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  1. The Sanders
  3. It was an average Thursday evening in the month of March.  A light rain was falling, and an occasional flash of lightning lit the wet streets, causing them to glisten for brief moments at a time.  In between the groups of people on their ways to their respective homes was Jacob Sanders, on his way home from work as well.  Working as a graphic designer in New York, he had carved out a comfortable little life for himself.  Comfortable in the sense that he was not extremely rich, or poor, but quite content with the way things were.  Life was good.  A steady job, a nice 2 level apartment in Manhattan (he had always wanted to live there), but best of all (in his opinion) was his lovely wife of 2 years.  Just the mere thought of Emily made his step quicken slightly and the rain almost enjoyable.  They met in college, she was quite the artist herself.  The two hit it off immediately because of their similar interests.  They were practically best friends throughout college, started dating shortly before graduation. and eventually ended up married just over a year after that.  He could never quite believe his luck in their meeting.  Emily was one of the most down-to-earth, levelheaded, good-natured people he had ever encountered.  She had a great sense of humor, and a love for life that made Jacob love her all the more.  What made her such an enigma was that on top of her amazing personality she was absolutely beautiful.  Emily could have easily found work in modeling, but her incredible looks never seemed to phase her.  Jacob felt as though he was the luckiest man on Earth, because in addition to all this, he also was the only person on Earth with whom Emily had shared her amazing secret.
  5. “Emm, I’m home.”  Jacob announced as he walked in the door of the apartment.  She always got home from work about an hour before he did.  He hung up his Coat on the coat rack hook by the door and set down his umbrella.  Emily had not answered back yet and the place was quiet except for the noise he was making.  His heart beat a few beats faster as he thought to himself, “she’s either not home yet, or she is playing her special version of hide-and-seek”.  Just then he heard a faint feminine laughter coming from somewhere in the apartment, possibly even this very room.  “Yes!” he thought, “hide-and-seek it is”.  He walked into the living room and rather apprehensively approached the tall floor lamp, examining it almost as if to see if it was real or not.  He turned the knob and sure enough, the room was aglow from it’s light.  “The search continues” he thought to himself.  “Come out, come out wherever you are.” he said audibly this time.  Just then he heard the female laughter again, but he just couldn’t seem to perceive where it was coming from.  Then he did something that most would consider strange.  He walked to the easy chair on the other side of the living room and proceeded to tickle it.  No apparent reaction whatsoever followed this bizarre act.
  7. Jacob then proceeded in this manner throughout most of the rooms of the apartment.  Picking objects up, examining some, tickling others.  Pillows, tables, flower pots... methodically carrying on this seemingly abnormal behavior.  After approximately 10 minutes or more, he exclaimed “Hon, either you are getting really good at this, or I just suck”.  He heard the laughter once again after what seemed like hours since that last one.  “Come on, can I get a little clue here”.  
  9. “Your very cold right now, you big party-pooper”.  It was the playful voice of the woman he loved, coming from the front room he had gone through first.  Could he have missed something?  He walked slowly through the living room again and heard Emily’s voice as he did... “Warmer, warmer...your getting warmer...”.  He looked around more confused than before.  His eyes glanced past the front door as he herd her say “getting hot now”.  He walked towards the door again looking for something he had missed.  Then it dawned on him... “Oh man, I am slipping.  I can’t believe I missed that”.  He heard the laughter once again, much louder this time.  “The coat rack” he shouted like an excited school boy.  “You got me” he unmistakably heard Emily’s voice say.  Just then the coat rack started to stir ever so slightly.  Right before his eyes it began to move, twist and bulge.  Anyone else in the room would have completely fainted but Jacob just stared in fascination.  He had seen this type of thing many times before, but was by no means bored of it.  The coat rack continued to bulge and stretch and now no longer resembled a coat rack at all.  Amazingly enough, it began to resemble the shape of a woman.  The coat rack continued to transform and before he knew it, standing before him was Emily holding his damp coat in her left hand.  She was wearing nothing but a smile.  Her incredible body was a sight in itself.  Almost enough to make a man forget the miraculous transformation it just went through only moments ago.  
