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  1. [2018/08/09 23:30]  Etienne Artaud: /me slid his tail around Aka's waist, gave him a hug with it, and then let it slide back around to simply waft behind him at a lazy, slow pace. His eyes were lingering over the tattoos on Aka's chest and bicep a little longer than they necessarily needed to. "Give my love to the kids, Alexi," he said, cheerful. "Good night, Kinako," he added as he started heading for the door.
  2. [2018/08/09 23:30]  ᴀᴋɪʀᴀ ʏᴀᴍᴀɢᴜᴄʜɪ-ᴜᴍɪ (addictivedarksin Resident): /me He b-lined for the red zone district hell he had ever intension of finding prey. His mind was black haze with one thin in mind rape and murder. The rage as still keen in him exploded over his body as he growled deep and threateningly in hs throat. He snatched up a random woman who had brunette hair. She screamed at the sudden onslaught. Oh what a pretty damn scream how beautiful it was it all but made his cock hard. He had the pretty brunette npc by the throat. He couldn't think beyond the dark desires that had been implemented in his mind by the damn demon. He was out of his god damn mind. There was no control that he usualy had no finesse. He growled like a beast at her face inhaling deep of her scent. "Pretty.. I wonder how pretty you will be with your skin off." He said to her in such a dark cooed tone as he held her off the floor her toes trying to get perch on the floor.
  4. [2018/08/09 23:32]  Kinako Seishin: /me held Alexi back as she was hugged. She kinda wanted to sneak over and cuddle Alexi again but she can do that another day. She did stand as Lexi moves to hug Eti. She moved over and gave Aka a hug, "Thank you Ojiichan!" She paused as she realized what she had called him and hoped he was too tired to notice or that it wouldn't be a problem.
  6.  Hoping to not to make a big deal of it she looked to Eti and bowed. She was still getting to know him so didn't want to presume that she could hug him just yet. She smiled as Aka mentioned everyone getting good rest. 'Hai!' She beamed as she made a mental note to get a cell phone tomorrow. So far she just had message she could check at home like a scifi version of a land line. "Goodnight, Etienne-san!" She tested out hi first name to see if he minded. If all was well she would move to slip on her shoes again and head out towards home.
  7. [2018/08/09 23:32]  Trace: /me thought he had heard a familiar scream. A voice that he was intimately known with and it frightened him. Leaving Celestine asleep in bed, he was quick to gather his gear and change in the elevator. Trying to locate where that sound had gone to. Couldn't have been... could it? Impossible. Why would he have been there? Too many questions race through his mind as he began searching for Akira. He had tried to text a few times but they were not going through or were unanswered. Making Trace feel even further disturbed. Running himself into the red light district he'd witness a young woman with her clothes torn. Trying to escape from- "Akira!" he shouts. What the fuck was he doing?? "Akira! Put her down," he'd ran over and all but manhandle at the girl to help get her loose. Putting himself in view and (perm granted) manages to get her free. She is crying but thankful and runs away as fast as she can. "What happened?" Keeping his amber eyes focused on the vampire anything could proceed at this point.
  9. [2018/08/09 23:33]  Alexi Alkaev-Kurosawa: /me shivered as he saw the wide come from Aka's arm. He tried to skitter away but he was caught with a powerful hug. He dangled, happily. And after a moment, he found the floor with his beans. Once his hugs and kisses were properly administered, he ran out the door, chasing the little paper lion. After a moment, from outside the door, he poked his head in. "Ewwww!!!" then off he was! (( sorry, I HAVE to get to bed ))
  11. [2018/08/09 23:37]  Akamitori Kurosawa: /me beamed a smile at Kinako and was about to simply be off with the love of his life, until there was a scream. Since Etienne ran out first there was a brush of something past his arm, touching his tail lightly and getting between him and whatever the Hell that was. He drew in a deep breath and let it out slowly. He said over his shoulder in French. <"I'll be home as soon as I can."> He didn't know what was going on, but considering the District's importance to the Iron Guild, he decided to hang back a bit, despite his tiredness. He didn't reach for his weapon just yet. Instead he pulled a wire out of his metal arm and inserted it into the back of his neck and again his left eye started jerking back and forth.
  13. [2018/08/09 23:39]  Etienne Artaud: /me growled at Aka lowly, glancing at the two guards who were standing in front of the tea-house still. He just looked at him with that 'seriously? You think I'm leaving?' sort of look. Instead, he simply reached into his pocket and pulled out his zippo. Well, sure, there's always time for a cigarette one supposes, though he didn't retrieve a cigarette along with it. Just the zippo. Which was opened. And sparked.
  15. [2018/08/09 23:42]  Kinako Seishin: /me stopped as she too heard the scream. She hurried outside and stood beside Aka and Eti as she looked around to see what was happening. She was ready for sleep as well but duty comes first. She had left a few papers on the table inside in her rush but could get those later.
  16. [2018/08/09 23:42]  ᴀᴋɪʀᴀ ʏᴀᴍᴀɢᴜᴄʜɪ-ᴜᴍɪ (addictivedarksin Resident): /me someone was calling his name and it was a familiar voice. His head slowly turned and gaze fixed now upon trace as the male gave him an order. A twisted sick smile pulled on his lil as he gripped the npc girls throat harder drawing blood now and he leaned forward and lapped at her throat. “Look kitten.. The snake wants to play.” He said to the sobbing woman. He released the girl now when the bigger meal now approached him. “What happened? I have been released. My darkest desires released ahahahahhah.” He laughed near manically “Do you want to play snake?” He said giving a grand gesture of his hands and he began to walk in a wide circle and then turned to face trace with a gun pulled and pointed at the others chest. He emptied a round point blank into the man's chest. “Because we can play.” He cooed darkly.
