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Dominions Enhanced 0.04 Changelog

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  1. Hoof (Weapon 56) now 12 dmg (no Warhorse Hoof)
  2. <in progress>Cavalry now have permanent secondform as a foot troop
  3. <in progress>Elite cavalry get replacement mounts after battle but consume more supplies
  4. <in progress>Monster cavalry do not get replacement mounts but their original shape reflects the monster's stats
  5. Cavalry commanders die with their mounts
  6. <in progress>CBM res costs applied to cavalry
  7. <in progress>Lanceless bow light cavalry get a new Raider Bow that shoots 6x shortbow arrows for 2 rounds of ammo. This is to make them usable for fire and flee.
  8. <in progress>CBM commander price reduction
  9. Javelins now cripple if they harm the enemy
  10. <in progress>To balance this many tramplers now have "natural" shields
  11. <in progress>Trampling pretenders now have shields and/or recuperation
  12. Shamblers are now MR 12
  13. Longdead now have 3/5 the hp
  15. Gemgens unique & const 8
  16. Hammers unique & const 8
  17. SDR unique & const 8
  18. Jade Knives unique & const 8
  19. Ring of Earth e booster as per CBM
  20. Mark of the Champion helmet arena award
  21. Water breathing items paths and research greatly reduced as per CBM
  22. Amulet of the Fish W1
  24. Field of Plenty removed
  25. Kelp Fortress rarity 2
  26. Whispering Woods level 2
  27. Discount sites of more than 20% removed
  29. Wish now 125 pearls
  30. Arcane Nexus now 400 pearls
  31. Astral Corruption now 266 slaves
  32. Burden of Time now Thau 7
  33. Forge of the Ancients now Const 9, E5 F3
  34. New Gift of Health clone "The First Spark" Evo 8, F5 S3, 70 gems
  35. Gift of Health now Ench 7, 70 gems
  36. Domes keep CBM path levels, much higher in gem cost
  37. CBM Gift of Reason (no undead)
  38. Undead-only Gift of Reason "Soul Splice" Ench 6, D5, 30 gems
  39. Tarts now have 50 to 100 hitpoints. Tart spirits are Ethereal. Tartarian Gate unchanged from vanilla
  40. AwesomeEndgame/EDM implemented. Mech Giants 80 hp. Granite Clops #stonebeing. Grendels 200 hp/16 mr
  41. Admiral Torgin now has thug hp and gear, onebattlespell Living Water
  42. Quickeness Alt 3, CBM Quickening, Quickening Alt 7, new Quickening clone "Swiftness" Ench 7, A3, new battlefield quickness "Celerity" Alt 9, W7, 7 gems
  43. Battlefield ethereal from Mytheology, "Aurora Warriors" Alt 9, S8, 8 gems
  44. Battlefield twist fate, "Divine Providence" Ench 9, S9, 9 gems
  45. AoE +4 att & ap, "Heroism" Ench 5, F4, 20 fat, 25 AoE, Range 10. Battlefield "Mass Heroism" Ench 9, F7, 7 gems
  46. Weapons of Sharpness renamed "Keen Blades", Const 5, E4. Battlefield "Weapons of Sharpness" Const 7, E7, 7 gems
  47. Legions of Steel Const 1
  48. Shimmering Fields replaced with battlefield charge body "Shimmering Fields", Evo 7
  49. Battlefield Holy Avenger "Revenge of the Soul", Evo 7, S5 F4, 5 gems
  50. Small AoE flaming arrows + wind guide from CPCS, "Desert Winds", Thau 3, F1 A1, 40 fat, AoE 2+
  51. Drakes redesigned as elemental blunderbusses (melee) at 6 gems. Lightning Drake replaces Wyvern. Cave Drake gets Swallow attack, reduced to 15 prot.
  52. CBM Dragon Master
  53. Elemental Spirits redesigned as elemental tanks. Resized to size 3, given 10% regen, hitpoints adjusted to 10/30/30/30, spring gets mistform & less damaging attack, fall gets arrow shield & 10 prot. The idea is you can use them to pin the enemy in place while you spam elemental damage without worrying about friendly fire
  54. Clockwork Horrors Const 3, Mechanical Men Const 5
  55. Twiceborn is renamed Lichdom, and now turns your mage into an immortal Minor Lich. It has been recosted to D3, 30 gems.