  11. “You really know how to reward a guy” Jacob said with what little breath he could collect.  “Come here you” Emily said, and all at once her left arm stretched out to an inhuman length depositing his coat on the chair nearby.  Her right arm was also stretching out a good eight feet or more towards Jacob, wrapping itself around him once and then pulling him towards her.  He of course was not resisting even slightly.  By now her left arm was on its way towards him and proceeded to wrap itself around him as well.  Once he was in normal arms length of her, he embraced her and the two began to kiss as though they had not seen each other in weeks.  After several minutes they finally ceased kissing.  Jacob looked down at himself and noticed his shirt was removed and lying nearby on the floor, and his pants were undone but still, for the most part, on.  Emily’s arms and legs were wrapped around him like four snakes, her torso was relatively normal, and her neck was stretched back and up about a foot length so that she was just slightly above eye level from Jacob, allowing them to talk but still remain embraced.  
  13. “How was your day dear?”  Emily said in a tone mocking that of a 50’s sitcom housewife.  They both began laughing, and her limbs and neck slowly began to return to normal.  She still had her arms around his neck but in a much more normal way.  “So, what did you do with the real coat rack?” Jacob asked.  “Right over here behind the couch.” came her reply.  With that her torso began to elongate and angle towards the top of the couch.  Both her arms then stretched to the back side of the couch to retrieve the hidden coat rack.  Her torso then retracted but her still lengthened arms stretched over to the doorway to replace the rack in it’s rightful place.  “I swear, you looked right at it about three times”.  She said as her arms returned to normal.  “I guess I was just looking to hard”  Jacob replied sheepishly.  
  15. ______________
  17. Jacob was again thinking about what a lucky guy he was.  Emily was absolutely magnificent.  Her  powers (for lack of a better word) were growing more incredible everyday.  It seemed there was no end to the things she could do with her body.  He could not forget the day she revealed her secret to him.  
  19. It was about six months before they were to be married.  She sat him down in his apartment living room and said she had something to show him.  She began to peel off her clothing and he was aroused but alarmed at the same time.  “I thought you wanted to wait until after we were married to...”  She put her finger to his lips to stop him in mid sentence.  Don’t worry, I haven’t changed my mind about that.  This is something... different.”  She continued to disrobe and he noticed she was wearing some type of body suit on underneath.  It looked as though it was made of latex or rubber or something similar.  It covered her from her neck to her ankles, even her arms to the wrist.  “Before you decide to marry me, I want you to know everything.”  She said, looking somewhat worried as to what his reaction would be.  He was by now extremely intrigued.  Emily continued... “This is something I must show you rather than tell you.  If you don’t want to be with me after this night, I will understand.  Just promise me you will never tell another soul what you see.”   Jacob looked in her eyes, and could see the anxiety in them.  He reached out and grasped her hand and said “I don’t understand... your starting to worry me.  Are you... God no... ill or something?!?”.  
  21. “Just promise me Jacob!”.  She said.  “Emm, you know I would never do anything to hurt you... of course I promise.”  Jacob said as he started to stand in order to give her a reassuring hug, but she put his hand on her shoulder and said “Please, just stay seated for a minute”.  With that she walked into the center of the room, looked over at him, and started to bend backwards at the waist.  She slowly continued until her back was touching the back of her thighs.  She had completely bent in half... backwards.  Jacob's eyes widened and he shifted in his chair a bit... “My fiancé is a contortionist!”  He thought.  But before he had time to dwell on this thought, Emily spread her legs apart slightly, and continued her backward bending.  Her shoulders were now past her thighs and still going.  Her torso was completely wound around her waist and her head was upright again.  Jacob’s eyes were as wide as they ever were now, and he started to feel a bit faint.  He had seen photos of contortionists before and had always marveled, but this was... too much.  
