >To Applebloom, the push was well received. A little cold from being slightly born, it had made its way back into her body.
  98. >When the stream ends, Sweetie removes her hoof from Applebloom’s hole, flushing the used toilet paper down the toilet along with Applebloom’s urine.
  99. “That was...” Sweetie starts, unable to find the words.
  100. “Incredible? Enjoyable? Amazing? All of those things?” Applebloom finishes.
  101. “Yeah.” Sweetie says, giggling.
  102. “Alright, you should get back to bed. I still need to clean these towels for rarity.” Sweetie says, pointing to the bathtub.
  103. >Applebloom nods, returning to her room.
  104. >After an hour, sweetie joins as well.
  105. ............
  106. >In a few hours, Scootaloo wakes. Applebloom and Sweetie Bell are waiting for their pegasus companion beside the bed.
  107. “Ugg... what happened?”
  108. “Twilight said you got food poisoning, we took ya to carousel boutique, and you’ve been sleeping ever since.” Applebloom says.
  109. “Can I have a drink of water? My mouth feels dry.”
  110. “Makes sense, considering you haven’t eaten or drank anything in the past 14 hours.” Sweeties says, bringing over a glass of water.
  112. “14 hours? What time is it?”
  113. “Two o’clock, Miss Cheerlie gave us the day off to take care of you.”
  114. “Wait, so I missed 3 meals!? You guys are way ahead of me now!” Scootaloo shouts.
  115. “Calm down, Rarity made a big breakfast. Plus, I wouldn’t think you would want to fill yourself up after what just happened.” Sweetie argues.
  116. >Drinking the water seems to calm scootaloo down.
  117. “Fine, I’m going to go to the bathroom. I’ll meet you two downstairs. Can you get the food ready?”
  118. “Sure, after we eat, we can go crusading.” Applebloom answers.
  119. >Scootaloo walks to the the bathroom, the rest of the CMC waiting outside the bathroom.
  120. >The sound of Scootaloo urinating is a bit discouraging that there was no need for them to help, but they figure they need to make sure Scootaloo eat enough for such a reaction to occur.
  121. >Just as they finish reheating the French toast, Scootaloo walks down the stairs.
  122. >Digging in, Scootaloo eats as much as they made.
  123. >It’s actually pretty surprising that such a small pony could eat that much, but they chalk that up to hunger.
  124. >Afterwards, they head to the CMC clubhouse at sweet apple acres to plan for crusading.
  125. “...And you’re sure you feel fine? When I found you it looked like you swallowed a rock.”
  126. “Yes sweetie, I’m sure I’m fine. Aside from the pressure in my bowels, everything else is just normal.” Scootaloo said.
  127. “Yeah, Alright. Hey, we were originally supposed to take you to your house, but we didn’t know where, so we took you to mine. Where is your house anyway?”
  128. >Scootaloo seemed to go quiet at this, before turning to her and saying:
  129. “Uhh, my parents are on vacation... and during which they rented out the house.
  130. I’ve been camping outside for a few days. So thats where I’ve been living.”
  131. >Sweetie could tell scootaloo wasn’t telling the whole truth, but it seemed she had asked a personal question, and scootaloo didn’t want to answer it.
  132. >It would need more investigating later, but for now it would suffice.
  133. “Do you think maybe we could sleep in your tent tonight? I mean, that seems like a fun thing to do.”
  134. >Scootaloo smiled weakly at the suggestion.
  135. “Sure, you’ll have to let me get it ready though, it’s really only set up for one pony right now. I’ll come get you guys at the clubhouse when it’s ready.”
  136. “Alright, we’ll start planning what to do in the meantime.” sweetie said.
  137. >Scootaloo darted back into town. She needed to be quick.
  138. >She found what she was looking for; a small two story home.
  139. >Unlocking the door with a key that she kept under a rock nearby, she quietly walked inside.
  140. >The house was silent. But she knew better than to run inside.
  141. >Walking into the living room, she saw her mother.
  142. >She was passed out on the couch again, and the scent of liquor in the was strong.
  143. >One would be wise to not wake the sleeping beast, and scootaloo quietly made her way towards her.
  144. >Her purse was next to the couch, and after a quick rifle through, she finds what she needs; Enough bits to buy a tent.
  146. >Sure it was technically stealing, one of the reasons for her stealth.
  147. >She would never invite her friends over to her house. That was her burden, and hers alone.
  148. >Although they provided a roof over her head, food, heat and water, she still never truly felt safe there.
  149. >Slowly making her way out, bits in hoof, she sets out to buy a tent and set up the camp.