  17. [2018/08/09 23:42]  ᴀᴋɪʀᴀ ʏᴀᴍᴀɢᴜᴄʜɪ-ᴜᴍɪ (addictivedarksin Resident): -BANG-
  18. [2018/08/09 23:48]  Trace: /me furrows his brows at the mechanical laugh. Making sure to get the girl out of the way as he had no idea what was causing Akira to set off like this. There was no time to think at all. For the first time he suddenly had a gun pulled and- BANG. "UGH!!" The shot burns in molten steel before he sets his ability to veer the pain away. He'd have to deal with it later. Trained to ignore battle wounds once triggered into a fight. "The fuck is wrong with you?!" Following his own instincts and pulling a knife free. Trace chucks it. Hoping that vampire speed wasn't going to assist in it missing. Akira knew how well the mage was with knives now. Aiming it straight for the gun hand, wanting to render it useless.
  19. [2018/08/09 23:48]  %3A%3AConvergence Dice System%3A%3A: /me Trace has rolled a 23 (Skill roll, +10 modifier)
  20. [2018/08/09 23:49]  %3A%3AConvergence Dice System%3A%3A: /me ᴀᴋɪʀᴀ ʏᴀᴍᴀɢᴜᴄʜɪ-ᴜᴍɪ has rolled a 9 (Skill roll, +0 modifier)
  21. [2018/08/09 23:50]  JJ (Ladiejj Jewell): /me strolls back into the red zone the flush still on her cheeks. She carried the black feather in her fingers and that seemed to have her distracted so she was barely looking where she was going but  before lifting it to her head down. She was reaching to put it behind her ear when that familiar smell of smoke had her looking up.   She was rounding the corner of the park and saw Akira with a woman in his grasp. When the gun went off she screamed "What the fuck " the words falling from her lips in a surprise. She called out his name "Akira" and she flooded the words with every inch of vocal skill she had seeing if it could get his attention. She didn't think her vocal trance would even work on the man but she had to try. "Put the fucking gun down" and just the cussing that so few ever heard from her lips would do enough to draw attention to herself.
  23. [2018/08/09 23:54]  Akamitori Kurosawa: /me is just staring at this like he is somewhere between disgusted and completely shocked. He sucked in a breath as his guards pulled guns when the shot rang out. He nodded sharply and made a little motion twirling a finger as he walked over to the sakura tree and started to tug down a branch. "Red Security and you, everyone surround him." He looked to Etienne and sighed before shaking his head. "Of course, you're staying." He motioned to Kinako. "Surround him. This is what we do. Just a perimeter. I doubt he will try to flee, but we need this contained and quickly." His head lifted to look at the Red Ma'dam. "If you would, try to get bystanders out of the way." Crack came the sakura limb down and he stepped forward with a click of geta, cool as a cucumber.
  24. [2018/08/09 23:54]  Ŕεη'Åι کɧι (Ren0ai0Shi Resident): entered chat range (17.83 m).
  26. [2018/08/09 23:57]  Etienne Artaud: /me scooped his hand through the flame coming out of the zippo and then pocketted it, but the flame stayed in the palm of his hand. He moved over to the group, following and staying behind Akamitori until they got close enough that he could wrap his free arm around the woman that had been attacked. "Let's get you safely away, alright?" The hand holding the little ball of flame stayed sorta behind his back for the most part, the flame sort of pulsing with a heartbeat sort of pulse.
  27. [2018/08/09 23:59]  ᴀᴋɪʀᴀ ʏᴀᴍᴀɢᴜᴄʜɪ-ᴜᴍɪ (addictivedarksin Resident): /me screamed when the knife entered his hand. He hunched over dropping the gun to the floor and huddled over his hand with the other hand he shakely pulled the blade from his flesh. His fangs bared like a feral creature he was insane at the moment. The scream turned into a damn roar now as the pain coursed through his body as the dagger made a sickening sound as it came out. He sneered darkly now “Sneaky snek.. Going skin you nicely.” He said with a sickening grin now that flashed those fangs. He moved when others began to make there way around him. Suddenly he gripped the knife in his other hand. His head perked up now as he heard jj speak .. ah perfect.. Bait. He moved with that vampiric speed and was suddenly behind her with traces knife now at her throat. His contue coiled now slowly along the side of her cheek. “Mmm I love it when the I get such pretty meat shields.” He said as he pressed the blade to her throat now using her as a meat shield.
  28.  ".. did you miss me red.. " He said with a low growl
  29. [2018/08/09 23:59]  ᴀᴋɪʀᴀ ʏᴀᴍᴀɢᴜᴄʜɪ-ᴜᴍɪ (addictivedarksin Resident):  against her ear his hard cock pressing to her lower back. "Because I missed you so much." He hissed against her ear. His gaze lifted now at trace. "Move and I'll slit her throat open like a hungry whores mouth. I might let you fuck it too if you ask nicely little snake."