  23. Emily uncoiled herself slowly stood up straight, and looked at Jacob again to see how he was handling things so far.  She then began to twist at the waist until she was a full 180 degrees around.  But to Jacob’s astonishment, she continued even further to a humanly impossible 360 degrees.  There was an obvious twist in her midsection, like a piece of wound rope.  She then twisted even further around... another 360 degrees!  Not sure if Jacob could handle anymore, she risked it and decided to continue.  Her legs began to grow and stretch longer and longer until her head almost touched the ceiling.  Her arms then began to stretch the twelve or more feet down to her ankles and she ran her hands up the length of her unbelievably contorted and stretched body, retracting her arms as they traveled upward.  Meanwhile, Jacob’s mouth was completely open, his eyes wide and staring.  He could feel blood rushing up to his head, and felt that he could faint at any moment.  He shook his head and tried to compose himself, unsure what to make of what he was seeing.  His mind was completely blown, and he was definitely freaked out.  But what was this other emotion he was feeling?  Could it be possible that he was actually aroused by this?  
  25. Emily was now returning to her normal shape looking over to see her wreck of a boyfriend.  “Now you see why I had to show you, rather than tell you first.”  She said, still fearful of his reaction.  Jacob said nothing, just continued to stare, disbelieving.  Emily continued... “I was afraid you might take it like this.”   She was picking up her clothing off the floor as she spoke.  “I wanted you to know this... secret... about me before you decided to marry me.”  Jacob still couldn’t speak.  He tried twice, but no sound would come out of his mouth.  Emily looked as though she might cry, she needed to hear something from him, some kind of reassurance.  “I knew this was a mistake”...she began to put her clothes back on “...I should go”.  She was nearly dressed now, and was rushing to get out before she burst into tears.  Jacob still had no reaction, and Emily quickly grabbed her coat and started for the door.
  27. “WAIT!”  Jacob finally spoke... or yelled actually.  He was standing now, wondering how he managed to find the strength.  It must have come from the thought of her leaving.  “Emm, please don’t go, just give me a minute for this all to register.”.  Emily turned around and looked at him, hopeful, but still teary-eyed.  “Emm, that was... that was... WOW... that was amazing.  But how?  When?  What?”  Jacob could speak again, but it seemed he could barely string together a sentence.  Emily began to smile again and even let out a little laugh at his blundering.  Jacob somehow managed to put one foot in front of the other and walked toward her.  He opened his arms to embrace her, but she looked at him slightly unsure.  She closed her eyes and before she knew it he was holding on to her tightly.  Emily burst out into tears and let herself sink into his embrace.  Through her tears she managed to say... “You mean you...?”  “Of course I still love you Emm!  Of course I still want to be with you!”.   Jacob cut her off at mid sentence.  It was exactly the reassurance she needed to hear, and she returned his embrace as tightly as he was holding her.  After a full two minutes, she pulled back slightly and looked into his eyes...”Jacob... there’s more.  I didn’t want to show you everything all at once, because I wasn’t sure how you would react.”  “You mean it gets better?!?”  Jacob said with an almost eager anticipation.  Again, it was just what she needed to hear and she returned to holding him tightly.  “First let me tell you how it all began...”
  29. Seated on the couch now, they were both more relaxed and Emily was telling Jacob how it came to be that she had these amazing abilities.  “ my mother was a complete drug addict.  She took just about anything and everything she could get her hands on.  When she ran out of money, she would do just about anything to get more.  One of her favorite methods of getting money was prostituting herself.  The other, believe it or not, was to volunteer for those government drug testing.  You know, where they pay people to volunteer to take newly developed drugs.  If you volunteer for one drug study, you’re supposed to wait for like... 4 to 6 months before participating in another one.  But mom, she would volunteer for a new one every week, sometimes more.  She continued on like this even after she found out... found out she was pregnant with me.”  Emily paused, cleared her throat, then continued... “There is no telling how many different drugs in different combinations she took during her pregnancy.  She took these government test drugs, combined with the crack, heroin, booze, and God knows what else.  As if all this wasn’t bad enough, during the last month of her pregnancy she was out driving , higher than a kite as usual.  It was a very stormy night, and she managed to slide off the road and hit a power line pole.  The power line snapped, hit the car, and electrocuted her almost to death.  “You got to be kidding me!?!”  Jacob interrupted.  Emily looked at him and then shook her head... “I wish I was.  Anyway, they had to deliver me a full 3 weeks early and she died while giving birth to me.”
