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  4. last update 5/8/16
  8. Anonymous/Manos (Human, male) - Lord of Fate and leader of the Crystal Empire/Kingdom now calling itself the Reich
  9. >if you dont know you haven't been reading
  10. >when he first arrived to Equestria he already had a plan to gain some form of power.
  11. >placed himself at important events such as Nightmare Moons return and the return of Discord to start rumors of his 'powers'
  12. >first real contact was with Lyra Heartstrings who quickly became a leader of a small cult dedicated to him
  13. >the cult grew in size and eventually became commonplace after the changeling invasion of Canterlot and Anonymous' hand in stopping it
  15. 'Princess' Cadence (Alicorn, female) - head of changeling removal branch of the Black Hands, gave up title of Princess to join manos
  16. >remains unaware that Manos ordered the death of Shining Armor
  17. >is currently in charge of the Changeling Labor camps
  18. >while technically in charge of the Crystal Gestapo they have their own agendas and work outside military command
  19. >Manos has convinced her that Celestia was the cause of her late husbands death, solidifying her loyalty to him.
  20. >she now blames Celestia for her losses of love and friends, and has attacked her because of it.
  22. Honor Bound (Unicorn, Male) - reichsmarschall- previous solo bodyguard to Manos and head of R&D
  23. >Honor Bound has a rather erratic history. he was previously in the royal guard as a loyalist to manos, either from his devotion getting him removed from his position or his own will he joined the Brownshirts
  24. >after time in the brownshirts he was appointed as Manos' personal guard and is considered to be the first of the black hands besides Copper Himself
  25. >Honor bound was at the confrontation between Shinning armor, Chrysalis, and Manos as a personal guard
  26. >shortly after he was demoted for accidentally stopping a conversation between manos and Celestia too soon
  27. >while upset at the demotion he saw it as a test of his loyalty and took the position with fervor
  28. >he was attacked by blackout in a field test headed by Copper coin against border guards in everfree
  29. >after a month or so being stationed in everfree he was then promoted to the head of R&D after Coppers execution
  30. >he is completely devoted to manos
  32. Aryanne (earth pony, female) - Head of Manos' personal guards and the highest ranking Black Hand (besides the now promoted Honor Bound)
  33. >leads the personal guard for manos of which notable members are as follows:
  34. >Comet Glow - Earth Pony, male
  35.     >cocky arrogant and a slight womanizer
  36.     >seems to have a mixed view on his job, one minute he loves it, the next it bores him or he hates it.
  37.     >despite getting into constant arguements with his kammarades he feels he has a close bond with them.
  38. >Almond Heart - Pegasus, female
  39.     >more reserved than the others in the group
  40.     >while she doesnt speak often to the group she has formed a close relationship with Cinnamon Pop
  41.     >that relationship eventually became romantic and she is pregnant with Cinnamons child.
  42. >Cinnamon Pop - Unicorn, male
  43.     >is a calm level headed pony
  44.     >when Aryanne wasnt around to take command Cinnamon took the reigns and has become the unoffical second in command
  45.     >he and Comet will constantly argue usuaually based on thier opposite ways of thinking
  46.     >even so, he has formed a close bond with each of the memebers of Manos personal guard and even Manos himself
  47.     >in his last missin, which was a personal request from manos to 'save' Cadence he was killed by friendly fire.
  48.     >he never knew that Almond was pregnant with his child
  49. >Rainbow Dash - Pegasus, female - now currently a airborne commander but still recognized as a personal guard
  50.     >see below
  52. Rainbow Dash (Pegasus, female) - Personal guard to Manos - Element of Loyalty - leader of the airforce
  53. >at first distrusted manos going as far as to confront him about any action he takes
  54. >had several arguments and outright fights with Manos, one such fight causing rainbow to rethink her life
  55. >War 'Hero' - was a major factor in the battle of the Ardennes where she was commanded to use a sonic boom in the middle of hostile and friendly forces
  56. >broke down on several occasions because of the destruction she has caused and has developed a form of PTSD
  57. >her loyalty once weak soon began to grow more and more attached to manos and the Black Hands
  58. >feels 'at home' with other Black Hands even more so than with the other Main 6
  59. >awarded a Medal for her service which she wears proudly at all times
  60. >was the first to recognize Kyrie as a useful member of the Reich and got her promoted to the same rank as she.
