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  1. Mass Effect 3 Singleplayer War Assets 100% Hack
  2. Thanks Gniarf!
  4. http://cheatengine.org/downloads.php
  5. http://www.mediafire.com/?53oh7cm902w20do
  7. 1-Run Mass Effect 3
  8. 2-Launch CE
  9. 3-Select the game in CE
  10. 4-Click on memory editor, a new window opens
  11. 5-In that window, click tools->pointer scan, the pointer scanner window will open
  12. 6-In the pointer scanner click file->open
  13. 7-Open the file I posted earlier
  14. 8-In the top/left dropdown list, choose "4 Byte"
  15. 9-Double click on any line (one is enough!) that has "= 50" in the "Points to:" column.
  16. 10-Get back to CE's main window
  17. 11-I think you know the rest.
  19. optional:
  20. If you see lots of lines that do not contain "= 50"
  21. 8.1-Press ctrl+R
  22. 8.2-Select "Value to find :", enter 50, type 4 bytes
  23. 8.3-Select where to save the results
  24. 8.4.1-If only one line remains, post it there
  25. 8.4.2-If the list becomes empty, cry, post that I f***ed up, learn how the pointer scanner works, and redo the cheat from scratch
  26. 8.4.3-Otherwise proceed to step 9
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