  31. [2018/08/10 00:01]  ᴀᴋɪʀᴀ ʏᴀᴍᴀɢᴜᴄʜɪ-ᴜᴍɪ (addictivedarksin Resident): *attempts
  33. [2018/08/10 00:03]  Trace: /me knew something was wrong. He had been around Vampires too long to not realize a frenzy when it was triggered. "Get back! He's not in his right mind!" he tries to warn at JJ when she came running over. Of course it was too late now. The girl was now taken hostage (perm granted). Trace moves himself to flank where the others were not near. "Akira. You need to let her go right now."
  35. [2018/08/10 00:05]  Kinako Seishin: /me had come outside in time to see a woman with blood on her running off and then she heard a gun go off. She felt a growl in her throat as she crouched down and undid her shoes. She stared at the man with the gun and began to gather darkness to her. This was the side of her that had gotten her into the NK in the first place. She wasn't sure if he was high or just dangerous. Either way, he didn't need to see in her opinion. She moved closer as she was ordered.
  37.  She tried to keep track of those around her as she watched him take a hostage. That growl got louder as she had to change her strategy. For now she channeled magics.
  38.  [Shadow Magic lv 1 Post 1/2]
  40. [2018/08/10 00:07]  Ŕεη'Åι کɧι (Ren0ai0Shi Resident): /me was rather.. well stupid in a sense. He didn't run from danger but towards things like gunshots and the like. So what he had a gunshot the albino mage came running as fast as he could. Slap slap.. the pulse ofrubber soled boots on the ground in a run.. As he came rounding the corner he was rather out of breath. Ren skidded to a stop up behind Akira and JJ.. Panting some, bit out of breath ok a lot out of breath.. Ren needed to get in shape! and trying to figure out what the fuck was going on!! He blinked several time, bent over trying to catch his breath, hands on his knees. He looked pale..well more so that usual anyway. "Whats... going... on?" he'd totally missed seeing what happened but now..(reminder Ren can see magic..)
  42. [2018/08/10 00:11]  JJ (Ladiejj Jewell): /me felt the people as they began to coalesce  around them. catching the eyes of the guards. She shuddered and closed her eyes. The vocal trance that had begun to form when she demanded he drop the gun quivered through her. She began to order Akira to step away from Trace and soon found the Vampire behind her. She bit her lip when she felt the knife at her throat. She body went stock still her  eyes flashing open. His words crashed over her and she knew something was wrong. Very wrong. She could feel the heat of His body against her own and the growl effected her in all the wrong ways and she had to just calm down. His cock pressed to her ass as He held her in place. Finally she said in the slowest softest voice she could using her Vocal Trace Ability. "Akira, let me go" waiting to see if the words would have any effect going on to say "Something is wrong with you right now"
  44. [2018/08/10 00:14]  Akamitori Kurosawa: /me doesn't seem the least bit moved by Akira's taking of a hostage. Instead, he held his makeshift stake in one hand and reached up to grasp his polearm with the other hand. His mechanical hand made a slight whirring sound as the wine pulled free and zipped back into the arm, the tiny port shutting and his eye stopped twitching. He looked over his shoulder. "More fire." Said to Etienne. "I will compensate the Red Master for her loss. You, I cannot suffer to disgrace our family in such a way. Either I turn you over to your grandsire to see what manner of insanity has befallen you," He drew down his polearm and held it point toward the ground. "Or I do as my sire, and my sire's sire has done since the dawn of our existence and destroy a defected kin." He jerked his head toward the guards. "Firing squad." His men raised their guns and trained them right at Akira, no regard to shooting THROUGH the Ma'dam. Most of the Red Guards hesitated, looking around at one another like they didn't know what to do. He
  45. [2018/08/10 00:14]  Akamitori Kurosawa:  trusted at the very least his people would do as they were told and the rest maybe to fall in line as they saw how high this was escalating and how fast. If he was bluffing, that was one HELL of a poker face. Good thing it was him and not Nyxander though, likely Akira would already be dead. He was at least giving the young vampire a chance, right? "I would suggest staying back, Ren'yo."
  47. [2018/08/10 00:18]  Etienne Artaud: /me let the woman go and the fireball that was in the palm of his hand was now in both palms of his hands and as he paced forward, following Akamitori but not crossing the line of fire from the guards surrounding Akira. The glowing orbs of fire encompassed both of his hands and he stood his ground, simply waiting for whatever Akamitori commanded next. It was clear he was not about to leap in there. Nope.
  49. [2018/08/10 00:21]  ᴀᴋɪʀᴀ ʏᴀᴍᴀɢᴜᴄʜɪ-ᴜᴍɪ (addictivedarksin Resident): /me a low growl rumbled in his throat now as he lowered his nose nose inhaling deep of jj’s blood. “You’d like it wouldn’t you.. Loved it if I fucked you right in front of everyone with this knife to your throat. I bet the thought of it is making you wet right now.” he said darkly as his nose brushed along her red hair and that growl trickled along his lips rumbled into her hair as he began to build his magic now his hand gripping the blade in his hand and his eyes shot out to look now to the many where now surrounding him and he growled against her ear. “Pretty voice.. Maybe I should just take it out right now. So many around. Do you think they really care about you? Worthless little slut.” He seemed to have no cause for self preservation. No right now he just wanted to see everything burn and he was going to take as many down with him not that they have interrupted his fun. He continued to build that magic as he shifted his gaze to the men who were telling him to let her go. “Why would I
  50. [2018/08/10 00:21]  ᴀᴋɪʀᴀ ʏᴀᴍᴀɢᴜᴄʜɪ-ᴜᴍɪ (addictivedarksin Resident):  give you my toy when I’m still playing with her. You don’t know how to share properly.” He said with a sneer.
