Humanity v2, don't hurt me

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  1. Account Key: MarioBro1967
  3. IC Name: Naleo
  5. Race: Human
  7. Age of the Character: Youth
  9. Skillset: N/A
  11. Wipe Plans: My plan as a Human here is to be someone who is part of Raff's antagonist group, I plan to go around with said group, looking for the best and brightest selected from DHARMA and eventually take part in creating a whole new organization that is superior to DHARMA in it's entirety as t
  13. Your Character's Nature: My Character will tend to have a Chaotic Neutral spirit as even thought they will partake in things such as the goals of the group he is part of, he is not bound to these morals as he is someone who hungers for a good fight and the goals of this group will align with this character's goals and overall alignment
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