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  1. you know how normally christianity is like "atheists are like actually literally satan"
  2. well, there was once this little kid who had like, an atheist dad, but mum was very christian
  3. and he heard about how atheists are "evil" and "immoral" and shit from some assholes
  4. so, he asked his priest why it is that atheists both:
  5. a) existed
  6. and b) were apparently "evil"
  7. the priest was like
  8. "haha, no, atheists aren't evil. some people believe that, but just as God said--or some fucking shit maybe it was Jesus or his brother Jesus 2--you must love all fellow men, atheists are included in that."
  9. then the kid was like "ok but then why did god make them"
  10. and then the priest said the actual thing that i really like;
  11. "God created atheists not out of hatred for Christians, as many seem to believe, nor to make an evil being. An atheist is not immoral; in fact, atheists are more moral than many Christians, because while some of us only do good out of fear of going to Hell, an atheist does good things for the sake of good. The reason God created atheists is simply to show the testament of the good heart of mankind."
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