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  1. Hello everyone, Has anyone watched Qt before? perhaps this is something for our development.
  3. Benefits I see in this is:
  5. * MFC to Qt Migration.
  6. * Stylesheets: Very easy to modify the style of the windows.
  7. * GUI editor: It is very useful, generally easy to do GUI layouts.
  8. * Signals and slot system that is somewhat similar event systems. Best part is that signals and slots in a safe way can cross wires - very easy to use in multithreaded environment.
  9. * OS api abstraction: If we migrate completely to Qt, we can easily build it for other operating systems.
  10. * 2D drawing and OpenGL support. There are demos of high-level 3d engines working seamlessly with Qt (good option for fast visualization)
  11. * Built-in XML parser, networking, scripting and many more
  12. * And there is lgpl version of Qt too (free for commercial use)
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