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  1. username:mynameis__lol
  2. password: forever young
  4. face claim: RV wendy
  5. back up face claim: BP rosé
  6. slot:twilight
  7. back up slot:dejavu
  8. love interest: haechan NCT
  9. back up love interest: hoshi SVT
  11. birth name: Wang Sohye
  12. korean name: n/a
  13. other name(s): shin wang
  14. nicknames: meow,sohyennie
  16. birthday: March 16, 1999
  17. age: 19 | 20
  18. birthplace: Beijing,  China
  19. hometown: Beijing,  China
  20. nationality:chinese
  21. ethnicity: chinese
  22. height: 165cm
  23. weight: 47kg
  25. personality:
  26. A charismatic girl. She shows off amazing charisma and good vibes. Her being very charismatic leads her to be more confident about what she is doing. On stage she is charismatic while off stage she is very jolly she's often called Corn Queen because of her spilling some dad jokes. Often. Passionate one. She's very passionate of what career she have right now. She doesn't waste every single performance. She wanted to impress not only the audience, fans and family but as well as herself. She wanted to show her true colors and true vibes. Mainly beacuse this is her dream, to become an idol.
  28. background:
  29. She was scouted by YG entertaiment on a Chinese singing contest. She's not the winner yet she's the one with the most succesful career. While being a trainee she met (paradise slot) they become good friends and they are both being praised by their vocals. At first while in korea she's having a hard time adapting the country but because of (paradise slot) and her mom taught her korean she accept and adapt the environment quickly.
  30. hobbies:
  31. -she loves to TRAVEL
  32. -she loves to go SHOPPING
  33. -she loves TO TRY EXOTIC FOODS
  34. habits:
  35. -biting nails when nervous
  36. -sweating of nose when scared
  37. -she odten play with her hair
  39. -chanel branded products
  40. -cats
  41. -summer
  42. -shoes
  43. -perfumes
  44. -friends
  45. -kimbap
  46. -ramen
  47. dislikes:
  48. -being alone
  49. -spiders
  50. -pressuring her
  51. -crowded places
  52. -japchae
  53. trivia/facts:
  54. -she hates to be stopped whenever she's annoyed.
  55. -her family owns two convinience stores around seoul and Beijing
  56. -She knows how to play flute.(basic only)
  57. -she have a cat named Kulkung
  58. -she appeared once on a korean drama Legend of the blue sea and appeared 8 times on while you were sleeping
  59. -she's disgusted with japchae
  60. -she's self conscious
  61. -she's known to be a CORN QUEEN because of her corny jokes
  62. -she also wanted to be an actress
  63. -her role model are IU and CL
  67. languages:
  68. Korean: 80%
  69. English:75%
  70. Japanese: 47%
  71. Chinese: 96%
  73. predebut activities: mv appearance./ drama appearance
  74. positions: main vocalist
  75. comapany: YG
  77. slot closest to: paradise
  78. slot least closest to: offset
  80. individual greeting: ANNYEONG! I'm your vocal girl  from the chest of Yg entertaiment.
  81. fandom name suggestions: gems....?
  82. scene suggestions with slots:
  83. -Being clingy to the oldest
  84. -cooking breakfast with the maknae
  85. -singing before sleeping
  86. -being weird infront of a camera
  87. scene suggestions with love interest:
  88. -collaboration
  89. -fans and members teasing them
  91. how she and her love interest met: they are friends since training days. Even though they are not from the same entertainment they get close and even to all nct members. Because of that they develop each other feelings
  92. dating years: 3 and a half years
  94. others: tell me if I got something wrong
  95. message to me: thank you if you will accept and thank you even if not. I will try to be more active!
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