  56. Self Bless H1 spell
  58. Added all AwesomeGods pretenders
  59. GWB and GBB incur 50 unrest in their province, GWB cost decreased to 175
  60. Many pretenders (gearless SCs and tramplers) gain natural shields or recuperation
  61. All dragons cost 50, gain melee breath weapons, Red Dragon gets heat, Blue Dragon gets chill, Green Dragon gets poison armor, Dracolich gets disease cloud, Carrion Dragon gets entangle
  62. New Lightning Dragon pretender with onebattlespell Quicken Self
  63. UW Archmage experimentally fixed with firstshape trick
  64. Manticore gets Swallow attack
  66. EA Arco (0) - Engineers recruit anywhere. Mage Engineers 15% forge bonus. Cardaces 8g. Chariot Archer now shapeshifts permanently. Wind Riders 100g but have infinite pegasi. Icarid cost reduction
  67. EA Ermor (1) - Lizard Auxiliares get AoE 1 thrown poison satchels. Bishops recruit anywhere. Archbishops young. Augur Elders F2 S2 D2 110% AFSD. Flamen lose F1, get 2x100% AWFEN. Added Greater Augury sitesearch spell as per CBM
  68. EA Ulm (2) - All Mages get additional 100% random. Warrior Smiths get S1 on their random. All units MM 2 & MR 10 & full Amibidex. Archers nerfed to Daggers as per CBM. Throwing Axes 4 Attacks. Warriors get Broad Sword & Short Sword. Elite Warriors stealthy and Berserk 1. Steel Warriors get Ignore Pain shield & 15 att/14 def
  69. -The new Ulm: There's nothing about magic-fearing in EA Ulm's lore. They're now a fully-mapmove 2 "elite human" nation with stealthy troops; no BS about "relies on armor rather than stealth". Also can do artificial communions with Smiths.
  70. EA Marverni - Ambibate Bare-Chested 13g/4reinvig, Ambibate Noble 17g/4reinvig, Ambibate Chief 40g/4reinvig, Boar Knight added: New cap-only 18 hp (boar stats) lance trample sacred, permanently dies into Boar Warrior. Boar Lord replaced with Boar Knight version. Gutuaters get B random. Druids 340g as per CBM. Eponi Knights have infinite horses
  71. EA Sauromatia (4) - Androphags give serpent stats (28 hp). Oiorpata have infinite Lizards. Raiders get a Raider Bow that shoots 6x Short Bow arrows for 2 rounds, to allow Fire and Flee
  72. EA T'ien Ch'i (5) - Nobles have infinite chariots. Medium footmen removed (1901 & 1904)
  73. EA Machaka Lion Kings (6) (unused) -
  74. EA Mictlan (7) - Mictlan Priests 70g B2 3RP. Sling Warriors 7g. Feathered Warrior 14g. CBM Moon Warriors (magic sword). Sun Warriors prec 12/att 13/def 13/mor 13 as per CBM, Heat 2 and 50% FR
  75. - Mictlan is costed as if Javelins are worth paying a little for
  76. EA Abysia (8) - No changes. Will be moved to MA for Muspelheim.
  77. EA Caelum (9) - Ice Lance given charge bonus. Spire Horn Warriors 15ap. Tempest Warrior 18ap/shock immune/12g. All Caelian Infantry 9g. Raptor #1707 removed. Raptorean Warrior 12 hp 11/11 str/12 att/11 def/12 mor/3 enc. Iron Crow 13 hp/13 att/12 def/13 mor/3 enc. Mammoths have Impenetrable Hide shield. Yazatas Conj 1/6 gems as per CBM. Amesha Spenta 50 gems as per CBM
  78. - The new Caelum: Spire Horn are air cavalry glass cannons, Caelians are cheap & armored, Raptors are elite stat-wise but expensive
  79. EA C'tis (10) - H3 national AoE 50% PR spell. City Guard get patrol 2. Falchioneer gets 12att/ambi3/12g as per CBM. Runner gets Net/22ap/10g. Taskmaster 40g can Capture Slaves & accidentally Holy. Lizard Chariot/Heir get Buckler and have infinite chariots. Sacred Serpent 20g and gets constrict AoE weapon. Serpent Dancer 30g and gets Snake Bladder Stick. Empoisoner added cap-only. Militia #168 removed
  80. EA Pan (11) - Maenads get 2 claws. Dryads get 100% AWDB random. Pans sacred. Satyr Sneak 8g. Satyr Warrior 11g. Minotaur 30g/10att. Minotaur Warrior 35g/12att. Minotaur Lord 40g/12att. Centaur Hierophant 60g. Centaur 20g. Centaur Warrior 30g. White Centaur 50g
  81. EA Argatha (12) - Heat 1 preference. Wet Ones get nets. All Pale Ones res size 2. CBM AoE Boulder Throwers. New "Olm" Mind Blast troop at 50g. New "Olm Mage" W2 1x100% FED 200g. Earth Readers E2 H1 1x100% FWD. New national spell "Oracle's Vision" E1 H1 Thau 2 = eagle eyes. Oracles 350g. Oracles & Earth Readers get Fortune Telling. Pale One Warrior #1464 removed
  82. - The new Argatha: AoE Boulders, Mind Blasts and Nets let you ignore enemy defense. Prec buff and a W mage give new battlemagic options but need research to pull off.
