Desert's Fury Logs 4

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  1. She doesn't have an answer. The longer she stares, the more she's listening inwards. "I think you're overlooking all the good we've done with magic, too. A lot of it is bad, but a lot of it is also great. People living and thriving on Agartha, and the other continents. Universal suffering? I think you're paying too much attention to the loud minority."
  3. She'd take in a deep breath and tilt her head to the side. "I think magic unlocks what was inside of us, and turns that up to the maximum. Fire magi are always passionate, and wind magi are free spirits - Always moving. These aren't bad things.. They help us become better people."
  5. She'd conclude her thoughts here, likely cutting it short to let Ark leave and rest somewhere else. For now, her attention turns to the north to stare at Nemaniti and the Chieftain. Now that she thought about it, Caira had lived here a year.
  7. She never once met them. She looks like she's debating walking up to talk to Saba.
  8. (Caira)
  9. ------------------------------------------------
  10. Nephthys leaned on the fence behind himself, a sigh escaping his lips. So far all he'd managed to do with the elements is use them in a child-like form or explode, what was going wrong? What exactly was the Sarradian missing? Was it mana? He basically had an infinite supply! It was clearly agitating him, so much that he'd phased out of the conversations at hand. The fact it was still on his mind even after everything he and Zith managed to do today showed a lot.
  12. He'd been training for months now on the beach near by, most people in town knew because of his explosions first thing in the morning when he managed to screw up. It was so far a fifty-fifty shot, the longer it had persisted the more holes in the rock or sand flying through the air seemed to be seen more and more often.
  14. What exactly was the key to this ability?
  16. He snapped back into reality after a few minutes of complete silence,  "...I phased out... eh... What happened?"  He almost wondered if anyone knew why, since the Sarradian had no idea how far the town's gossip had traveled or if people were generally spying on his beach side practices every morning.
  18. Thankfully Caira spoke up and he could get back into the conversation,  "As... an Elementalist training... a spell that I swear is trying to kill me every other morning... Using only the four basic elements. I can conclude, that interpretation is not entirely truth..."
  19. (Nephthys Masry)
  20. ---------------------------------------------
  21. With the silence beginning Nephthys leaves to think, the key to Desert's Fury... What could it possibly be? He knew the elements, even intertwining himself with each of the four... Why did each one fight with him half of the time. This was something he needed to figure out on his own... He began thinking to himself, talking to himself in his own head.
  23. -I have every component don't I? The heat of the sun would be fire... Howling winds for wind, the raging sands being earth, the mercy of the oasis is water.... I have even practiced on the beach which is the closest thing to a desert around... I haven't seen a desert ON Agartha yet it's still known... Then again...
  25. Maybe...
  27. It's not just tied to the elements? If that's the case... I'd have to find a desert...? Specifically an Oasis, if they refuse to be commanded by my mana circuits then perhaps I need more then just training the elements and a place similar to a desert. Of course if that IS the case...
  29. No, I can't say if. I'll never become a true magi if I don't just do this! I'll plan a trip in a month or two, if nothing else I can teach some people how to live in a desert. This is the last thing I can think of, so if this doesn't work my magic will most likely be unstable forever. Being a Magi would basically be impossible, these circuits are becoming more unstable by the day.
  31. It's do or die now, I'll learn to control it or possibly die trying.-
  33. The final decision was made, there would be no turning back now.
  34. (Nephthys Masry)
  35. -------------------------------------------------
  36. With the thoughts of travelling to the desert in mind this morning, which marked Nephthys' second year on Agartha, he decided to travel to the markets. Even though the rabbit jerky from the trip with Eshmon earlier in the month being the first to be packed. The food plentiful, and didn't spoil quickly due to the salt cured meat lasting longer. The trick he learned from Deseti wouldn't help in the case of weather, water, or vegetables in any way shape or form.
  38. First thing that would be bought is fruit juice, it took longer for that to go bad than actual fruit and didn't need a cooler if unopened. Then came canteens, he would fill them with fresh river water before the trip. Even if he'd told no one that he was planning this, he figured he'd pack for multiple people. It was the least he could do for the friends that had helped him thus far.
  40. Everyone would need a silk wrap for their heads and faces to protect against sun and sandstorms, it would be a safe bet to grab tents, too. They would need protection, on top of that they would have to sleep in the day and move when it started to cool off. it'd be best to get tents that could be cooled off easily by magic. Hopefully people didn't mind clothes for desert travel! Lastly on the list was medical supplies, anti-venom, and even aloe for burns, common ailments in the desert needed to be in the first aide kit after all.
