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  1. Sorry for the pastebin, but I didn't think this would fit within SE's format. I'm currently a high school sophomore. I haven't really done much on the RE of malware, I've unpacked zbot and rbot, and look through how they worked, but I can manipulate practically any game to my liking by reverse engineering it and fining out which functions I need to detour, or what addresses of code I need to patch.
  3. I'd like to turn this hobby into a career. I've read other posts on this subreddit about it, and everyone says write stuff on a blog, but what do I write on the blog? Do I just detail how I hacked the game? Or must it be purely reversing of malware?
  5. Also as a side-note: Are there any tools like IDA, but cheaper? From what I've tried of IDA free I'd like to buy it, but it just costs so damn much, can't rally afford $584(+-$50, can't remember) at 16.
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