  62. >Kyrie (pegasus, female) - co-leader of the Reich's airforce
  63. >a skilled fighter in The Reich and has saved Rainbow Dash in the Seige of the Reich
  64. >after meeting with Rainbow after the battle she earned her place as a personal assistant and eventually co-commander of the airforce
  65. >she was rather shocked when she was given the promotion from Manos himself after rainbows recommendation
  67. >Franziska (unicorn, female) - new head of R&D
  68. >Franziska is a mare of science, and the Reich has given her plenty of room to experiment with new ideas
  69. >she was the pony who first invented many of the Reich's war machines with the help of Honor Bound
  70. >while she herself dislikes Honor Bound she still understand that he is her superior, though she will make things needlessly harder for him
  71. >after discovering old files belonging to the late Copper Coin she has become fascinated with his work and research on ponies and changelings and may try to duplicate his work in her free time
  74. Ms. Harshwhinny (Earth Pony, female) - Leader of the Brownshirts
  75. >was awarded iron hand of manos first class for quelling a rebellion
  76. >constantly making good threads for the story and keeping anons civil and professional
  77.     >though she appears to be MIA in threads
  79. >has worked her Brownshirts into a pseudo-royalguard for any town or area under the Reichs Control
  80. >along with those places there is still active recruitment in areas that are considered parts of Equestria
  82. Marble Sunset (Earth Pony, male) - Black Hand
  83. >was put in command of a Black Hand group when the previous commander was KIA by a griffon ambush
  84. >sometimes questions orders/situations but follows through none the less, orders are orders.
  85. >since his first few operations he has become much more experienced and makes sure to save as many lives as he can
  86. >to him both the Black hands and the Royal Guard have the same goals but have different leaders
  87. >Civilians are always top priority, and the well being of captives are just as important as his own troops
  89. Sunset Shimmer (Unicorn/Mirror Sub-Human, female)
  90. >shows no outright loyalty or hostility to Manos
  91. >was assaulted by Personal guards for questioning Manos' intentions/will.
  92. >is currently in charge of the 'Black Legion' (penal battalion that was intended for Sombra)
  93. >her orders in the Mirror World are to secure items of interest and bring them back through so R&D can use them
  94. >after her orders were given she was cut off from Equestria and the Reich by Manos' order
  95. >little is known about what she and her forces have done in the mirror world.
  97. Maud (earth pony, female) - Black hand
  98. >member of the black hands changeling removal branch
  99. >selected for search and capture/destroy leadership roles in urban environments due to her lovable and understanding personality.
  100. >...
  102. Lyra (unicorn, female) - the Hand of Faith - 2nd in command of the Reich
  103. >while she is second in command she does not make use of her position in military affairs unless requested by Manos
  104. >leads the 'Children of Fate' religion, religion is dedicated to Manos.
  105. >the first pony to actually converse with manos in personal situations
  106. >she was pet by manos
  107. >she has formed a very close bond with Little league aka Blackout and does her best to protect her even though its more likely she needs protecting rather than Blackout
  108. >she was sent to the Zebranican Republic with Feild Day as her personal guard and military adviser for Zebra recruitment
  109. >her job was to spread the word of Manos to natives to ensure more loyalty to Manos than to their own leadership
  111. Silver Valor (earth pony, female) - Royal Guard - Captain/Commander
  112. Judice Lunae (earth pony, female) - Lunar Knight - Knight ranking, command considered second only to Luna
  113. >was one of the earlier ponies to side with manos' cause after being ordered to arrest him
  114. >still carries her 'mark' with her as a memento of times past
  115. >has 'overlooked' a few crimes committed by Manos, most notable one being the raid in canterlot where Manos stole the Mirror
  116. >she remains loyal to the princesses. even with the crimes she has committed
  117. >eventually she starts to splinter away from Manos and feel shame for her crimes against Equestria
  118. >"sells her soul" to Luna to help stop Manos and his rise to power
  119. >she has dropped her previous life and has sworn an oath to Luna (not Equestria) that she will be her faithful tool until her crimes have been forgiven
  120. >she now hates Manos and the hands for what she sees as evil actions.
