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  1. To Whom It May Concern,
  3. I am writing this letter in response to the Notice To Explain that I received last Friday, Aug 16. Below is my humble explanation:
  5. During the first week of PST, we received an email reminding us not to bring our mobile phones inside the training room. Since then, I followed the rules and have always left my phone in the locker. But over the next couple of days, that rule has been lax, and were not implemented strictly that some still brought their phones inside.
  7. Almost every day after lunch, we were given extra time at our own leisure. Since then, we either play games, take a nap, or chat amongst ourselves. It also became a habit to play Mobile Legends. We were given verbal authorization to continue playing on the condition that we just have to keep our voices down. I say this because I recall them saying, "ML boys dyan, hinaan nyo lang boses nyo", and sometimes we were asked, "Ilang minutes pa yan?". With this, I thought it was already okay to bring our phones since I'm certain that our trainers know we bring our phones inside. When they pass by and see some of us on their phones, they either curtly smile at us or simply ignore us without giving any kind of reproach – which to my understanding, is a kind of tacit approval.
  9. It went on during the three weeks of our PST. But we never use our phones when we were given lessons or activities. Although we were reminded to not use our phones whenever training is in session, we get a free pass during down times or during after lunch. We only use our phones during those times when we have nothing else to do.
  11. Last friday, Aug 16, we were on our final assessment day. I finished early on the computerized assessment. Since the training environment was on maintenance for two hours, we had nothing else to do. Knowing it's okay to use our phones during down times (or at least I thought it was okay), I used mine to browse instagram quietly. Then to my confusion, I was called out, along with two of my co-trainees, for using our phones. It was mentioned that they sent an email and at first I thought I was guilty of being on the phone when they sent something for us to do; that it was my neglect that warranted that reprimand. But to my astonishment, I learned that the said email was just sent within that very same moment when we were called out and scolded. With this, I am thoroughly confused as to what have led to this incident, since we were tolerated in the past couple of weeks, and I sticked strictly to the implied rules that: (1) we cannot use phones during lessons or activities, and (2) we are only allowed to use it during down times or times that we had nothing else to do, on the condition that we stay quiet. If ever I have gravely misunderstood that tolerance for the past couple of weeks, I am deeply sorry. It was never my intention to exploit the kindness that our trainers have shown us.
  13. With all honesty, I confess to bringing and using my phone inside the training room, however, the ambiguous enforcement, or lack thereof, of that rule and the tacit and verbal approval that was given to us boosted my courage to bring my phone inside.
  15. I humbly submit this explanation as truthfully as I recall and to the best of my abilities. Again, I apologize for the transgression that I have made against the company's policy/ies and sincerely swear to never violate any policy in the future.
  17. I am hoping for your utmost consideration.
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