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  2. Zhyrr05/01/2019
  3. :thumbsup:
  4. Lipids05/01/2019
  5. Sent
  6. $230 USD
  7. Xael05/01/2019
  8. holy fuck
  9. lol
  10. @Zhyrr  plz no scam lol
  11. Zhyrr05/01/2019
  12. why would I scam haha
  13. Xael05/01/2019
  14. just gotta say it
  15. Zhyrr05/01/2019
  17. MediaFire
  18. 6k flat world
  20. it would ruin my name
  21. that is the world^^
  22. Xael05/01/2019
  23. okey
  24. :heart:
  25. Zhyrr05/01/2019
  27. that is the spawn + warzone +Koths
  28. Xael05/01/2019
  29. great thank you !
  30. pleasure
  31. !
  32. Zhyrr05/01/2019
  33. :heart:️
  34. Would you mind giving me a vouch on the Mc market page?
  35. Xael05/01/2019
  36. sure @Lipids  can do that !
  37. i dont use mcm
  38. its so toxic ccccc
  39. Zhyrr05/01/2019
  40. yeah
  42. Lipids05/01/2019
  43. I will if you wouldnt mind giving me one?
  44. Zhyrr05/01/2019
  45. I woudnt mind
  46. Lipids05/01/2019
  47. Awesome. Thank you and I'll do it on my lunch break today
  48. Xael05/01/2019
  49. schematic is so fucking big i cant even paste it in
  50. plase put it in a world like i asked
  51. plase
  52. the way u copied the schematic it goes in the void
  53. Zhyrr05/01/2019
  54. Ah okay
  55. I will make a sxhem where you can stand on the ground and paste ig
  56. Xael05/01/2019
  57. good
  58. Lipids05/01/2019
  59. I repped you would
  60. appreciate it back if possible
  61. thank you in advance
  62. Zhyrr05/02/2019
  63. You've got a link of yours.
  64. ?
  65. Zhyrr05/02/2019
  66. repped
  67. let me make a schem the right way now
  69. there you go
  70. Lipids05/02/2019
  71. Thanks
  72. Zhyrr05/02/2019
  73. no worries :heart:
  74. Lipids05/02/2019
  75. having trouble with the scheme
  76. tryign to load it on my server
  77. and it says its null
  78. could we have a world download please
  79. ?
  80. Lipids05/02/2019
  81. also alot of stuff is missing in the scheme
  82. this was built on 1.8 right?
  83. @here
  84. Lipids05/02/2019
  85. I just loaded it up
  86. and its very very patchy
  87. Zhyrr05/02/2019
  88. I will be home satuday
  89. Lipids05/02/2019
  90. ok
  91. was the build made on 1.8?
  92. or atleast with 1.8 blocks?
  93. Basti | SirHatless | P05/02/2019
  94. I was never told about that. The spawn + koths contain many 1.12 blocks
  95. Lipids05/02/2019
  96. our whole server runs 1.8.....
  97. Basti | SirHatless | P05/02/2019
  98. That might explain the trouble you have pasting it. Lol
  99. Lipids05/02/2019
  100. is there anyway we can resolve this??
  101. I understand alot of hard work and dedication was put into this
  102. however I did pay alot for this prior to knowing this information
  103. Basti | SirHatless | P05/03/2019
  104. Yeah I can change that. It might look a bit less good in the end tho
  105. Atleast for the spawn I could
  106. Lipids05/03/2019
  107. That's fine. Do your best
  108. Lipids05/04/2019
  109. does the custom biome use 1.8 blocks?
  110. Zhyrr05/04/2019
  111. no
  112. I would have to change all the blocks
  113. why didnt you say this in the beginning :frowning:
  114. Lipids05/04/2019
  115. I did
  116. its ok
  117. im getting it fixed
  118. Zhyrr05/04/2019
  119. could you pin the message youve said it in? coudnt find any messages with 1.8 in it yesterday
  120. Lipids05/04/2019
  121. I would have to look, it was before we made this chat when we where in voice
  122. but its o
  123. ok
  124. when I first met you
  125. Zhyrr05/04/2019
  126. :thumbup::skin-tone-3:
  127. LipidsToday at 11:36 AM
  128. Hey so we have a problem
  129. I was going to pay someone to fix the spawn with 1.8 blocks
  130. But it's way too much work
  131. I am going to need you to fix this
  132. @everyone
  133. Or we gotta work something out
  134. ZhyrrToday at 1:14 PM
  135. hey,  I am sorry to say but the change time has expired, you had a couple of days where you could ask for changes and that is expired.
  136. I can not help you. Im sorry
  137. LipidsToday at 1:56 PM
  138. So even though there are literal villages in the warzone that you failed to look over that means nothing?
  139. ZhyrrToday at 1:57 PM
  140. There are no villages in the schematic I have sent you
  141. LipidsToday at 1:58 PM
  142. I paid you $430 USD and in exchange I have something that has villages in the middle of the warzone that weren't fixed or even looked at and a spawn and warzone that I am unable to use because 50% of the blocks are 1.12 and I cant use them even though I said that the server was 1.8... can you understand my frustration?
  143. If it was $100 I mean what ever. But we are talking fucking $430 that is ALOT of money spent
  144. And Riches told me there was villages in the scheme
  145. ZhyrrToday at 2:02 PM
  146. First of, there are no villages in your schematic that I have sent you, secondly we asked if we could change the blocks but you didn't want it cause you would do it yourself. Thirthly you never mentioned it was 1.8 so don't blame us on that part.
  147. LipidsToday at 2:17 PM
  148. I told you via voice chat when we first met but I guess it didnt matter
  149. So let me ask you a question
  150. For you to fix the build so that it is all 1.8 blocks for the spawn and warzone and koths how much would you charge?
  151. LipidsToday at 2:39 PM
  152. @everyone
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