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  1. Abe: the fanfiction about booth and abe (ab for short).
  3.     Ab: Hello i Abe want Moderator in your Server
  4.     booth: Yes I Agree You Would Be An Egxcelent Moderator Person.
  5.     Ab: I can Bring so much to The Moderator team That isn't Already There! Such as Abraham Lincoln MeMes
  6.     booth: wow Can you Bring emotes On the Server     ?
  7.     Ab: I have Bring many a Emotes on the Server! Before and Again! i promise to Be the Best mod I can!
  8.     booth: you SounD Like Donald Trump LOL
  9.     Ab: Do not say LOL i Acutally hate Donald trump Unless the Mod team of This Specific server Does not. he is a Wicked Wicked man who          
  10.     deserves nothing but Some Form of Jewish Torture!
  11.     booth: haHa i was just Joking Get Baited You Idiot
  12.     Ab: Sorry, Men, i must Ban you forThis Atrocity *BAN*
  13.     BOOTH: Wow I guess i Deserve That, What a Good Moderator He Should Be Mod In Every server!
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