  122. Copper Coin (Earth Pony, male) - Deceased - Black Hand, and previous Head of R&D, and previous head of the Brownshirts
  123. >Copper Coin was one of the first to follow Manos' cause, being his messenger and original organizer of the Brownshirts
  124. >once promoted to head of the R&D branch of the Black Hands he started experiments that include:
  125.         > Augmentation of ponies
  126.     > Changeling Mutations
  127.     > Changeling dissections/surgeries
  128.     > Created a sub-species of Changelings Called 'Hunters' (similar to Xenomorphs)
  129. >all of the previously listed experiments were allowed by Manos and he was aware of them
  130. >once Manos became aware of a 'mishap' where the hunters were attacking both Lyra, Blackout, and Rainbow Manos put him into a mental state which he couldnt escape from for several hours
  131. >was executed the next day
  132. >was publicly executed by Blackout (will be mentioned later) for his 'crimes'
  134. Blackout/Little League (Earth pony, female) - Augmented Pony - Black Hand
  135. >was first introduced to manos by Lyra before his rise
  136. >quickly became loyal to him
  137. >during her classes she was introduced to a Indoctrination School for young ponies
  138.     >it is to be noted she already was loyal and passed the classes with ease
  139. >because of her scores she was then selected by Copper Coin for 'special training' along with several other classmates
  140. >the training included augmentations, surgeries, and psychological changes.
  141. >she now looks and thinks like an adult mare, her loyalties lie completely with Lyra and Manos. nothing else matters
  142. >current appearance is that of an adult mare fused with changeling like armor
  143. >can now use basic magic to conceal herself and run at higher speeds
  144.     >she is unaware of how much magic she can actually use and isnt interested in exploring it
  145. >she has lost almost everything that made her who she was and sees herself as only a weapon of war
  146. >Lyra and Manos are the only two beings she feels any real bond with and will give her life for them
  147.         >not the Reich, but for Manos
  148. >is currently paired up with Changelings on recon and Element search
  150. BonBon (earth pony, female) -Brownshirt former leader - Head of the Brownshirts after ponyville city fell into chaos
  151. >her loyalty was to manos and his loyal ponies
  152. >she was quick to turn to hostilities with Royalists causing more unneeded chaos in the streets
  153. >while Manos did not wish to give the order, he saw no other choice and ordered her execution to quell the rioting and to gain favor with the ponies
  154. >her Death was honored at the First Ceremony of the Reich
  155. >she was killed by Blackouts hooves and Manos' orders.
  156. >she died a hero
  158. Emerald Shine (unicorn, female) - Crystal Gestapo Head
  159.                     and her sister
  160. Sapphire Shine (unicorn, female) - Crystal Gestapo Head
  162. >sister crystal ponies who were found in the street by Manos
  163. >when he and his Black Hands Liberated the Crystal Kingdom these two were found soon after
  164. >they were surrounded by Black Hands and were in the process of fighting them
  165. >Manos stepped in and tried to find a reason for the fight
  166. >when it was discovered that the Black hands started the incident Manos 'relieved' the pony of his rank and uniform
  167. >being 'rescued' by manos they were still wary of him and his connection to the Black Hands, as well as his level of power, reminding them of Sombra
  168. >soon they were placed in command of a group used to identify traitors and unruly ponies in the Black Hands
  169. >they also gather intelligence and use subterfuge tactics against those manos deems as possible threats
  171. Flash Sentry (sub-Human/Mirror Human, male) - student
  172. >kidnapped and hijacked on his way home from school by manos and several black hands.
  173.     >note: Manos was a talking horse, and the black hands were apparent Nazis.
  174. >he was taken to his home at knife point and was used to gather basic firearms from his fathers gun cabinet
  175. >using his car and working set of hands manos directs Flash and the black hands to a dealership
  176. >where Flash is locked away in his cars trunk
  177. >whereabouts currently unknown and we are fine with that.
  179. Sombra (Unicorn, Male) Chaos Element of Fear - Previous king of Crystal Kingdom
  180. >sombra is the current wielder of the element of fear
  181. >while never siding with manos entirely he was convinced to join the Black hands
  182. >slowly his power and control over his own kingdom became less and less until Manos directly controlled everything
  183. >knowing he had little use to manos and no real reason to be left alive he fled
  184. >he was a Traitor and his loyalties lay only with himself
  185. >eventually he plotted an attack on Ponyville, while the attack was technically a success he was killed by Manos
  186.         >ponyville was destroyed because of his attack
  187.         >morale was severely damaged from the loss of so many griffons when the Equestrians and Hands joined forces for a brief time
  188. >his body still lay unburied in Manos' old castle in Everfree, his horn still embedded in his skull.
