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  1. Custom Graphics Used:
  2. SMB3 Water extensions, SMB3 Iced water tileset, SMB3 Ice Podoboo, SMB3 Ice Podoboo effects - Mr Briney
  3. SMB3 Ice Spiny - Red Yoshi
  4. SMB3 Ice Koopa, SMB3 Ice Goomba - GeneralGuy1234
  5. SMB3 Ice-Snow, SMB3 Blue Coin, SMB3 Snow Muncher - Redigit
  6. SMB3 Snow Wood - Sednaiur
  7. SMB3 Recolored SMB1 Snow Trees - Legend-tony980
  8. Spinning Star Sky (Ni) - It's-A-Me!
  9. SMA4 Snow - Pac
  10. SMB3 Blue Ultra Fast - Knuckles96
  11. SMW Written Sign- Garro
  12. SMB3 Blue P-Switch- Valtteri
  13. SMB3 Frozen Water - Road Runner
  15. Custom Music/s:
  16. Snowy Fields - Kirby's Epic Yarn
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