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  1. Hello, I would like to let anyone know who finds out about this information from my side
  2. that this is not an attack in Shine’s direction. I wouldn’t like anyone to go out of their way to
  3. make extra drama about the situation or try to hurt his channel. I am only making these
  4. statements to reach out to anyone that has been in a situation with Shine like I have or give a
  5. warning to any other young girls who are in contact with him and don’t know what his intentions
  6. may be.
  8. I had been watching Shine from a young age so I had had an interest in him for a long
  9. time before I met him. Before my fifteenth birthday, I reached out to him over Snapchat by
  10. sending him a video of me making a sort of skit involving one of his videos to gain his interest
  11. and see if I could get a reply from him. I had already tried to reach out to him by sending
  12. messages over Snapchat, but there was no reply until I sent him a video of myself. All of the
  13. messages I had sent before were pictures of random objects and it wasn’t until I showed my
  14. face that he showed interest. He sent me a reply very quickly after getting the video of me. He
  15. asked me where I lived and at first, it seemed to matter very much to him that I was not in Japan
  16. at the time. He had told me in short that he had no interest in long distance relationships even
  17. though I had not even brought up the subject of relationships.
  19. Over time, I told him I would be moving to Tokyo for school and he engaged in
  20. conversation with me much more than he had before. We went back and forth for a very long
  21. time talking about many things but the main thing he seemed to bring up was his relationships
  22. with his ex’s, girls he was talking to at the time that he seemed to mock quite a bit, and his
  23. fetishes and things he was looking for in a girl etc.. He was very open to me about his sexual
  24. preferences, including wanting to date a girl who was a masochist (things like bondage,
  25. choking, girls acting like his slave etc.) and the porn he would watch, most of which was hentai.
  27. I ended up feeling as if I had to be sexually open with him as well, because of this.
  28. Since he was sad about how he didn’t have a girlfriend, I felt bad for him and although I thought
  29. he had strange fetishes, I tried to justify that they were normal because I wanted to like him. He
  30. would act emotionally scarred by the girls he had been in relationships with before, calling them
  31. insane, commenting on their weight, and saying he would never date girls with the same traits
  32. as any of his ex’s.
  34. He was also very controlling with me over text, and would criticize my decisions. If I tried
  35. to debate with him over certain subjects, he just dismissed my opinion and told me that I was
  36. wrong. He would get so angry over these sorts of things that it made me fearful to disagree with
  37. him over anything. For example, I brought my dad’s service dog into a movie theatre and made
  38. a joke about it and he became incredibly angry over it. He also called me stupid for it.
  39. Another time, I told him I wasn’t a Trump supporter and he became angry at me
  40. for it. He tried to prove me wrong and basically called me stupid for thinking this. He then
  41. claimed that the only reason why Hillary was doing well was because she pulled the “Woman
  42. Card.” I didn’t debate with him further on the issue because he just thought my opinions were
  43. stupid.
  45. He also commented on how he didn’t want to get into “another” relationship with a young
  46. teen girl, due to the fact they acted immature. The problem, however, was that he was only
  47. interested in girls that looked very young, around the ages of 13 to 16.
  48. He had brought up that he was interested in dating girls like this due to the fact he liked
  49. the loli type anime character. He also mentioned he wanted girlfriends with smaller breasts, a
  50. small butt, and to be incredibly short as well. When he talked about these sorts of things, he
  51. always tried to confirm with me that he wasn't being creepy or acting like a pedophile. He also
  52. asked if I was gay quite a bit (not sure why) but he asked me this about five times.
  54. After this went on for about four months, right around the time before I came to Japan,
  55. he reached out to me and asked me to call him. This was exciting to me since I had been talking
  56. to him for so long without him even mentioning calling me. We talked for about five hours that
  57. night and discussed just about everything. He told me about the kind of things he hated, his
  58. crazy ex and things like how Kat bothered him. His main complaints about her were that she
  59. was stupid and that she took too long to draw. He also asked me where I lived again and I told
  60. him California, when I had told him Los Angeles before. He seemed surprised and said, “You
  61. live in California? I thought you lived in LA!” (I wanted to put this here since he had been
  62. attacking a girl on twitter for not knowing Tokyo was in Japan and I found it hypocritical since he
  63. had said this.)
  65. After calling a second time,, he texted me that night saying that when I come to Japan,
  66. he would be interested in dating me. I said yes, being interested in him at the time and we
  67. started dating but not fully in his opinion until he had met me in person.
  69. After time of us “dating,” things became more serious. He promised to not be in a
  70. relationship with anyone else and started talking quite seriously about having intercorse with me
  71. when I got to Japan. He even planned out our first kiss. I had told him that I wanted my first
  72. boyfriend to be my last, and that I had never kissed anyone before which made him excited. We
  73. even got to the point where we started to say “I love you” to each other and he said that he
  74. would try to make my dreams come true and even marry me someday. He also did things like
  75. say he wanted me to act like a dog in bed and act like he was my owner and that he would buy
  76. me a choker that looks like a dog collar as an inside thing between us so that it was like he
  77. owned me in public.