  51. [2018/08/10 00:21]  ᴀᴋɪʀᴀ ʏᴀᴍᴀɢᴜᴄʜɪ-ᴜᴍɪ (addictivedarksin Resident): (sympathy 1/2)
  52. [2018/08/10 00:21]  Peregrine Luigi (PeregrinePelham Resident): entered the region (112.54 m).
  53. [2018/08/10 00:22]  Peregrine Luigi (PeregrinePelham Resident): entered chat range (16.24 m).
  54. [2018/08/10 00:25]  Peregrine Luigi (PeregrinePelham Resident): ((This is Parker Panache's alt arriving as a Storyteller. I will let you all know when I'd like you to hold off before I post))
  55. [2018/08/10 00:25]  Etienne Artaud: ((Yessir, Mister Tentacle Cook))
  56. [2018/08/10 00:25]  Trace: /me was bleeding from the hole in his chest but didn't seem to pay it any mind. No, he saw what Akamitori was beginning and actually moved himself in front of the guards firing angle. "Fuck that. There is an innocent here and he's clearly been hacked. You can sense the bile all over the place!" If they were going to be shot then life was going to suck tonight. "Akira! Listen to me. They will abandon you. Celestine and Clovis. You don't stop they will leave. Leave you! I will leave and we won't come back," he tries for a more mental jab. Holding up his hands to show that they were empty. "Release her now. Let her go! You need help, Akira."
  57. [2018/08/10 00:25]  Trace (TyrSilverson Resident): yes sir))
  59. [2018/08/10 00:28]  Kinako Seishin: /me watched the situation as it grew worse. Her body was filling with magic as she channeled the spell. She saw the guns pointed and was worried for the woman. She hoped her spell would by Aka time to get in there and keep her safe.
  61.  He didn't seem intent to let go of the woman and it was only a matter of time till he killed her and moved on to another. She closed her eyes as she felt the rest of the spell and then opened them as she rushed forward a bit more and a bright light pressed out from her.
  63.  She had stayed behind Aka though as to not blind him at least.
  64.  [Shadow Magic Lv1 +Magic Affinity ~ The flashing Kitty ]
  66. [2018/08/10 00:31]  Peregrine Luigi (PeregrinePelham Resident): ((Hey everyone Caelen will be jumping in as your ST but feel free to continue until then))
  68. [2018/08/10 00:37]  Ŕεη'Åι کɧι (Ren0ai0Shi Resident): /me's eyes widened as he took in the cene fully.. Shit shit shit!Akira! And..just shit the mizma of magic was thick! Ren's eyes flicked over Akira before he yelled out NO!.. Don't.. There's.. There's magic.. Hold your damned fire.." God damn.. what.. which.. Oh Infernal!" Ren paniced some.. Pulling his magic to him The draininng spell.. It was the best thing he could hope for and if he could drin Akira enough.. Down he would go. As he darted forward ren's mind went through the turns as he called out the words.. he didn't know what the words meant, hand groping out to grab for Akira's back (Arcane Magic Spectrial 1 draing spell)
  69. [2018/08/10 00:39]  JJ (Ladiejj Jewell): /me watched the stranger give orders to the troops. When there was mention of compensation her eyes lifted. She looked as it seemed that they were going to take Akira down whether she was still there or not. "I am not cannon fodder" she yelled her voice began to shake softly as it was clear this situation had her scared. She had every little in the way of self defense.  She let her eyes flip up to the fire that danced in another persons hands and she never felt so human in all her life. She was stuck at the mercy of them all as they tried to figure out just what to do with Akira. His words made her shudder and the fear in her was now warring with something else. Something that He would never be doing in public if it was really Him. When He taunted her about her voice she knew what little power she had was not going to work.  The way slut sounded from His lips right now made her feel dirty. And her hands balled into fists.  Her mind began to search for some kind of answer to this d  that would not her get
  70. [2018/08/10 00:39]  JJ (Ladiejj Jewell):  killed as a bystander to this situation.  
  71.  When the bright light flashed she attempted to pull away but found the knife firmly planted on her neck.  She had no idea what the light was. Nor did she trust it would provide enough in the way of a distraction so she muttered another cuss word under her breath.
  72.  Finally the only thing she could think to do was a distraction. She had the blood to do it though it would give a secret away about herself to do it.  Making her choice she leaned into the knife letting it slice open a part of her neck.  When it did blood gushed from the wound more than should have. All she could hope was that the blood was enough to distract Him so they could move in and take Him without killing Him. If He took the bait she hoped they would move in and just take him. It would be clear to those that watched the Madame did not want Akira to be killed for whatever reason.
  74. [2018/08/10 00:46]  Akamitori Kurosawa: /me looked to the young man with the bleeding chest and held up the make-shift stake in his left hand. "When I move, you will not see it." That was his only reaction to the comment about innocent bystanders. That likely meant he had no real intent on shooting THROUGH the Crimson Ma'dam, it was merely to get Akira's hackles up, so he could be struck soundly from behind. Then, FLASH! He shut his eyes momentarily and grunted. That was - unpleasant. Then Ren said 'Infernal.' "Demons? Oh wonderful," Because that would be just what their family would want to hear. Then the woman cut herself and he let out a sharp 'TCH!' and shifted, sakura petals parting at his feet as he got ready to Shade to try and grab her up out of the way if he could. He just had to gage Akira's reaction first.