  150. >About 3 hours later, she heads out to get her fellow crusaders.
  151. >They make their way back to the camp, which was located somewhat out in whitetail woods.
  152. >She had most everything set up, her small sleeping bag, a tent big enough for the three of them.
  153. >She even tried to make it seem like she had been there for a few days.
  154. >The other crusaders had brought the crucial things for the experience.
  155. >Sweetie belle had brought a pot for cooking things, and getting clean water.
  156. >Applebloom had provided the food; Broccoli and marshmallows.
  157. >It wasn’t a fancy meal, but broccoli could be boiled easily, and would be easy enough to eat without cutlery.
  158. >The marshmallows were for the campfire, who could have a campfire and not cook marshmallows?
  159. >By the time they had everything set up, it was already time for supper.
  160. >Sweetie was in charge of the food, Scootaloo the fire, and Applebloom was on guard duty, protecting them from the terrors of the woods.
  161. >Scootaloo had been trying to light her pile of sticks with some flint, when she felt a pressure increase on her insides.
  162. >Regrettably, she had not been able to drain her bladder fully when she woke up, as it seemed that she could only do so by pushing.
  163. >Pushing would lead to pooping, and so she avoided that.
  164. >She really had to pee now, and it was starting to affect the way she was doing things.
  165. >Her hind legs were pressed together constantly, despite the fact that she couldn’t go.
  166. >That and it was really starting to hurt her.
  167. >It was hard sitting down on the log, and the way she had positioned her body didn’t help.
  168. >She could do nothing about it, she figured the dam would break eventually.
  169. >She got back to her firemaking, irritated at the fact that it was taking so long.
  170. >Applebloom, standing guard, had began to take note of the rising pressure inside her.
  171. >It was no longer a pain, but instead an enjoyment.
  172. >The pressure inside her bowels where a force to be reckoned with, and she wanted to play with them.
  173. >After making sure that the other crusaders weren't looking, she began to withdraw the hold on her sphincter.
  174. >Her bowels slowly release the creature they had been holding.
  175. >Remembering Sweetie’s advice from earlier today, as soon as she felt her body take over, she withdrew the turd.
  176. >It was a let down.
  177. >Sure it felt good, but the feeling of another mare push it back inside while your body desperately works against the motion was just simply too good a feeling.
  179. >She would have to ask Sweetie Belle if she could do it again later.
  180. >Sweetie Belle, had began to notice scootaloo’s actions. Her odd stance, and the fact that her legs were nearly always crossed.
  181. >She need to have a tinkle. And when she did, Sweetie Belle planned on front row seats.
  182. >She watched scootaloo get the fire started, and literally jump for joy.
  183. >Or she at least tried to. After she jumped, she put her hooves on her belly, slowly massaging the organs within.
  184. >Scootaloo seemed weird.
  185. >Despite having eaten less than the rest of them, she showed bigger signs of having to go.
  186. >Maybe scootaloo had a fast metabolism?
  187. >It would make sense, pegasi needed to stay light and fast.
  188. >Sweetie would think about this later, right now she needed to make dinner.
  189. .....................
  190. >Scootaloo crunched on her broccoli.
  191. >Despite having been entirely submerged in water, Sweetie had managed to burn their dinner.
  192. >It still tasted moderately okay, but the texture had been completely ruined.
  193. >The sun was setting in the distance, and the pressure inside her had only grown with time.
  194. >Her entire bladder now was screaming for release. But she promised herself to finish her food before she left to attend its needs.
  195. >Her bowl was half full. Or half empty, depending on how you looked at things.
  196. >By the time she had finished, Celestia had dipped the sun below the horizon, and Luna had begun to cast her night sky.
  197. >The only light source was the fire, and she would have to be within eyesight of it for her to see anything.
  198. >Putting down the bowl, she waddled over to a bunch of trees, squatting.
  199. >Another lack of relief, and she started to get worried.
  200. >She [i]really[/i] wanted to win this contest, but also [i][b]really[/b][/i] had to go.
  201. “Need some help there?”
  202. >Scootaloo froze, her friends were looking at her attempting to go to the bathroom.
  203. “...”
  204. “We uh... We had the same problem. By working together, we were able to fix it.” Applebloom said.”
  205. “...How?” Was scootaloo’s only response.
  206. >Privacy be damned, she really need to go.
  207. “Well, if one of us puts their hoof on yer butt hole, you can push the pee out, but the other pony will keep yer poo in.”
  208. “Won’t you get poop on your hooves then?”