  31. “How horrible!  I can’t believe it.  Honey, you said you were an orphan, but I had no idea.”  Jacob said while rubbing her shoulder.  “How did you find all of this out then?  I mean...she died when you were so young...I mean...”.  Emily smiled, understanding of his blundering... “The doctor who delivered me... Dr. Gerald Anderson.  After futilely trying to contact any of my next of kin, took me in and raised me as his own daughter.  He was in his sixties when I was born, but he did the best he could to raise me.  He was a wonderful father actually, and when I first discovered my abilities as a young child, it was him who helped me develop them.  He also developed this body suit I wear under my clothes.  It’s made from organic materials designed to mimic what my body does.  What a brilliant man my father was.”  “Is he still...”  Jacob interrupted to ask... “Emily anticipating what his question would be, replied... “No, he died about a year before I started college.”.  “Emm, I honestly don’t know what to say right now.”  Jacob said, wanting badly to comfort her.  “It’s okay” she replied “I’ve had a long time to get over it.  I’m okay, really.”  she said, reassuring him this time.
  33. A few minutes of silence passed as the two held each other on the couch.  Emily, breaking the silence, looked at him and said, “So, do you want to see the rest?”  “Absolutely!... I mean, yes please.” came Jacob’s reply.  “What else can you do with that incredible body of yours?”  “Easy now”, she said, almost blushing.  “Well, as you already saw, I can stretch and contort my body as if it were made of latex or something.” as she spoke, her neck began to elongate to approximately a foot and a half... “like this” she finished.  “AMAZING”.  Jacob was now wide-eyed again, but almost seemed to be enjoying this.  Especially now that she started to stand and disrobe again.  “You haven't seen anything yet.  Just let me finish”.  She was now down to only the extremely tight catsuit she had shown earlier.  “The floor is yours” Jacob said in a silly voice.  She walked to the center of the room directly in front of him and continued speaking... “Not only can I stretch my body in just about any way I want, I have managed to control it to the point of shapeshifting into just about any object.”  Jacob watched in amazement as she got down on all fours and began to alter her shape.  Her body was now stretching and becoming more geometric, her back was nearly rectangular.  Right before his eyes she transformed into an exact replica of the coffee table in the living room.  
  35. “Oh my gosh!”  Jacob nearly shouted, totally on the edge of his seat now.  She waited long enough for him to have a good look and then effortlessly transitioned back into her natural shape.  She looked up at him and then stood to her feet.  Before letting him comment,  she began to contract herself lengthwise.  Slimmer and slimmer she became, round and tube-like.  Her head then spread out at the top in a circular disk shape, and her feet began to come seamlessly together, also forming a perfectly circular disk shape.  Before he knew it, she had morphed into the exact shape of a halogen floor lamp.  “WOW!” Jacob exclaimed... “That’s the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen.  YOU, are incredible Emm!”  She was now shifting back into her normal self again.  In mid transitioned she said “You mean, your not... freaked out by all of this?”.  “Well, yeah I’m freaked out by this, but... Emm, I don’t know how to tell you this,  but I find it... I don’t know... sexy!”  It was Emily’s turn to stare wide-eyed at him.  “You think this is... SEXY?  Are you serious?!?”   “Well... yeah, I do Emm.  I hope that’s okay”.  Jacob said looking sheepishly at her with his head tilted towards the floor.  “YES it’s okay!”  She said, full-on blushing now.  “I was praying for a good reaction from you, but I never thought... wow, now you’ve managed to shock me Jake”.