  76. [2018/08/10 00:52]  Etienne Artaud: /me stayed right where he was, both hands covered in pulsing fire, just waiting to let them loose. He wasn't about to charge in not because he was worried for his own safety but because Akamitori would kick his ass later. "Kinako," he called out after the flash of light, "Get the humans into the sushi house..." His tail flicked out angrily behind him but he didn't take his eyes off of Akira and Crimson.
  78. [2018/08/10 00:55]  ᴀᴋɪʀᴀ ʏᴀᴍᴀɢᴜᴄʜɪ-ᴜᴍɪ (addictivedarksin Resident): /me So many were around him and like an animal he was going to lash out because he was now in survival mode. He would take them all with him. He growled towards those that surrounded him. They were going to kill him and he simply did not care. The Infernal magic took all that fear way all that irrationally. Going down in a blaze of glory now wasn't that the ultimate dark desire? His mind stalled however when Trace spoke to him. Abandoned? He blinked and the magic he had been working on shattered. The grip he had on Jj loosened. He turned his gaze now to Trace. When Jj tired to cut herself he pulled the knife from her. “Dont be stupid.” He dropped the knife and frowned deeply because they couldn't leave him. “You .. you can't leave you promised you wouldn't leave.” His deepest fear it was making his mind stall and gripped his temple with his bleeding hand when there was a bright light “arrg!” He growled as he now longer had jj hostage as he seemed to be battling with himself internally. “No you
  79. [2018/08/10 00:55]  ᴀᴋɪʀᴀ ʏᴀᴍᴀɢᴜᴄʜɪ-ᴜᴍɪ (addictivedarksin Resident):  promises you cant. They cant.” He said as he seemed to be going into a  clear panic attack. His body was shaking from what was that withdraw symptoms.
  81. [2018/08/10 01:00]  Trace: /me frowns when it seems like that might have caused the trigger he was looking for. Taking a step forward. "You've let her go, it's okay. It's going to be fine now, fucking hell-" he can sense the magic all around the vampire and it was enough that he couldn't dare touch. Thinking that something may occur. "What happened to you? Who did this? Where were you earlier?" Tossing questions as if he feared they were on a time limit. Akamitori still had the guards signaled and read. Ren was trying to move in. So much was going on and- right. Pats over his chest where the bullet wound was. Got a bullet lodged. This was fabulous.
  83. [2018/08/10 01:03]  Kinako Seishin: /me grumbled a bit as she was handed support work by Eti. She thought of saying no but she also couldn't argue with him. She had done her part to begin and she wasn't about to admit to her own desire to feel Akira's blood on her claws. With the people here though... she couldn't argue. She barked at the res zone guards to start moving people to other buildings. If they listened or not she didn't care. They might have also been blinded. Along with civilians. Oops. Least the light didn't hurt people.
  85.  She started moving people into the restaurant as fast as they could go since they were blinded. She listened to Trace's questions. If someone did this to Akira then they needed to get to that source before others ended up like him and attacking people.
  87. [2018/08/10 01:06]  Ŕεη'Åι کɧι (Ren0ai0Shi Resident): /me slammed his eyes shut as the light flashed into them though did not release his mental hold on the spell or his now physical hold on Akira's back.. He had to keep up the draining.. Couldn't see a damn thing now.. But he wouldn't let himself thing of that.. Drain drain drain... Best if Akira was calm.. quiet.. asleep? no might be too much to hope for.
  89. [2018/08/10 01:07]  JJ (Ladiejj Jewell): /me had lost focus on what was going on around her. She heard them talking but her pulse was drowning that all out as it beat in her ears at the decision she had made. But he pulled her back and His voice sounded more like Him. "I am not stupid" she growled. Of course the Crimson Madame would choose to argue with the crazy Vampire in the middle of the street. She was glad she did not have to cut herself though the fact that she would have spoke volumes. She stepped from Him when He let her go. She kicked the knife away. Though she moved free she did not move far. She had heard Trace's words and though she knew that he was not talking about her she said barely more than a whisper "No one is leaving you" her words came out sounding like a promise. Once He let her go she shuddered hard and a tears threatened to fall. It was clear she had been scared. Though she stood with a grace that was born from one trained to whether much worse.
  90. [2018/08/10 01:07]  %3A%3A: /me (Scene):  From the crowd that is peering around the walls, the murmur of conversation and fearful worry stills, people parting, almost as if unwillingly.  Moments later a little old woman comes stepping through the crowd.  People skirting from her as if terrified.  She makes her way towards the group of people, eyes sharp and severe, looking around at the sight of all the commotion.  For those who can see the dead, the old woman might be a bit on the more worrying side, as there are ghosts, several of them, chained to her.  All of them carrying expressions of utter terror.  The old woman seems to have no sense of concern about the ghosts, simply dragging them along with her.  As if the scene in front of her is one that is utterly unimportant, she looks first at the man holding a woman with a knife to her throat, making a tskin noise, before looking at the woman thoughtfully.  "Ah sweet little thing.  It pains Old One Tooth to see someone in such straits.  I have business here with the Madame...and aside f
  91. [2018/08/10 01:07]  %3A%3A: /me the expression on your face and the..."  A glance at Akira.  "Person who is accompanying you, you must be she, yes?"  Her voice carries a thick Romani accent, and she leans forward slightly, hands gripping the head of her cane as if for balance.  Looking at Akira again.  "You.  Dead thing.  I have business with the Madame.  You can discuss your...issue...with the gentlemen over there."  For such a frail old thing, she sounds utterly unconcerned about what is obviously (to her at least) a vampire who looks like he's having a drug overdose.  The motions of others being herded into shops does not seem to phase her either, merely standing there, looking expectantly at the Madame as if she expects her to attend to her request immediately. ::
  93. [2018/08/10 01:13]  JJ (Ladiejj Jewell): /me turned as the old woman approached eyes going up wide. This day had just went from strange to very strange. She sucked in a deep breath and nodded her head "Yes that is me " She looked around to them all and if no one stopped her she would move away with the old woman to see just exactly what was wanted of her.
