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Aug 1st, 2012
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  1. Following our exchange of e-mail to try to defuse the situation,
  2. here is the statement that the manager of Early Flicker makes to
  3. Anonymous. FYI, and foremost, a summary of what we have advanced
  4. in our last e-mail for them:
  6. - The logo is licensed under Creative Commons, and file at the
  7. INPI puts them in an illegal, punishable infringement of copyright.
  8. They normally have the right to reproduce it if someone asked. -
  9. The symbol vector mask, when to him, is under the copyright of Warner.
  10. - Concerning the creed, it does not answer any license, in its
  11. French version, to our knowledge. We have asked to clarify many
  12. things about the idea and perhaps offer an alternative version
  13. of the creed.
  15. We invite you to respond to his comment to communicate this
  16. position to formulate a common response.
  18. *Statement below*
  19. ---------------------
  21. Hello to you all.
  23. I am the manager of the company Early Flicker.Je am currently abroad (where internet access is random), so I have a hard time reacting quickly about what you see, I think wrongly , as a disgrace. Some errors in the report about the action were made, and it seems important to provide the necessary clarifications.
  25. Early Flicker The company is a small company that offers people to customize various objects in the image of countries, characters or ideas they advocate. Profits are minimal, we only sell 2 or 3 items per day but the idea was friendly, playful and excited me.
  26. Often when a client from a site like this one a control model (and this is the case at all sites of this type, a large majority also offer logos and creed Anonymous), the seller must verify that these images are free, the risk of legal difficulties. So I regularly checked for any filing of these models until several months ago (February 2012), when I had the idea to place them myself. These were then guaranteed to be usable in a free and legal ... for all! Since the tabling NO BAN has been established for their use, and not one cent has been claimed through copyright. I recall that when submitting a logo, exclusivity does not return to the depositary by its own actions, namely the prohibition to sell to others. But in many months this has never been done (I did not wait two days to choose this course of action), and never will. Yet on the Internet, the target would have been many! The idea itself of getting rich by opposing a copyright (an icon that I am not the author) to people who identify with certain principles that I fully understand because of my profession, and which I believe , I never came to mind. The evidence, I thought gained around my gesture, I was not pushed to justify it, which I suppose explains your anger and outrage today.
  28. It seems that the information was relayed only a few days ago, my action was hitherto unnoticed, for the simple reason that I have not sought to assert anything, or to "make the buzz" . The deposit was made in the absolute discretion in February and had then made no waves. I'm still within the scope of amazement at the madness that FOLLOWS today, but at least has the merit of demonstrating our responsiveness to threats against our freedom of expression. Maybe a little less naive on my part would have avoided this situation, but I confess to not seeing things as they are presented to date. The deposit is not expensive, and ensures a perfect freedom of action, the questions asked by the media on "the objective of such an act" have not asked me.
  29. To be clear, there is absolutely no question of creating a "brand" Anonymous.
  30. I do not produce the series, but for unity and to demand, I have never sold wholesale t-shirts bearing the image of the movement, I do makes a label or symbol of recognition of my products. I'm just asking an image on an object, the client's choice, as do hundreds of other sites like mien.Il is indeed important that everyone is aware (myself included) as logos and creeds Anonymous, non- just not mine, but belong to no one, it is perhaps not so unacceptable that they are protected by someone who will not seek to benefit, and that sometimes it can be wise to use enemy weapons to defend themselves (why not to copyright). Some say it's the whole principle of Creative Commons, however, given the problems raised by the current case, one can legitimately ask whether this is sufficient protection. But all this can of course be discussed, opinions may differ, of course, on this point, I can easily understand, and I understand all the better after hearing the opinion of many, which I did not expect really (stupidity or naivety I let you decide).
  32. This deposit would, however, been done by someone more malicious that would have prohibited the reproduction and distribution, what we are all agreed to deny.
  33. This danger still exists in all other states. I recognize of course that the original idea did not go so far ... it was just to make sure that nothing would prevent the dissemination of these logos, by myself or another. But before the attacks of which I am the target I think it's also good to expose my own principles. I confirm publicly vouch for their free use and legal in France by all who recognize in the ideals of Anonymous, and this as long as I will be helped by sympathizers of the movement. Again, so far I've never been away from this path, it is easy to check.
  34. Moreover, without the buzz created by news sites, not by my company, nothing has changed regarding the use of these logos and creed, and the deposit might even remain silent for months or even years I ... hope my message has succeeded, he would doubtless have been wiser to get the agreement in advance of any authority, but by definition Anonymous has no authority one contact .
  35. I do not pose as staunch defender of the ideals of Anonymous, but as someone (like many others) who want to help free those who recognize themselves to enact and defend their ideas, just as eventually one who would choose a t-shirt bearing the image of a historical figure. This is all done to the original mission of my website and in no way precludes, on the contrary, the movement Anonymous.Pour conclude, it is certainly not pleasant to me to see my website and my mailboxes stormed, but believe that given the relative importance of a company like mine, objectives dishonest that I see are decked out much more painful than the bankruptcy of my business. I do not have the material now to show these explanations on my website, this will be done upon my return to France in a few weeks.
  36. I currently trade with the Support Committee of France Anonymous, at their request, I will do what they please in the interest of the movement.
  38. Yours.
  39. M. Auffret.
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