  79. He also made sure that I did not tell anyone I knew him personally and tried to get me to
  80. not post as many photos of my face online or model at all (a job i had at the time.) He even
  81. eventually made me quit my job modeling for a online clothing shop in June, right around when
  82. we first started dating.
  83. I started to also get a bit nervous due to the amount of racial slurs and jokes he made
  84. about black people. I was a bit hesitant to put that part in this due to the fact he tries to make me
  85. out like a crazy SJW but it has something relevant to another part of the story so i decided to
  86. keep it in.
  88. A bit before I got to Tokyo, he also brought up that him and Kat had dated and he
  89. wanted to make sure i was fine with that because in short he basically said that she was more
  90. important to him than I was. He also said that Kat had a “Okay” feeling about me which was
  91. important to him because he always followed Kat’s “ feeling”.
  93. So after I got to Tokyo, he met up with me at the station and brought me to the hotel he
  94. had picked out for me so that I was near his house. He took me to the hotel room and we spent
  95. the night together (not going to get into detail about that you can probably imagine what
  96. happened) After that he had told me, “When we go to see Kat tomorrow, don’t get mad about
  97. me having Kat sit in my lap or be close with me. Also, don’t make Kat jealous and don’t try to
  98. take time away from Kat with me because I’m like her only family and I don’t want her to feel
  99. lonely. Don’t tell her I said that.”
  101. The next day we went to his apartment and hung out for a bit. Basically, all that would
  102. happen was that he would play Overwatch while I watched, and Kat would draw for him, He
  103. would complain about things, get really angry at Kat for little things like spilling water, would get
  104. food from Family Mart, and then he would sleep with me. Yet he stayed up till about 8:00 AM,
  105. and sleep in until 3:00 PM. He would also get really mad if he got woken up around 3:00 in the
  106. afternoon. During this time, he also tried to make me eat at certain times and controlled my diet
  107. so that I wouldn’t gain weight.
  109. This cycle repeated for a few days until he started to get incredibly mad at me for
  110. seemingly trivial things. Once such thing was simply shaking up a bottle of orange juice at a
  111. 7/11. Once we got home, he started yelling at me that I was being wasteful by shaking the juice
  112. and acted like I was just a bothersome child he had to take care of.
  113. I also noticed he would do this to Kat quite a bit, too. One time, when Kat dropped coins
  114. in a store while we were in line, he yelled at her once we left the store. Unlike me crying though,
  115. Kat just put her head down called herself stupid and agree with everything he said. It seemed
  116. like she was about to cry, but she didn’t.
  118. He would also tell me that Kat used to be a “selfish bitch” and things like that and that he
  119. “Made her a good person” and that he would change me to be like Kat as well and be better. To
  120. contradict that he would also say that no one is a good person, Americans are especially bad
  121. and that everyone is a asshole like him but he was just smarter. Also he put down the girls he
  122. would talk to on snapchat and twitter quite a bit. Calling a girl Kellie annoying, saying she was
  123. pretty but gaining too much weight. Saying that his ex was a bit chubby. Saying a girl he
  124. claimed to have a one night stand with that he “Didn’t like her human smell, she was cool
  125. because she was short, but she wasn’t that pretty and that she probably had bad genes
  126. because she had red hair.” saying a girl that was trying to send him a letter through the mail
  127. was weird and he was going to try to “slowly cut her out” and things like that.
  129. When things started to get really bad was around the time i told him my friend knew i
  130. was “friends” with Shine and he started saying that things might not work out if things keep
  131. going this way. He told me to cut this girl out and said he didn’t want a “ Fucking n*****“ to
  132. expose him. She is black if you couldn't tell.
  134. He had told me that we would go on dates alone a few times. We never did, Kat was
  135. always there.
  137. Eventually, I had to pick things up from my hotel and he said he would pick me up. Not
  138. being able to read Japanese at the time, I didn’t know how to use the train yet so I depended on
  139. him to help me get back. I called him after getting my stuff and asked him where he was and he
  140. replied back to me saying that “ I was wasting his time and i needed to do it myself” I agreed
  141. with him and got a taxi to his house even though I was a bit stressed at his response.
  143. That night, I told him that I was in pain and that I thought i had a urinary tract infection.
  144. He didn’t pay much attention to it though and wasn't too worried so I tried to ignore it, still
  145. sleeping with him to try and keep his interest because I felt like he was now paying more
  146. attention to Kat, since he was slapping her ass and pulling up her skirt all the time. Sleeping
  147. with him didn’t improve the situation, though. One time after sleeping together, he got up and
  148. walked out of the room, still completely naked, to talk to Kat.