  37. “Is there more?” He asked, still in that sheepish tone.  “Well...”  She thought for a moment “yes, there is.”  She walked over to the couch and sat next to him.  “I can alter my face and body to look like anyone I choose.”  “Are you serious?!?”  He asked, but after what he saw tonight, why should he be so surprised.  Just then, Emily’s face began to change.  Her features moved, adjusted, and reshaped, all the while becoming more... manly.  After no more than a few seconds, he was now staring into a mirror image of his own face!”.  Her face was now exactly like his, except for having no stubble whatsoever, and still maintaining her own hair.  “Whoa”, he said a bit startled and started to move backwards.  “What is it?  What’s wrong?”  His mirror image face said, only with Emily’s voice.  “I don’t know if I like this part.”  Jacob said, feeling a bit uneasy.  “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”  Emily said while transforming her features back to that of her own.  “It’s not that, Emm.  It’s just that... looking at you, with my face, with your voice... It’s just kind of... creepy.”  “I think I understand what you mean.”  She said, face fully restored to normal.  “How about if I try someone else?  Anyone you want.”  “I’d like that”. Jacob replied.  
  39. He was trying to think of someone, when he noticed the Flirt Clothing Catalog on the stack of books she brought in with her.  He reached over and picked it up, thumbing through it quickly.  “How about her?”  He said stopping midway through and pointing to an image of an incredibly beautiful model wearing a black vinyl mini dress and platform heels.  Emily leaned over the picture to get a good look, studied it for a bit, then looked him right in the eyes.  Jacob felt the blood rushing to his head again as his girlfriend’s face was once again...changing.  Her features contracted slightly, moved here and there, until sitting before him was the girl in the catalog.  Emily even pulled her hair back and smiled to make the change more evident.  Jacob blinked a few times and said “This is unbelievable!”  Emily then stood up and walked just slightly closer to where he could get a good view of her feet.  She motioned for him to look down at them and as he did, they were undergoing a bit of a change as well.  Her toes began to blend together, smooth out and raise up about 2 inches.  Her heels began to come to a point and then stretch out as well.  Her feet had transformed to appear as though she was wearing those platform heels the girl in the picture was wearing... only Emily had no shoes on at all.  Her feet copied every detail, right down to the strap and little buckle.  She then walked around the room in her new skin-colored platform heels and completely different facial features.  “I’ve always wondered what it felt like to walk around in these shoes.”  She said, admiring her feet.  “I’ve been considering buying a pair.”.
  40. Meanwhile, Jacob was absolutely mesmerized.  He watched her every move, afraid to miss anything.  
  42. She then asked him if he wanted her to transform her looks into anyone else.  He sat and thought for just a second, then reached in his wallet and pulled out a picture.  “I can’t think of any person I’d like you to look like more than this girl” Jacob said holding the picture out so she could see.  It was a picture of Emily herself.  She couldn’t help fight back the enormous smile, and stretched her neck out toward Jacob to give him a great big kiss.  As her head and elongated neck traveled towards him, her features began to shift back into her own flawless face.  A little weirded out, Jacob closed his eyes and awaited the kiss on his lips.  They kissed for a few minutes and before long he felt her arms around him... all the way around him.  Time passed and he eventually pulled back ever so slightly, opened his eyes and looked down.  Her arms and one leg were encircling him at least three times.  Not constricting like a snake, but with all the love and warmth of a passionate hug.