  94. [2018/08/10 01:14]  Akamitori Kurosawa: /me disappeared from his spot the moment the blade was kicked away by the trembling woman. She would feel herself swept up and surrounded in the scent of sandalwood and then she'd be far from Akira on the opposite side of the sakura trees being very carefully sat upon her feet, right next to the old woman that he didn't even realize was about to shout for her. "Forgive me. I would never truly have let them shoot through you. I was hoping he would toss you aside and attack me." He bowed his head low in apology. "You shall have much business soon. Of this you have my word. And all shall pay well and be respectful." He turned his head, about to head back toward Akira when - what the duce? He looked to the woman, eying her up and down and then bowing respectfully before side-stepping like - there ya go, Imma just, pokes a thumb over his shoulder - deal with this maybe. Looks to Ren, not sure what he's doing, but assuming it's good. He nods sharply to Trace like yeah, that's awesome. He winked to Kinako to let
  95. [2018/08/10 01:14]  Akamitori Kurosawa:  her know that was awesome and blows a quick kiss to Etienne. Smooth sailing maybe? He still might stake the boy, but he's approaching much slower.
  97. [2018/08/10 01:16]  Etienne Artaud: /me luckily can't see into the Pale so all he gets is distracted by the commotion of people parting around the old woman and the occasional scream from someone who /can/ see the terrified ghosts chained to the woman. One thing he does know, though, is when an elder comes through a square and people part for them? Yea, you don't mess with them. He stepped off the grass like a kid who didn't read the 'Don't Stand on the Grass' sign and he stood on the pavement, actually trying not to stand on any fallen sakura petals, too. Superstitious? nawww, what made you think that? He didn't drop the fireballs but.. was he actually holding them sorta away from the old woman? Did he put the big tree trunk between him and the old woman? Yes, yes he did.
  98. [2018/08/10 01:21]  ᴀᴋɪʀᴀ ʏᴀᴍᴀɢᴜᴄʜɪ-ᴜᴍɪ (addictivedarksin Resident): /me there was so much going on now and he kept rubbing his head. He couldn't be left again clovis couldn't leave him again. His legs they didn’t seem to want to hold him anymore and he legs were trembling. “I.. ne.. Need to go..” he said as he began to rock. He felt so tired now what the fuck was happening. It was like the hardest drug crash he had ever felt and he made a whine sound. His hand hurt. “.. fuck my hand.” He said and then trace was talking to him. Trace was asking him questions of who what where. He reached into his pocket and handed the thing to traces direction. The phone was actually still recording something. “.. C.. “ he started to say a name but stopped himself when he realized there were so many people around. He felt so tired but he could.. Somewhat think? The urge to kill to rape to burn the entire world was no longer forefront in his mind. He suddenly reached out gripping traces chest and only then did he realise something that was gripping his back. “You cant leave
  99. [2018/08/10 01:21]  ᴀᴋɪʀᴀ ʏᴀᴍᴀɢᴜᴄʜɪ-ᴜᴍɪ (addictivedarksin Resident):  me.” He said in the panicked voice and he was panting labored breath that he didn't need. Why was he acting like ha had been alive? Because that damn demon made him feel alive and his entire body spasmed. He turned his head to look to ren who was holding on to him. “.. what?” god he was so confused his breath hitched as his body convulsed like a damn junkie going through withdrawls. His grip on trace lost as his entire body began to go into unwilling spasms as the absence of the magic was now making him go through junkie like withdrawal symptoms.
  100. [2018/08/10 01:25]  Trace: /me gives out a huge sigh of relief before some blood coughs up. Bullet must be lodged in his chest. There was nothing but bone there from the fleshcrafting, so at least he was protected to some degree. "Nyxander is going to kill me," he ushers and moves in towards Akira. "Ren, easy there. He's coming back to us. Can you do anything for his mind? Figure-" Trace looks back to Akamitori when the samurai steps over. Looking like he was expecting an answer. "This isn't him. There is magic all over the place. Dark. Not something one easily dives in," he says and licks over his lips. Wiping the rest of the blood away before Akira was lunging at him. Dragging a Ren with him. "I got you, it's okay-" A phone? "What is this?" he'd look down and see that it was still on record. It's been recording for a very long time. "You smart bastard, you had this on?" Looking over to Akamitori he'd try to juggle the phone and the vampire. "I think this might have answers we are all looking for."
  101. [2018/08/10 01:27]  Kinako Seishin: /me had managed to et all the people on this side of things to safety or at least to stay back. There were likely more on the other side of commotion. She moved to the old woman and the rescued hostage and bowed politely a she looked to the restaurant. "Please... You will be safer in there..." If she was the full Yokai she used to be she might have acted differently. But now, this was just an old woman and she hadn't been the sort to let someones age stop her from her duty. That said, she thought it was a bit odd that people had moved away from her.