  150. He also told me to hide my age from Joey (TheAnimeMan, who still lived with him at the
  151. time) and he hid me upstairs and told me to be quiet when his mom came over once.He would
  152. say a lot of bad things about Joey as well, saying that his girlfriend (Who I wasn’t really
  153. supposed to know he was dating) was obese and that the photo of Aki and Joey in the living
  154. room really bothered him. He also said that he didn’t like Joey’s friends in the anime community
  155. and Joey would never make it on youtube. In Shine’s own words, “His views will drop as fast as
  156. they came.”
  158. The last and worst day was when he had brought me to meet his dad. Long story short,
  159. Shine got mad at me for crying since my mom wanted me to stop staying with Shine and come
  160. back to the hotel with her. Originally, my mom thought that I would be safe staying there since I
  161. was with another girl and we were all friends, but became concerned when Shine wouldn’t give
  162. her his address or answer the phone when she called. I was scared that Shine would get angry
  163. at me if I tried to ask him to let him go see my mom, so I went into another room and tried to cry
  164. as quietly as possible while talking to my mom and sending her the address. Shine’s dad saw I
  165. had been crying and asked him if I was alright, but Shine just said I was fine and said something
  166. about how Americans were just “weird.” For the rest of the day, I just tried to put on a happy
  167. face, but Shine ignored me the whole time and never introduced me to his dad as his girlfriend,
  168. even though he promised to do that.
  170. The second we got home though, Shine started to insult me and lecture me on what I
  171. “did wrong” and that i was dishonoring him in front of his father. He also said that it was
  172. incredibly inappropriate that I cried and it was bad to do that in Japan. (I’m half Japanese
  173. though and I’ve never heard any of my Japanese family members say anything like this.) I was
  174. still crying and he started to get up in my face and shout at me about how it was selfish to cry.
  175. His shouting at me ended up making me even more frightened, and I started to cry more.
  176. Because I have anxiety, I take an anti-anxiety medication called Citalopram. Shine knew
  177. this, and tried to discourage me from using it even before I came to Japan. To try to get me to
  178. stop taking it, he claimed that medications didn’t work and that it was a scam. So, once I got to
  179. his house in Japan, I stopped taking it because I didn’t want him to catch me taking it and get
  180. angry at me. However, because I was off it for so long, I started to be affected by it and easily
  181. became more emotional than I usually would in certain situations. This was another factor that
  182. exacerbated the situation for me.
  184. His shouting also affected my PTSD, which came from me being physically abused
  185. when i was a child. He said that I was being an “SJW” because of this and said things like “
  186. what’s up with all pretty girls having really fucked up pasts”
  188. Shine eventually started saying that he was going to basically put our relationship on
  189. hold but still keep me in his house so he could decide whether he wanted to keep dating me or
  190. not. This made me basically break down due to the fact I had given him my first time and lead
  191. me to say “ Well, I guess I kind of regret sleeping with you now”.
  193. At this, he got incredibly mad to the point where he broke his keyboard with his hands,
  194. started throwing food and yelling at me.This went on for hours to the point where I broke down
  195. into a panic attack after telling him, “Please stop yelling at me, I’m going to have a panic attack!”
  196. The moment I said that, he got right up in my face and screamed at me on top of his lungs
  197. making me break down into a panic attack while he told me that panic attacks and PTSD didn’t
  198. exist. Kat agreed with everything he said even shouted at me to “shut the fuck up.” After
  199. everything calmed down a bit, I went to sleep in Kat’s room and as I cried, he stood in the
  200. doorway and mockingly said,“ I’m glad I was your first love.”
  202. The next day I left for two reasons.
  204. One, I was not willing to stay in a house like that.
  206. Two, I had started bleeding due to how bad my infection was getting.
  208. I said I would leave the house alone, but Shine told me he wanted to come with me so I
  209. wouldn’t die on his hands or something like that. I got to the hotel and made my mom stand out
  210. with me so Shine would leave if I told him to and paid for his taxi.
  212. After this, I texted him, thanking him for taking back to the hotel. He just responded “yw”
  213. and blocked me. Since then, we’ve never talked again.
  215. That’s the story of my relationship with shine. There is more to it but you will hear that
  216. from the other girls story. I’m trying to keep my identity private as well since i don’t want
  217. negative attention in my life. So if Shine does hear this I would like to make something clear.
  218. You can say whatever you like about me but do not out who I am. If you do this will become a
  219. legal issue and I do not want that to happen. There is proof of our messages that lead from your
  220. IP, there is photos of us together, videos on the hotel security cameras and proof from the
  221. gynecologist of your DNA from the Infection along with my therapist’s records of what
  222. happened. So since you have a dual citizenship, it can be bad for both of us. Let’s keep this
  223. clean, Thank you.
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