  209. “Naht unless we cover them, such as with toilet paper.” Applebloom said, reaching into her bag and retrieving the white roll.
  210. >Scootaloo didn’t have much choice.
  211. “A-alright, one of you get over here.”
  212. “You can go Applebloom, I already did you.” Sweetie belle says.
  214. “Ah’ll right then, Scootaloo come closer to the light.”
  215. >Scootaloo does as she asks, and turns her butt towards the fire for easy viewing.
  216. >Applebloom wraps her hoof in the toilet paper, before covering scootaloo’s plot hole.
  217. “Alright, you can go now.”
  218. >As soon as Scootaloo hears that, she starts pushing.
  219. >Applebloom was not expecting as much force from scootaloo, and she had to work to make sure she stayed secure.
  220. >Slowly a stream started to from under her, tension giving away to relief.
  221. >Sweetie bell inches closer to the action, eyes darting between Scootaloo’s plot, and her spewing marehood.
  222. >She makes her choice, and slowly brings her hoof into Scootaloo’s stream.
  223. >Bringing her hoof up the stream, she begins to feel Scootaloo’s pussy, still unleashing a torrent of piss.
  224. >Scootaloo doesn’t know what to think or say.
  225. >This is the single weirdest thing to ever happen to her.
  226. >And why does she enjoy it so much?
  227. >Her turd against Applebloom’s hoof, sweeties hoof against her marehood.
  228. >Both were very very private exits. Yet why did she enjoy it so much?
  229. >Sweetie starts making a circular motion against Scootaloo’s crotch, eliciting waves of pleasure for both parties.
  230. >Applebloom just watches, aroused at the scene unfolding.
  231. >she loses focus, and soon Scootaloo overpowers her.
  232. >The turd exits a good 3 inches out of scootaloo's body before she realises what's happening and stops pushing.
  233. >Her stream has stopped, and although her bladder is again not quite empty, it is empty enough to last the night.
  234. >Both sweetie and applebloom look at the turd in scootaloo’s hole.
  235. >It’s the size of her hoof, and the fire makes pretty shapes appear on it.
  236. “Girls? what's happening? I can’t see!” Scootaloo says, alarmed by her stretched asshole.
  237. >Applebloom puts her hoof back on the turd, and in a quick motion, jams it back inside.
  238. “OHHHHH.... YES!” Scootaloo shouts, the waves of pleasure rocketing through her body.
  239. >She squirts some liquid out of her vagoo, some of it urine, some of it not.
  240. >Applebloom tosses the toilet paper into the fire, and looks Scootaloo dead in the eyes.
  241. “How the hell did you take that last shit?”
  242. >Both sweetie belle and scootaloo recoiled.
  243. >Never had they actually heard a swear be used by somebody other than the older kids at school, and never would they had thought applebloom would be the first one to do so.
  244. “I- I um...” Scootaloo starts, unable to finish her sentence.
  245. >Applebloom's stare is paralyzing, and scootaloo starts to cower under her gaze.
  246. >Her stern gaze starts to turn into a warm smile, and she chuckles.
  247. “You have a real gift, you know that, right?”
  248. >The three cutie mark crusaders start laughing together, forgetting about their worries.
  249. >They decide to stay up late and tell scary stories.
  251. >They had no worries about waking up, as tomorrow was saturday.
  252. “Alright, the next story is an actual true story that that happened in these woods a few nights ago.” Scootaloo starts.
  253. “Alright, so this pony was walking down a road because his carriage broke down, right?
  254. Well, he came across another carriage. This one was stopped, it looked like it had been here for a long time. But the pony used to travel this road all the time, and there was never any other carriage before. So, he goes up to it and begins to open the door. All he can see ahead of him is an inky blackness when suddenly....”
  255. “S-Suddenly what?” Applebloom and sweetie belle say in unison.
  256. “WHEN SUDDENLY A SKELETON POPPED OUT!” Scootaloo's yells, jumping up on her hind legs to make herself taller.
  257. >Both Sweetie Belle and Applebloom grab each other. Scootaloo can barely keep a straight face.
  258. “T-there aren't really s-skeletons in these woods. R-right?” Sweetie asks shakily.
  259. “Alright, ah can’t take it. This is just too spooky for me. ah’m out.” Applebloom says, entering the tent.
  260. >Scootaloo yawns, and starts to head towards the tent as well.
  261. “I think I’ll be joining her. Night Sweetie Belle.”
  262. >Sweetie is left alone outside.
  263. >Quickly she dumps the remainder of the water from supper onto the fire, and heads into the tent.
  266. Day 4: http://pastebin.com/eYAjwMvi
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