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  2. I want to tell you something about the Harvard concept today.
  3. The Harvard-Concept is a method of negotiation
  4. • It was developed by Roger Fisher and William L. Ury at the Harvard-University.
  5. • The aim: to have a Win-Win-situation for both negotiators
  6. Win-Win-situation: a solution that benefits both sides.
  8. •The Harvard-Concept comprises four principles. I want to explain the principles by a role play.
  10. This is Lotta and Merle. They share a flat.
  11. _____________________________________________________________
  12. L:hi I have to talk with you. Do you have time to talk, now?
  13. M: hi yes, we can talk now. What happened?
  14. L:  I think you did not clean the kitchen this week and it is very dirty. Is it possible to do it now?
  15. M: oh, oki
  16. ! But I think it is not soo dirty and also you ate my pasta yesterday. So why do I have to clean the kitchen now?
  17. __________________________________________________________________________________
  18. The first principle is to separate interests and persons.
  19. There are 2 levels. The pesonal and factual Level.
  20.    -personal level: you ought to be friendly to the people
  21.    -factual level: you ought to be strong during negotiations  
  22.    -it is important that you don´t mix personal and factual Level
  24. Merle didn't do that.
  25. Merle saw the negotiation as a conflict and she didn't separate the two levels. She had no strong arguments.
  27. Let's go on!
  28. _________________________________________________________________________
  29. L: oh sorry, but that's is an other topic. Can you do it now?
  30. M: oki I will do it.
  31. _____________________________________________________________
  32. J: after Merle cleaned the kitchen, it wasn't done properly.
  33. Lotta and Merle are not really happy, because they didn't know the interests behind there Actions.
  34. That's is the 2. Principle.
  36. 2.  Interests
  37. ◦ There is the level of the position and the level of interest
  38. ◦ it is good to focus on interests.
  39.     it is impoertant to share your own interests
  40.     and to understand the real interests of the opposite
  42.     If only the position is shown, then the two contender parties become more uncompromising, thus it is more difficult to find     a solution
  44. In this role play Merles interest was to have a date with a nice boy and she didn't want to be late. She wanted to clean the kitchen, but not at that time. If Lotta had known this, maybe they would have found a better solution.
  46. 3.  the 3. principle is to note various options
  47. ◦ Create many options  to get the best solution for both parties
  48. ◦ Create space for creative solutions
  49. ◦ Also it is importent that negotiating partners should be flexible and open
  50. ◦ Sometimes it is a good way to offer additional options
  53. for example Merle would have cleaned the kitchen and emptied the garbage the next day. So lotta would be happy that Merle cleaned and emptied the garbage. Merle is happy that she is not late at her date. That is a win win situation for both.
  55. the 4.principle is to use objective criteria
  56. ◦ the negotiatiors should find and agree with objective criteria
  57. ◦ it is importent to have good, strong and logical Arguments
  58.     and to look behind tactics
  59. ◦ also, Do not demean arguments
  60. and give examples of objective criteria
  62. In this roll play they could have asked an other flat-sharing community, how they deal with this problem.
  63. If Merle and Lotta had known the Harvard concept, they would have found the best solution.
  65. Benefits
  66. the Method is Solution-oriented (Lösungsorientiert)
  67. - it has a great opportunity for Action (-Große Chance zum Handeln)
  68. - and Possibilities of a general cooperation (Möglichkeiten einer allgemeinen Zusammenarbeit)
  70. Cons
  71. - Negotiators have to know the method for a fair negotiation.
  72. - very general
  73. - Both sides must have the same information for a good Agreement.
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