  83. EA TNN (13) - Whole nation enc 2 as per CBM. Golden Weapons false fetters effect as per CBM bug. Ri get Awe +0, A2 N2 F1 110% FAWEN. Sorcs get 110% AWEDN. Beans get 100% AWEND. Sidhe Lords get A2 N2
  84. EA Fomoria (14) - Giant encumbrance normalized as per CBM. Nemedians get false fetters effect as per CBM bug & DV 100%. Fomorian Bronze Spear 4 dmg. Gold cost changes similar to CBM
  85. EA Vanheim (15) - Whole nation enc -1 as per CBM. Vanherse A1 B1. Vanjarl A2 B2. Vanadrott A3 B2 110% AEDB. Cavalry get replacement horses. Smiths get 15% forge bonus. Fay Boar Herds summon 6 more Fay Boars in battle.
  86. - The new Vanheim: EA's new Premier Blood Nation.
  87. EA Helheim (16) - Whole nation enc 3 as per CBM. Vanjarl Removed. Helkarl & Dis recruit-anywhere. Helkarl A1 D1. Dis A2 D2. Hangadrott B random removed and gets A2 D3 110% FEAD random. Svartalf get 15% forge bonus. Cavalry get replacement horses
  88. - The new Helheim: Blood is removed to give a reason to play Vanheim over Helhiem. You now get the most precise Bane Fire in the game and the cheapest Cloud Trapeze thugs.
  89. EA Niefelheim (17) - Encumberance normalized as per CBM. Jotun Spears 4 dmg. Jotun Hurlers get AoE boulder like Argatha. Jotun Javelinists get special armor smashing crippling Javelin and lose Shield. Jotun Huskarls 11att/11def. Jotun Hirdman 12att/12def. Niefel Giant/Jarl chill nerfed, Niefel Jarls nerfed to 600g
  90. EA Kailasa (18) - All bow Monkeys merged into Sticks and Stones. Yavana Archer 3 arrows. PD increased to 40@10pd markata & Yaksha at 20. Yaksha & Yashini H2. Contact Yakshini & Yaksha 20 gems. Celestial Music Thau 2 S2. Ambush of Tigers summons at edge of battle, 80 fat. Kinnara 20 pearls. Siddha 25 pearls. Devata onebattlespell Rush of Strength 35 gems. Devala onebattlespell Celestial Music 35 gems
  91. - The new Kailasa: Monkeys absolutely SPAM projectiles, think a thousand stones out of every tree. Devata and Devala summons boost your monkeys and other summons, giving them a niche.
  92. EA Yomi (19) - Throw Flames 1 AoE/-8 dmg. Poison Spit 1 AoE/5 dmg AN nostr. Demon Generals 40g lose magic summon allies 1 Ko-Oni. Bandit Leader Patrol 10/Pillage 10. Bandits Patrol2/Pillage2. Bakemono size 1 as per CBM. Bakemono (club) gains Claw attack. Oni 30g. Dai Oni get Kabuto helmet
  93. - The new Yomi: Solve your gold problems with patrol bonus Bandit Leaders and a little freespawn.
  94. EA Hinnom (20) - Giant encumbrance normalized as per CBM. Horite removed. Horite Hunter gets Great Club. Avvite Charioteer gets Shield and permanent secondshape as Avvite Spearman. Forest Ramparts changed to Forest Fortress. Avvite Scout 30g. Avvite Commander 40g. Baal nerfed to 600g
  95. EA Atlantis (21) - 40 Admin fort. 25% res bonus. Reef Dweller gets Net. Mother of the Deep DV 100/90g. Basalt Queen 250g. Mage of the Deep DV 100. Shambler Chief MR 12. Non-Deep Shamblers MR 12. Coral Guard Fear +0. Coral Commander MR 12 Fear +0. Coral Priest 50g/100% WN. Living Pillar stats buffed gets Reinvig4
  96. - The new Atlantis: Regular Shamblers are much better vs R'lyeh but Deep One Shamblers better in melee, all commanders have 100% DV, and you get the cheapest researcher in the game at 50g sacred 3rp
  97. EA R'lyeh (22) - 25% res bonus. Unarmored Slaves get Net. Armored Slaves get Trident. Aboleth and Mind Lord have Tentacle & Amphib & lose 1 magic on land. Mind Lord accidentally loses Voidsanity. Polypal Mother domsummons Gibbodai as per CBM. Slave Troll added as per CBM. Gibbodai gets 2x Tentacle
  98. - The new R'lyeh: Fairly good mage-thugs on land
  99. EA Oceania (26) - 25% res bonus. New amphib sacred water & coastal "Knight of the Tides" uses Turtle Armor/Turtle Helmet/Buckler. Sacreds get replacement sea-horses. Turtle Warrior re-made
  100. - The new Oceania: Terrorize the coasts with the Knights of the Red Tide
  101. EA Lanka (68) - All bow Monkeys merged into Sticks and Stones. PD increased to 40@10pd markata & Priest at 20. Asara gets Fear Roar, mrnegates oneshot AoE Fear. Anusara gets oneshot AoE Charge attack. Dakini nerfed 75 slaves
  102. - The new Lanka: Echos Kailasa changes, sacreds have better gimmicks
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