Jul 25th, 2019
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  1. /fwg/ fashwave general
  3. Welcome to /fwg/, the threads where anons post fashwave contents,
  4. discuss about fashwave and national-socialism/fascism related topics.
  6. Quick tutorial to make good fashwave content :
  8. >take a fascism/national-socialism friendly/related image
  9. >use paint dot net for next step
  10. >download and install the font VCR OSD Mono
  11. >open the image with paint dot net
  12. >put a black filled rectangle first, that will be the writing zone
  13. >use the font to write typical fashwave texts, such as "our patience has its limits"
  14. >save it
  15. >go to the website "photomosh"
  16. >use effects "Jitter", "Posterize", "RGB Shift" and "Scanlines" for optimal fashwave feels
  17. >tweak the settings until you obtain something you like
  18. >save it as both gif and jpg
  19. >post it on an existing thread or make one yourself, pastebin is : https://pastebin.com/2d9yGTMD
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