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Sep 16th, 2011
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  1. MineConquer
  2. The Cuboid Land Conquer Simulator
  4. Idea
  5. People starting off on their own island in the form of a chunk, a 16X16 piece of land, when spawning they instantly own that land and can do whatever they want on it (Individual cuboids), all islands start off generic (random islands will be far too much trouble) a basic 15x15 piece of land and a few trees, the row in the 16th are part of the Ocean. Players are free to build and do whatever they want on their little island at the start of their playing time. Once players are done building their shelter, they will be incentivized building a boat and exploring the world (auto messages?), players will most likely find other islands with more development and learn about “groups” whilst floating around.
  6. Islands
  7. When joining the server you will or, be set in a room where you can right click a sign where to spawn and maybe class. You will end up at a one of the pre-generated islands or a newly generated one for the player. Islands would be best off by being a 16X16 chunk with a spread of 3 water chunks around them so Group leader islands can expand a chunk on each side Horizontal, vertical and diagonally. Islands can be upgraded with points/ranking gained by holding other islands or offering items (Must still be worked out). Noob islands will be protected for 24 hours and are claimable when the noob himself is offline. When players are gone for longer than 3 days and the land is not captured yet the island will wipe itself and heads over to an unclaimed dome.
  8. Groups
  9. Groups will be the main force behind this mode , groups are capable of capturing lands and develop their “capitals”. The Groups capital is the island of the leader of the group. This island will grow in response to the amount of land captured/upgrades bought.
  10. Capturing
  11. Capturing an island will be started by standing in the enemies land and doing a command, or automatically by being an enemy. The timer is based on the amount of players of the other group being ingame. If the defending group has 0 players ingame the time to stand in the island will be 30 minutes (Capitals can’t be taken if theres no one online). A piece of land of a group of 1 man will be 20 minutes and all groups with more than 2 online will be 15 minutes to capture. When the enemy leaves the land or dies within the timer will be reset. All captured land will be counted and groups will be rewarded for holding X amount of lands. When land is taken the highest ranked offender will be able to raze the island (revert to basic island) or take it over with the buildings or whatever is left in it. That’s the only moment they can raze the island for free.
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