  42. Wood would also be appropriate for the trip... After buying all these supplies he'd head up into the Jungle to go and harvest a modest amount of wood... good for a few days of travel just like everything else. Everything being packed for a full week of desert travels. Then was time to fill every last canteen to the brim with pure clean water, though most of this preparation was unneeded it was something he could do to lower the groups use of magic in the desert for survival.
  44. A precaution that in the Sarradian's eyes being just as necessary as both food, shelter, and medical. He hoped he hadn't forgot anything, but if he did... the tanned magi was certain one of his friends would bring it up before the trip!
  45. (Nephthys Masry)
  46. ---------------------------------
  47. ----Note: First roll is aura, second roll is an accuracy check.
  48. Nephthys would walk to the beach flying over to a near by sandbar, fish in the waters seemed aggressive... Falling in the water would be a dangerous mistake, sand slowed down movements but could also be used in various ways which was a plus.
  50. The Sarradian was at a big advantage here, having been used to both sand and a mastery level in hydromancy. The first thing he would do? Pull out a hood-like piece of steel fabric over his face. Neph's face could be seen fully, and it seemed to be a hood to his armor. It was a simple addition to keep sand out of one's face and hair... This being hidden under his cloak was quite the surprise.
  51. (Nephthys Masry)
  52. ----------------------------------------
  53. Zithembe follows Neph, making their way to a small island nearby the coast, away from the creatures who are most likely to get in the way of their training. He'd be eager to spar with Nephthys once again, though hoping for more of a tactical, chess-like spar that will test their mental strength just as much as their physical strength.
  55. Folding his arms, he sprouts out his Drakanite wings and begins flying in the air, wondering if the chances of her hitting him will be sliced in half due to his flying ability, assuming that's something she's not able to do.
  57. "I'm ready when you are, Neph." he says, folding his arms as he waits for him to make the first move.
  58. (Zithembe Andile)
  59. -----------------------------------------
  60. Nephthys Masry rolled a dice and it landed on: 1
  61. Nephthys Masry rolled a dice and it landed on: 6
  63. The Sarradian's training of course had progressed exponentially, Ziththembe probably hadn't realized how much however. He probably would when the winds started which lifted Nephthys off the ground, he'd learned to fly quite a while ago in his own special way.
  65. Upon attempting to activate his aura... all four elements mixed and mingled in an unstable combination. He attempted to separate the elements but like an alchemy experiment gone bad it was too late... The concoction had already combined with an explosive force. The blast sending Nephthys and Zithembe backwards. Thankfully the tanned magi's endurance training helped great for this type of magical failure.
  67. His sea green eyes began to glow as the chanting began... Starting out with his typhoons which would blast around his sparring partner rather easily in such a watery environment... Thankfully being a spell he didn't have to aim and allow him to catch his balance in the air before Zith could realize what happened.
  69.  "This aura... is going to drive me... insane...!"
  70. (Nephthys Masry)
  71. --------------------------------------------
  72. Zithembe was all smug and stuff until he decided to fly himself. Without wings?! He's so pissed! "But you don't have...wings! That was supposed to be my thing! he'd say in a kind of funny way. He wasn't REALLY pissed! Just...a little bit!
  74. He decides he has to fight anyway, seeing what Nephthys is capable of. He blinks as he sees something that Neph probably didn't intend, as he had witnessed before.
  76. All of a sudden, he'd be forced back into the sand, letting a big thump despite the sand comforting the fall, but it still pretty hurt badly.
  78. "Ow! Wait...did you mean to do that? I guess that'd be clever, if so...but geez, be careful." the teenager speaks once more, concerned for his friend who's putting himself under such intense training that could be a definite danger to himself.
  80. In response, he decides to get back up in the air once more, flying towards Nephthys at a high speed as he then conjures a tornado, hoping to go for the unexpected as he begins riding it, intending to follow Nephthys wherever he goes if they DO intend to try and flee it.
  81. (Zithembe Andile)
  82. -----------------------------------------
  83. Nephthys Masry rolled a dice and it landed on: 1
  84. Nephthys Masry rolled a dice and it landed on: 6
  86. "Sadly no... it wasn't...! it's painful but I took advantage and made it into an opening!"  He stated with a pain filled grin, watching as Zith charged forwards at a high speed. Truthfully the Sarradian was equally as concerned for himself as this magical instability in his magic circuits had been leaving Nephthys unable to conjure an aura with out exploding more and more as of late!
