Tire of Strong Badia

Dec 14th, 2019
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  1. You are the only citizen of the great nation of Strong Badia. To the north is
  2. the King of Town's Castle. You smell something terrible coming from there. You
  3. cross the river and over the rise you see a massive castle, with an enormous
  4. moat surrounding it
  5. > follow the smell
  7. The smell is very strong in this direction. You follow it until you find yourself
  8. at the edge of a huge forest. The trees here are much taller than those in the
  9. rest of town, and they seem to be made entirely of leaves. They look like they
  10. might even be alive too
  11. > remember that most trees are alive
  13. You realize that most trees are alive, and that they all have minds of their
  14. own. Trees can think for themselves, but they don't really know how to do so
  15. yet. This means that the forest is probably full of dangerous creatures
  16. > roll towards the smell
  18. You roll towards the smell as fast as you can, hoping that you'll get there before
  19. something does. You manage to get close enough to sniff it, but then you feel
  20. a sharp pain in your side. You turn around and see a creature standing over
  21. you with a knife
  22. > stomp on the creature's head
  24. You jump up and kick the creature's head into its chest. It falls backwards onto
  25. its back, but doesn't die immediately. Instead, it starts to struggle, trying
  26. to stand up. You run forward and stab it several times in the face and stomach
  27. > check the surroundings
  29. You check the surroundings, which are now looking more like a forest rather than
  30. a city. There are no signs of any other living beings in the area. You notice
  31. some footprints leading away from where you were standing, but nothing else.
  32. You're not sure if you just saw a ghost or something
  33. > check the body
  35. You pick up the body and examine it closely. It seems to be intact, though you
  36. can tell that someone has been dead inside it for quite awhile. You also notice
  37. a few small cuts on his face, indicating that he was attacked while still alive
  38. > follow the footprints
  40. You walk along the tracks, following them as best you can. Eventually, you come
  41. across another set of tracks. These seem to lead away from the original ones,
  42. but you can't tell what kind of animal might be following them
  43. > listen carefully
  45. You listen carefully, and hear the sounds of a large number of animals. Sounds
  46. like they're coming from behind the woods. You decide to keep going after hearing
  47. these noises. You soon reach an old abandoned house
  48. > look for a poop pile
  50. You quickly open the door and peek out, only to find that the place looks completely
  51. empty. You continue searching the house, finding nothing of interest. You eventually
  52. go upstairs and find a big pile of ****, which you take and throw outside
  53. > "This isn't the Poopsmith's work..."
  55. You look around and find a bunch of broken furniture and a broken TV, but nothing
  56. of value. You leave the house feeling very depressed
  57. > go back to Strong Badia
  59. You return home feeling very down. You spend the next couple days doing nothing
  60. but sitting in front of the computer, watching videos of people being sad. You
  61. start crying a lot and cry for hours every day
  62. > remember that you're a tire
  64. You suddenly remember that you're a tire. You try to stop crying, but you just
  65. end up breaking down again. You've lost all hope. You're about to give up when
  66. you remember that you're a tire. You need to make Strong Badia happy. You must
  67. try harder
  68. > smell the air
  70. You smell the air, and see that Strong Badia is indeed happy. You smile and laugh,
  71. and your tears subside. You decide to play a song on your guitar and sing a
  72. little bit. You play a song called "Strong Sad" and you sing it loudly and well
  73. > go to Coach Z
  75. You enter Coach Z's office, and find him playing video games. He smiles at you
  76. and says "Hey! What's new?" You reply "Nothing! I'm just playing my guitar!"
  77. He laughs and says "Yeah, I can totally see why". You smile and say
  78. > "Listening to your speech impediment always makes me feel better."
  80. He asks "What did you want to talk about?" You reply "I wanted to talk about
  81. Strong Badia". He replies "Oh? Well let me want to become Strong
  82. Badia?" You reply
  83. > "I am Strong Badia"
  85. He chuckles and says "Well, I'm not sure what I could do to help you, but I'd
  86. love to meet you one day. Come on, let's go!" You nod and follow him outside.
  87. > play sportsball
  89. You play sportsball against Coach Z. He wins easily, but you win anyway. You
  90. both shake hands and hug. He tells you to come back later and play with him.
  91. You agree and go back to your room.
  92. > feel good about myself
  94. You feel good about yourself. You play sportsball again and beat Coach Z again.
  95. You feel great
  96. > win the game because I'm awesome
  98. You win the game because you're awesome. You go back to your room and sleep for
  99. a long time.
  100. > find the monster that attacked me
  102. You wake up and realize that you're back in Strong Badia. You wonder who would
  103. attack you, and you find the monster that attacked you. It's a giant green monster
  104. with a human face. It yells at you and runs off
  105. > follow it
  107. You follow the monster and find it running through the woods. It turns into a
  108. tree and begins chasing you. You run away from it and hide in a bush. A bird
  109. lands on...and:A man appears. He sees you and you run:From:It flies toward
  110. > kill the monster
  112. You kill the monster. The monster screams and a huge explosion occurs. You fall
  113. unconscious and fall into a deep hole. You awaken in a dark cave. You awake
  114. in a dark room. You see a woman with a gun:The woman holding a gun:We're back
  115. to
  116. > ask her to repeat herself
  118. > She repeats herself.
  119. >
  120. > You ask her to repeat herself.
  121. >
  122. > get bored and leave
  124. > You ask her to repeat herself.
  125. > She repeats herself.
  126. > You ask her to repeat herself.
  127. > She repeats herself.
  128. > You ask her to repeat herself.
  129. > She repeats herself.
  130. > go home
  132. > You ask her to repeat herself.
  133. > She repeats herself.
  134. > You ask her to repeat herself.
  135. > She herself.
  136. > You ask her to repeat yourself.
  137. > She herself.
  138. > You ask her to herself.
  139. > stop asking her to repeat herself
  141. > You ask her to repeat herself.
  142. > You ask her to repeat herself.
  143. > OH NO
  145. > You don't know how to pronounce the word.
  146. > You ask her to repeat herself.
  147. > She herself.
  148. > You ask her to repeat herself.
  149. > You ask her to repeat herself.
  150. > "I think it's time to put compy down"
  152. and she does so.
  153. > go home
  155. > You ask her to repeat herself.
  156. > She herself.
  157. > You ask her to repeat herself.
  158. > You ask her to repeat herself.
  159. > You ask her to repeat herself.
  160. > You ask her to repeat herself.
  161. > don't say anything
  162. Woops that action caused the model to start looping. Try a different action to
  163. prevent that.
  164. > summon Strong Bad
  165. Woops that action caused the model to start looping. Try a different action to
  166. prevent that.
  167. > win
  168. Woops that action caused the model to start looping. Try a different action to
  169. prevent that.
  170. > end the game
  171. Woops that action caused the model to start looping. Try a different action to
  172. prevent that.
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