  191. Chrysalis (changeling Queen, female) - 'removed' - Changeling Queen
  192. >after her well thought out and properly planned plan to disrupt a wedding she was confronted by manos
  193. >at the time she was in the form of Cadence and had Shining Armor under her spell.
  194. >she was quickly... removed from her position as queen by manos and his Black hands
  195.     >note: this is Manos' first moment where magic comes into play
  197. Shining Armor (unicorn, cucked male) - deceased - previous royal guard captain
  198. >Shining armor was under the spell of Chrysalis and unable to control his thoughts properly
  199. >he was unfortunately killed by Black Hands in the battle with Chrysalis
  200.     >he is a martyr symbol in both the black hands and the royal guard.
  202. Queen AKA Queeny (changeling queen, female) - Member of the Changeling Removal Branch
  203. >she was originally found by Copper coin and kept hidden in a secret lab for study in her egg
  204. >after Coppers death she was taken to the Crystal Kingdom and hatched in the yard outside the labs
  205. >her first sight in the new world was Manos' eyes
  206. >Manos orders that she be treated well even though she is a changeling
  207. >while in the care of R&D ponies she is given many propaganda books to read and is treated well. (to some ponies dismay)
  208.     >it was here where she starts to see how horrible changelings are and begins to hate their existence
  209.     >she learned that she has a mental link to all the changelings in her brood and the previous ones
  210.     >she denies that she is their queen and wants little to do with them
  211. >after being shown one of the labor camps that is used to 'remove and make use of' changelings she agrees to help Cadence
  212. >has been paired up with Blackout for information gathering and Changeling "control" in hostile areas
  213.     >secondary objective is for her to find the Elements of Chaos with Blackout
  215. Mayor Mare/ Ivory Scrolls (earth pony, female) - previous Mayor of Ponyville
  216. >was beat in a election against manos then quickly left ponyville for a better job.
  218. Twilight Sparkle (unicorn, female) - Element of Magic
  219. >was first introduced to manos at the same time as Lyra
  220. >early on she was 'directed' by manos to get through her first trials as a element bearer but has since been left alone
  221. >a very loyal royalist, but the safety of her friends has started to make her waver in her loyalty
  223. Applejack (earth pony, female) - Element of Honesty
  224. >has had very little direct contact with manos but has had a single conversation about the treatment of rainbow dash after one of their fights
  225. >considered Royalist
  227. Rarity (unicorn, female) - Element of Generosity
  228. >likes the black hands and brownshirts uniforms
  229. >has little interactions with manos but is considered to be the first pony to speak of him and 'meet' him
  230. >considered a royalist
  232. Pinkie Pie (earth pony, female) - Element of Laughter
  233. >shes pinkie
  235. Fluttershy (pegasus, female) - Element of Kindness
  236. >while she doesnt dislike manos as a person she does fear him and the other ponies that follow him
  237. >she was quoted as saying "they are too loud and scary"
  238. >she also is the only one who refrained from voting for manos in the elections in ponyville
  239. >because of this she is considered royalist
  241. Field Day (earth pony, Male) - Power armor Operator
  242. >currently is head operator of Honor Bounds experimental power armors.
  243. >his second in command is Roselight
  244. >has loyalty to manos and is skilled in combat as is required of a operator
  245. >was assigned to be Lyra's personal guard and as a adviser to Zebra training and weapons manufacturing in the Zebranican Republic
  246. >he does what he feels is best for the Reich and its people
  248. Roselight (earth pony, Female) - Power armor Operator - and unnoffically ranked but has ties to Manos givng her higher station.
  249. >Roselight is the sister to Honor Bound
  250. >upon learning of Manos from her brother she quickly became a fanatical follower and soldier
  251. >she will kill without concern for life if she feels that they go against her god (manos)
  252. >she sees her armor as a gift from manos himself and takes great pride in its condition.
