Luna Greentexts: Typing

Aug 19th, 2015
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  1. >The blue alicorn leered at the keyboard on your laptop, slowly lifting one of her hooves.
  2. >Delicately balancing it above a key, the princess lowers her hoof slowly, her limb mere inches away from the key.
  3. >*tap*
  4. >She smiles.
  5. >"I have done it! Only a single key was pressed this time, instead of several at once!"
  6. >She wiggled her hooves in joy, which caused your heart to melt a little.
  7. >Luna, now confident in her abilities, repeated the process of lifting her hoof and pressing another key, typing another letter.
  8. >This took well over ten seconds for her just to complete.
  9. >So far, she had been able to type out "mo".
  10. >Take a wild fucking guess at what she's trying to write.
  11. >Her next move is as cautious as the last two, and she gasps as her hoof bends to the left and she almost misses her mark.
  12. >Luckily, it was still close enough to hit the "o" key once again.
  13. >"I am close to victory, Anonymous! Long have I waited for this day!"
  14. >The final key waits, and Luna wastes no time in moving her hoof above the "n" key.
  15. >Slowly.
  16. >Cautiously.
  17. >*tap*
  18. >On the screen in front of Luna is now the word "moon".
  19. >"Success! The first time I have typed a word without any backtracking! I have conquered your technology, Anonymous!"
  20. "Good job, Luna. I'm proud."
  21. >Too bad she didn't account for the fact that she's still pathetically slow.
  22. >With more practice, she'll be at the pace perfect for shitposting.
  23. >Guide her well, Anon.
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