  103.  She glanced back at the commotion.. She had blinded the guy and the woman was safe... surely they would get things wrapped up quickly now. She noticed Ren standing behind Akira and clenched her jaw. Her emerald eyes had committed Trace and Akira to memory. There was more here that needed to be figured out but for now... She turned to the two that she needed to focus on and hoped they would cooperate.
  104. [2018/08/10 01:30]  Ŕεη'Åι کɧι (Ren0ai0Shi Resident): /me's irises were blown.. not that you could see that for the contacts, infact there was a trickle of blood coming from the corner of one of his eyes. He can hear the old lady and sill feel the magic around him.. He was still mentally slurping away.. Drain drain... But he also knew soonas he released this spell.. that was it.. well for a bit anyway. His hand tightened a bit more in the fabric of Akira's top. He was not even bothering to open his eyes yet.. Narrowing his focus to the hand gripping tightly even as the other came up to grasp as well. Keeping his balance oddly enough was not necessarily the easiest thing to do when you can't see where to put your feet and were not used to such. Drain drain drain.. Ren was listening.. C? C..  "You texted and asked about a guy's name.. Cass... something.. I said was on the books.. I thought.. That C?" Aside to trace he spoke.. maybe a little loud and was looking wrong way.. "When I drop the drian I'll be useless for a while.. Um.. hour..ish.. I.. I can't see..
  105. [2018/08/10 01:30]  Ŕεη'Åι کɧι (Ren0ai0Shi Resident):  "When Akira started going into convulisms Ren called out. "I'm dropping it.. I don't know if I took enough.. sit on him or.. something.. Bind him.. That Infernal it.. It was the cause of this. He was also asking about Bubbles.. Damia asked about her too.." Ren stood still dropping the spell and his hands haven giving the warning of what he was about to do.. He felt.. empty.. like back in that void room.. Like humans felt.. Ren shuddered and wrapped his arms about himself.. "W.. what was that light?" Another drop of blood started to slide down from the corner of his eye.. like it was a tear..
  106. [2018/08/10 01:31]  Ŕεη'Åι کɧι (Ren0ai0Shi Resident): (whopps when he released his hold he opened his eyes.)
  107. [2018/08/10 01:32]  %3A%3A: /me (Scene):  The old woman smiles at JJ as she approaches and gives Akamitori an even wider smile, revealing that she has only a single tooth, that glitters faintly in the lights from the buildings.  "Such a respectful boy.."  She turns to JJ, making a tsking noise about the commotion.  "Such foolishness.  You are not harmed are you, sweet thing?  The lack of respect in this day and age..."  She shakes his head, before fishing a small, homemade bag from her pocket purse, holding it out to JJ.  "Roasted pumpkin seed?  They are quite good for what ails you.   Very calming."  A pause to see if the woman accepts a seed or two, before continuing.  "I have need of a girl.  One specially trained.  And word is that you are the one I should speak to about this."  She taps her cane lightly on the grass.  "Not just any girl will do.  She must be mannered and intelligent. But not nosy.  Able to converse in at least three languages.  And she must know how to make tea."  A stern look at JJ.  "These are still skills your :
  108. [2018/08/10 01:32]  %3A%3A: /me girls are taught, yes?"  Her expression almost one that would be foreboding if the answer was not what she expected to hear.  When another woman approaches, seeking to usher them aside, she stares at her.  And the very distinct impression is of something old, and a bit lazy, deciding if what they are looking at is worth eating.  That impression only lasts a moment, before the old woman smiles her single toothed smile again.  "Such a sweet young thing, to be concerned about Old One Tooth.  Do not worry, child.  A dead thing is of no concern to me.  I have several of them planted in my garden.  Pumpkin seed?"  Holding the bag out to Kinako as well. ::
  109. [2018/08/10 01:33]  Peregrine Luigi (PeregrinePelham Resident): left chat range.
  110. [2018/08/10 01:33]  Peregrine Luigi (PeregrinePelham Resident): left the region.
  112. [2018/08/10 01:38]  JJ (Ladiejj Jewell): /me gasped as before she could move on her own she was lifted into strong arms and deposited right in front of the Woman who had come to see her. She nodded her head because the words he spoke rang true. "I am sorry I yelled at you" she said softly and for the first time tonight she smiled ever so softly at the mention of her having much business soon. "Thank you" she said warmly and it was clear that it was not just for that but also for scooping her up and away.  Her attention was torn between the anguish in Akira's voice and the Strange woman before her. She willed herself to not look back at Him even when she heard the grasps and her body began to shake and spasm. Her pressed teeth to her lips her nervousness apparent in that gesture alone. But she did turn when Trace mentioned the phone. She wanted answers as much as everyone else. She could still feel the things Akira said to her on her skin. The way He said them more than anything.  Finally turning back she would notice the old woman's smile. The
  113. [2018/08/10 01:38]  JJ (Ladiejj Jewell):  tsking made her feel almost like a child but she payed very much attention to the Woman as she spoke. "I am fine " she says as it was her standard answer but then adds "I am not harmed no." She takes a few of the seeds and holds then in her hand offering a soft "Thank you". As the Old Woman went on to describe what she was looking for she nodded her head popping one of the seeds in her mouth hoping it really did calm her down. "yes it is " she agreed. It was the mention of her work and her girls that had her standing up and bit and some of that anxiety slipping from her. The graceful Madame becoming whole once more. "How long would you need such a girl?" she asked . Trying to pinpoint exactly what One Tooth would need so she could provide it.
