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  1. (10:35:06 PM) LOLHyenas: Yeah, you can speak to a total stranger in person, just because HE talks to you, but you can't talk to a stranger on the internet.  You know, the internet, where you don't even have to show your face, you're damn near anonymous.  Much safer.  I'm initiating conversation with you.  Why won't you talk to ME?
  2. (10:35:19 PM) LOLHyenas: Or mc2w for that matter
  3. (10:35:58 PM) themeerkatishere: Alright. Let's look at this logically, something you don't seem to be very good at
  4. (10:36:02 PM) themeerkatishere: In real life
  5. (10:36:15 PM) themeerkatishere: Where I ALREADY told you I placed myself in the least confrontational situations possible
  6. (10:36:20 PM) themeerkatishere: Talking is damn near a requirement
  7. (10:36:27 PM) themeerkatishere: I have forced myself to do so when I need to do so
  8. (10:36:28 PM) LOLHyenas: You're creating confrontation by refusing to talk here.
  9. (10:36:30 PM) themeerkatishere: Over the INTERNET
  10. (10:36:38 PM) LOLHyenas: You're the one with the poor logic.
  11. (10:36:40 PM) themeerkatishere: Not only do I not need to talk
  12. (10:36:52 PM) themeerkatishere: but doing so would require me to spend money for the privilege
  13. (10:36:55 PM) themeerkatishere: Which I don't want
  14. (10:36:58 PM) themeerkatishere: in the FIRST PLACE
  15. (10:37:11 PM) LOLHyenas: Yeah, it's SO expensive to get a mic.
  16. (10:37:12 PM) themeerkatishere: Confrontational as in "talking in general
  17. "
  18. (10:37:29 PM) LOLHyenas: Consider the price of your computer.  Weigh that against a mic.
  19. (10:37:42 PM) LOLHyenas: And you're supposedly a vet.  So don't bullshit me about being to broke to afford something that cheap.
  20. (10:37:46 PM) themeerkatishere: Let's assume the absolute least a mic could cost
  21. (10:37:51 PM) themeerkatishere: Let's say
  22. (10:37:54 PM) themeerkatishere: $15
  23. (10:37:55 PM) themeerkatishere: hell
  24. (10:37:56 PM) themeerkatishere: $10
  25. (10:38:09 PM) themeerkatishere: I can think of at least seven other things I want to spend ten dollars on first
  26. (10:38:45 PM) LOLHyenas: God forbid you put something into your friendships that costs a whole $10
  27. (10:39:36 PM) LOLHyenas: You say mc2w is your best frine
  28. (10:39:38 PM) LOLHyenas: friend*
  29. (10:39:39 PM) themeerkatishere: I do not WISH to do so. mc2w, the best friend I have, has already dropped it. You refuse to do so. Your position of "friend" in my mind has already been decreased before this, and situations like your refusal to trust me only exacerbates that
  30. (10:39:43 PM) LOLHyenas: But he's not even worth a $10 mic to you
  31. (10:39:52 PM) LOLHyenas: And no
  32. (10:39:56 PM) LOLHyenas: He hasn't dropped it
  33. (10:39:59 PM) LOLHyenas: He ASKED me to talk to you about it
  34. (10:40:04 PM) themeerkatishere: Well, no
  35. (10:40:06 PM) themeerkatishere: I'm sorry
  36. (10:40:08 PM) themeerkatishere: poor phrasing
  37. (10:40:11 PM) themeerkatishere: he still asks me
  38. (10:40:14 PM) themeerkatishere: but in a playful manner
  39. (10:40:16 PM) themeerkatishere: and he doesn't push it
  40. (10:40:22 PM) LOLHyenas: According to him
  41. (10:40:28 PM) LOLHyenas: He bugged you all night yesterday about it
  42. (10:40:42 PM) LOLHyenas: I'd say he's pushing it.
  43. (10:41:06 PM) LOLHyenas: Especially when he comes to me asking me to talk you into it
  44. (10:41:37 PM) themeerkatishere: I would argue that, but EVEN IF THAT WERE TRUE, he's doing it in a manner that actually speaks "friend." You're being an ass about it. Even if you're both asking the exact same amount, the friendly manner in which he does it speaks volumes
  45. (10:42:11 PM) LOLHyenas: I'm being an ass about it because being polite won't get you to do it.  I know that.  So I'm confronting you in order to solve the problem instead of running away from it.
  46. (10:42:22 PM) LOLHyenas: I've tried being polite in the past.
  47. (10:42:42 PM) LOLHyenas: Do you recall how excited I was when you got me that Celeste album?
  48. (10:42:54 PM) LOLHyenas: I would trade that for you getting a mic and using it.
  49. (10:43:18 PM) themeerkatishere: Being an ass won't get me to get a mic. Neither will being polite. Only one of those results in you remaining unblocked and still in good standing for the rest of the night.
  50. (10:43:21 PM) themeerkatishere has signed off.
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