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  1. A wise man once said "You smart, you loyal, you grateful... I appreciate that" and then proceeded to drop stacks of Benjamins in front of his boo so she could spend it on useless garbage like real estate.  My boy Sungjae "Andrew" Lee wants to be that man for you.  He wants to find someone wholesome (so no ABGs cmon we know what you're like) and shower her in phat stacks.  He even goes to DJ Khaled "concerts" so you know he's dedicated to this extremely specific schtick.  But unlike DJ Khaled, he can sing, he can dance, and he knows what Overwatch is.
  3. Here's a guy who will drive an hour out to hang with friends any day of the week so you know he's devoted as fuck, and can therefore most assuredly make long distance work.  He just flew from Jersey to Arizona twice in the last month for no reason ffs what are you doing man
  5. Specs:
  6. 5'8" I'm pretty sure these 6ft asians are a myth so at least you'd be dating a real person and not a catfish
  7. Pharm degree and working in pharm consulting.  None of that bitchass industry research bullshit where they analyze what diseases are profitable, he's helpin REAL people get the medicine and care they need (albeit indirectly).
  8. Looking for: Anyone not Korean, see details below.  Sorry to all the wholesome yeojas out there, it's not you, it's him.  Also you need to be shorter than him.  
  10. Pros:
  11. -Fly as fuck, all his black coworkers compliment him on his shoes so you know this man's afflicted with the disease that is STYLE
  12. -Extremely easy to please in the moment. He will literally grovel at your feet as long as you call him "Doctor Lee"
  13. -Positive outlook.  Understands life isn't fair, only complained for 2 (read: not even 3) weeks when he didn't win the 600m mega millions jackpot.
  14. -Sub. Well, nobody's confirmed this one but it's pretty obvious.  Do what you want to him he'll like it uwu~
  15. -Will build you an overpriced PC, for free.  Finally, somebody who understands the $$ VALUE $$ of a 1080 Ti and delidded CPU, so console peasants GTFO and master race fam hit him up for that *expert advice*
  16. -Smart, I guess.  Idk, his SAT score was probably pretty high and he made some bitcoin money so he must understand crypto and shit
  17. -Too much of a bitch to cheat on you
  18. -Has CRAZY PHARM MONEY because he lives with his parents and doesn't pay rent.
  20. Cons:
  21. -Terrible Asian, lives with his parents but doesn't even pay rent SMH how could you do your own parents like this
  22. -Culturally self-loathing.  Beware of complimenting Korea or Korean culture or Korean people, he might start freaking out like someone who just became an uncle and is having a quarter-life crisis.
  23. -Is currently having a quarter-life crisis because he just became an uncle jesus fuck sungjae stop being so ridiculous
  24. -Insecure about his height, but actually this just means if you're having sex but got other shit to do, you've got a way to make him cum immediately "ohhhh baby you're so tall" ez
  27. Fast internet
  28. Corsair branded peripherals and parts
  29. Padak
  31. Dislikes:
  32. His top laner
  33. Anything that isn't the most powerful GPU on the market
  34. The sun
  36. But for real, my boy here is just a cool fella lookin' for love.  You know those people who can dish it but can't take it?  Sungjae is the exact opposite of that: he can take anything but also can't insult people for shit (it's a little embarrassing but that's part of his charm).  Unlike most Asian dudes he's actually got a fucking personality, I swear to god you guys are all just gym junkie fuccbois with traits no deeper than "damn I'm so high/wasted".  
  38. Anyway, Sungjae is a stand up guy and y'all are missin out.  Hit him up.  Especially if you're in North Jersey / NYC area!
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