  44. “This is the most bizarre thing I have ever witnessed in my entire life” Jacob said, then added “and I freaking love it!”.  Emily smiled again as only she could, then asked “Would you like to see more?”  To which he replied “Are you kidding? Absolutely! Yes, I want to see more.”.  He was taking this far better than Emily had hoped or ever dreamed.  She thought for a bit about what to show him next, then got an idea.  “Watch this” she said, and started backing away from him retracting her limbs somewhat teasingly.  Back to her normal proportions, she continued backing up towards the wall.  When she reached the wall she backed up against it and ran her hands up along the surface of the wall.  Not knowing what to expect, Jacob looked on with full attention.  She looked up at him in a playfully devious smile then began to concentrate.  Suddenly her body seemed to be getting wider.  She was flattening herself against the wall, spreading her mass out and becoming thinner and thinner.  Her facial features, body curves, all began to flatten out and spread wider along the surface of the wall.  Before he knew it, emily was almost indistinguishable from the wall itself.  A few more seconds went by and now he had no idea where she ended and the wall began.  She was blended perfectly.  “Oh my gosh!!!”  was all the words he could muster.  “Oh my gosh!!!” he said again, then just stared wide eyed and open mouthed.  
  46. He walked over to where she was and ran his hand along the length of what looked like nothing more than a normal wall.  She had assumed even the shape of the grooves in-between the bricks and even the texture of the bricks as well.  He reached out as though he were about to touch a hot stove and carefully ran his hand along the surface.  This part of the wall now had an invitingly warm and soft rubbery feel to it.  Absolutely blown away, he stepped back to take a look again.  Suddenly two large flattened eyes opened and blinked at him.  Next he noticed what looked like an oversized pair of lips begin to protrude from the surface.  Her spread out mass was now becoming apparent again.  Her flattened and spread out body was now transitioning into her own lovely form once again.  Seconds before completely returning to herself she reached out and gave him another hug and kiss.  He could feel that warm rubbery body of hers returning to it’s normal shape right while he was holding on to her.  His senses were at almost at overload.
  47. Emily then said in a playful tone, “see ya on the couch”.  Not knowing quite what she meant, Jacob soon found out.  She closed her eyes for just a second and then looked up at him.  He then noticed that her body was taking on an almost liquid feel to it and parts of her were beginning to ooze through his fingers and arms.  Once again with his mouth and eyes open wide he took a step back  and tried to witness what was taking place now.  “Your melting” he said, with a crack in his voice sounding almost worried.  Then he heard a reassuring laughter coming from this new form of Emily.  “Just watch” she said, and went right on transforming into a formless liquid and oozing through his arms and hands onto the floor.  Soon she resembled a skin colored pool of mercury around his feet.  He looked down and was astonished to see the puddle begin to move towards the couch.  The puddle slowly made it’s way across the floor and stopped just in front of the couch.  Then just as her body had changed to this liquid form, it began to return to her normal shape in reverse.  The center started to rise up and take on a rounded shape, continuing upwards to her normal height.  Then the formless blob began to form and shape and change back into what he recognized as his incredibly beautiful girlfriend holding out her arms and motioning for him to come over to where she was.  He was absolutely blown away and could hardly keep from fainting.
  49. ___________
  51. “Jake”.... “Jake”.... “hello, earth to Jake”.  He was jolted back to the present in his Manhattan appartment with his wife standing in front of him, trying to get his attention.  Jacob shook his head and said “I’m sorry Emm, I was just day dreaming a bit there.” .  “Day dreaming” Emily replied... “about what?”.  “Oh, dreaming about the first time you showed me these fantastic abilities of yours.”  He smiled at her, then continued... “you remember that?... remember when you...”  “when I did this” Emily said, finishing his sentence.  With that she began to become semi-liquid again and transitioned into a puddle of skin colored mercury again.  Instinctively Jacob walked backwards towards the couch and and sat down then laid back, anticipating what was next.  The puddle of his wife then oozed and undulated over to the couch, then up and on to where he was.  Before he knew it this wonderfully warm liquid began to envelop him like a blanket.  He was now covered from neck to toe in this liquid form of his wife.  Jacob then began to feel the most incredible sensation of pleasure from literally everywhere on his body, from neck to toe.  He had experienced this before, but no two times were the same.  It was the most wonderful feeling he had ever experienced.  Slowly Emily transitioned back into her normal shape and the two enjoyed each others embrace for the remainder of the evening.
  53. The End...
  55. Or has it just begun...
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