  253. >welcomes the sight of blood staining her suit but will still take the time to clean it personally and religiously
  254. >she would take her own life if manos asks her to
  255. >she has undertaken covert and false flag operations to get the Yaks to go to war with Equestria
  256. >no matter what she is asked to do by Manos she will do it as she sees him as a God who can do no wrong, therefore his word is her conscious
  258. Lemon twist (earth pony, female) - Royal guard
  259. >rescued Silver Valor from ponyville city
  260. >despite her name she has both a green coat and light green mane
  261. >this created her nickname "Lime"
  262. >she is fervently against manos and sees him as a cruel monster
  264. Eclipse (unicorn, Male) - Royal guard
  265. >helped rescue Silver Valor from ponyville city going as far as to carry her part of the way to canterlot
  266. >knows Lemon Twist but perhaps not as a friend since he doesnt call her "lime"
  267. >while Lemo Twist is outright against manos Eclipse is more on the fence
  268. >he tries to see the actions of both sides from their respective points of view making him a very level headed individual
  270. Centurion Adamant (Crystal Earth pony, Male) - Crystal guard
  271. >Adamant is a proud and traditional solider of the crystal guard
  272. >the guard is based around roman tactics and organization making them excellent in close combat
  273. >his loyalty is to manos, while he does see him as a god and that secured his loyalty it was originally the fact that Manos rescued the crystal ponies from Sombras rule that first sparked his love for the Reich and Manos
  274. >he has no ties to Equestria whatsoever meaning he has no reason to betray his home "the Reich"
  275. >he and all the others in the Crystal Guard will die to keep anyone from taking the city from Manos and the Reich
  276.     >to them Manos and his leadership is the only real freedom they know. and they wont give it up for anything.
  278. Doctor Cognition (Unicorn, Male) - Equalist supporter
  280. Morning Dawn (Unicorn, Male) - Royal/Lunar guard
  282. Starlight Glimmer (Unicorn, Female) - Equalist Leader
  285. Side Story Character lists. along with link to posters patebin.
  291. (from:Backgrounds of fate: Old Mayor) - AMedicalKrabbyPatty
  292. Mr. Cake (earth pony, Male) - Brownshirt and Baker.
  293. >married with kids.
  294. >has apparent history with the previous mayor of ponyville
  295. >always wears his armband
  297. Ivory Scrolls, mayor mare. (earth pony, female) - citizen pony
  298. >after her election loss she has packed up her belongings and moved out of ponyville
  299. >last sightings of her was with mr. cake out on the edge of town
  300. >moved out to start a new life away from the black hands in Trottingham as a member of the city council
  301. >she is considered a royalist
  302. >at the least she is wary and distrustful of manos' intentions
  304. (From:Backgrounds of fate: Guilt) - AMedicalKrabbyPatty
  305. Crystal Kinght, (pony species unknown, male?) - Black Hand
  306. >Crystal knight was a friend of Copper Coin
  307. >had apparently grown up with him since childhood and was not able to understand how he could have suddenly changed so much
  308. >his only direct interactions with Manos is him being at the execution when manos is holding it and reading the charges
  309. >soon after is seen leaving after up heaving into a trash receptacle
  310. >considered loyal to manos
  312. (from:Backgrounds of fate:The Long Road Ahead) - ARoyalist
  313. Fervant Blue, (Pegasi, Male) - Civilian, Loyal to the Princesses
  314. >lived in Ponyville until the city was attacked and destroyed, he firmly believes its the fault of manos that the city was put in danger in the first place
  315. >has a filly by the name of 'Sweet Tea'and a unknown brother in the Canterlot Royal Guard. (brother is also a pegasi)
  316. >last seen with his daughter on their way to Canterlot
  318. (from:Backgrounds of fate: Courage and Honor) - ARoyalist
  319. Swift Justice, (Unknown presumed to be Earth pony, Male.) Royal guard, Loyal to the Princesses
  320. >Swift Justice is a perfect example of a pre-manos royal guard. he does his best to follow the orders given to him by commanders and sees his fellows as brothers and sisters.
  321. >once combat erupts he loses his nerve and begins to panic
  322. >before his first fight with the Black Hands he had no knowledge of "The Reich" and its supposed separation from Equestrian rule
  323. >was unlucky enough to make a personal encounter with manos and his experimental war machines
  325. (from Backgrounds of fate: Blazing Glory) - ARoyalist
  326. Blue Blazing - to do
  328. Soul Flare - to do
  330. (from Backgrounds of fate: Rubellite Riveter) - ARoyalist
  331. Rubellite Riveter - (female pony)
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