  88. So he tried a second time to put up his protective aura! The four elements appeared again, a sigh escaped the tanned magi before he yelled out,  "YOU HAVE GOT-"  Realizing what had happened before they bubbled shifted and exploded YET AGAIN! It sent him reeling into the water as well as Zithembe back into the sands...
  90. His emotions rose to become ticked off more at himself before throwing a flood of water out, both so he could fly back into the air quicker though drenched, but get his opponent's wings wet hoping that'd hider his friend's flight.
  92.  "Starting... to really hate my magical circuits... But now you know why I really want... to head to the desert and see if I can fix that..."
  93. (Nephthys Masry)
  94. ---------------------------------------------
  95. Zithembe lets out an "Ugh!" as he crashes back into the sand, realizing that the spell she just tried to perform basically failed again, jumping onto his feet to see if Neph was alright. Luckily though, she seemed pretty fine.
  97. However, he decided to use a unique method of getting out of the water, using the water itself which Zith felt like it played to his advantage. He grins, pushing his arms out in the air as once he's close enough, would zap using his lightning spell on the water he used to fly out, hoping it'd be enough to zap his entire body and gain an advantage in a fight. He thought that, perhaps he was being too harsh, but this is mimicking a real fight after all! Have to expect the unexpected, right? Besides, they're not using their full on deadly powers.
  98. (Zithembe Andile)
  99. --------------------------------------------
  100. Nephthys Masry rolled a dice and it landed on: 2
  101. Nephthys Masry rolled a dice and it landed on: 3
  103. Thankfully having avoided the whole flood electrocution by sending out water around himself to fly back into the air quickly. He attempted activating his aura... expecting to explode again. Nothing happened however, he sighed thankful to avoid more pain after exploding twice...
  105. His next attack would be a spell the shot out a mass of muddy sand at his opponent, it seemed to be a near miss. Without the explosion he didn't seem to gain an opening so he was making one... A near miss was all he had needed! The Sarradian was just getting started, besides he was having aura troubles... As soon as he started his aura this would be an entirely new match!
  107. Unfortunately... It depended on the fact of his mana circuits actually working with him instead of trying to activate the still unstable Desert's Fury!
  108. (Nephthys Masry)
  109. -----------------------------------------------
  110. Zithembe sees the muddy sand go towards him but only near him, blinking. "Was that supposed to hit me~?" he'd say, growing a cocky smirk across his face in order to tease his friend.
  112. He then decides to use his three tornadoes that would then rush towards Nephthys, but had a trick in mind. As the tornadoes would go in front of the Drakanite male, he'd then use this as an advantage to stay close behind them and then push his arms forward to send a zap heading towards Nephthys' way, allowing the lightning strike to enter through the tornadoes as a surprise attack that Nephthys potentially wouldn't see coming, hopefully using surprise to get the upper hand in this spar.
  113. (Zithembe Andile)
  114. -----------------------------------------------
  115. Nephthys Masry rolled a dice and it landed on: 4
  116. Nephthys Masry rolled a dice and it landed on: 1
  118. It was about time! Nephthys' aura finally activated surrounding his body in a rock hard shell, he tossed off his homing water bubble as it'd activated however the tornadoes sent him flying. Thankfully his rocky coating prevented any major damage.
  120. As the tornado spat his body out he found himself skipping across the water repetitively before getting dragged into another sand bar.
  122. After a minute passed you'd think the Sarradian got downed already but a tree exploded from the sand as it healed the minor injuries from the impact of the combination attack. He saw that his homing water ball missed Zithembe completely due to him being dragged along with the tornadoes of electricity. His aura of rock was noticeably cracked at this rate he'd have to activate a new aura to compete but that was a risk within itself.
  124.  "Not bad, though it'll take more than one good hit to keep me down you know! If you keepmissing I'll just recover all the damage you cause! Thankfully my aura decided to activate just in time to take that attack's full force!
  126. However... if this battle continues... I fear something dangerous my happen with my circuits having unstable aura. It's forcing me to activate that unstable Desert's Fury against my will..."
  127. (Nephthys Masry)
  128. ------------------------------------------------
  129. Zithembe would then nod, deciding to stop. "We won't risk it, then." he says simply, not wanting to harm Nephthys whether directly or indirectly.
  131. "That was...quite the fight...I'm sure you'll manage it soon enough, just...try not to explode anymore, okay?" he says and laughs nervously.
  132. (Zithembe Andile)
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