  114. [2018/08/10 01:40]  Akamitori Kurosawa: /me sucks in a deep breath through his nose and let's out a grunt that sounds nearly identical to his sire. "Hn." He flipped the stake around in his hand and jutted the fat end out to Trace. "You should see about your wounds. And if this starts up again, do the sensible thing before he kills someone and his elders take his head without question. He furled his brows at Ren and shook his head. "You should rest as well, Ren'yo." Then every hair on on his body just stood straight up. Did that woman say she had vampires planted in her garden? He was pretty sure she did. They had a name for that in Japan - Witch. Though not a Mage sort of Witch, it was something - scarier. The highest level of Necromancer to be exact. They were immortal and could control anything dead - including vampire! Of course, that was an old wive's tale. But the Japanese were superstitious as FUCK and being that he's over 1300 years old, he totally thinks that is what is happening behind him. Thoroughly spooked he started to shuffle to the
  115. [2018/08/10 01:40]  Akamitori Kurosawa:  side after handing over the stake. "I wish to know what it is on that cell phone and I am certain the Red Master will as well. If a demon has targeted the Iron Guild," He turned and started back toward Etienne, "We shall find out, and Mister X shall hear of this." 'We?' Interesting choice of words. He waved a hand to the Ma'dam as he made his way to Etienne, making sure his weapons and outfit were situated properly and putting his cheek upon Etty's shoulder. "Think nothing of it. No need to apologize to me at all." What a weird fucking day.
  116. [2018/08/10 01:42]  Etienne Artaud: /me watched Akamitori do his shade-samurai and then looked back at the slumped blubbering and pathetic heap of dead thing on the ground. He closed his taloned hands into fists and smothered out the balls of flame. After a moment, he lifted his hand to inspect the singed end of the arm-wraps he was wearing with a faintly upcurled lip. "Damn," he muttered, looking up then as Akamitori approached. His tail curled around the samurai's waist. "He can handle it from here," he said, eyeballin' the Witch from across the grass. yea, he'd had those same thoughts and wanted as far away as he could be. He turned and simply started out of the red zone with Akamitori in tow.
  118. [2018/08/10 01:44]  %3A%3A: /me (Scene):  The old woman looks quite pleased at JJ's response and the fact that she eats some of the seeds, popping a couple into her own mouth as well.  Though how she chews them with only a single tooth?  That is a good question.  "Excellent, excellent.  And as for how long..."  The old woman pauses, tapping her cane lightly.  "A month, perhaps two. No more than two.  They should last that long."  A firm nod about that. "And not nosy, either,  I run a business and need a girl who will be useful to me, not poking her nose into things that do not concern her." ::
  119. [2018/08/10 01:44]  Caelen (Malthris Resident): (( Ingore that!  hit enter too soon ))
  120. [2018/08/10 01:44]  Trace (TyrSilverson Resident): FIRED))
  122. [2018/08/10 01:48]  ᴀᴋɪʀᴀ ʏᴀᴍᴀɢᴜᴄʜɪ-ᴜᴍɪ (addictivedarksin Resident): His entire body was shaking and he couldnt control it. What was worse was he could feel his face burn his hand hurt like a mother fucker. That and moved to traces chest and there was blood.. So much blood. His tongue coiled out and he began to lick at the blood. There was a hole in the others chest. Akira was fascinated with the hole and the licking of the blood began to ease the shaking in his body. He still felt so tired and half hung on trace. His fingers then dug in when he remembered he shot the man and was he actually going to dig the bullet out with his fingers because well he knew were it was and those clawed nails were just perfect for plucking the thing out and he then gazed at bullet and then up at trace. “At least I didnt.. Go for your eyeball..” Was that the equivilant of his sorry yeah it was least in public. Why was trace always making him feel guilty in public. The bullet was slipped into traces pocket as he went back to what he through was his task of licking at the blood that was
  123. [2018/08/10 01:48]  ᴀᴋɪʀᴀ ʏᴀᴍᴀɢᴜᴄʜɪ-ᴜᴍɪ (addictivedarksin Resident):  spilling. The saliva was actually helping to close the wound and slow the blood. Even in his weakedned flop state he seemed to be doing better whatever side effects were leaving him at least the crazy ones his body did that sudden spasm again and he ceased in traces arms. “.f .. fuck..” He hissed and then
  124. [2018/08/10 01:48]  ᴀᴋɪʀᴀ ʏᴀᴍᴀɢᴜᴄʜɪ-ᴜᴍɪ (addictivedarksin Resident): .*
  126. [2018/08/10 01:51]  Trace: /me had no intention of staying with the witch there either. Didn't know what she was but he needed to take care of two fucked up males but himself. All while trying not to bleed out- "Are you-" Yep. Bullet was literally dug out via claw after he got a tonging too- giggity. "Seriously, Akira? You shouldn't just yank things out. What if it splintered my chest?" he'd aim to smack the vampire upside the head. "Yeah yeah, I'll get your report," waving off the others and shoving the phone back into his pocket. Then he'd literally aim to hoist Akira over his shoulder and then grab for a Ren. "I'll count the steps. Just follow me so we make it inside." the brothel would have to do for the night. Unless stopped he was getting the two inside.
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  128. [2018/08/10 01:52]  Trace (TyrSilverson Resident): entered chat range (19.96 m).
  129. [2018/08/10 01:52]  Trace (TyrSilverson Resident): left chat range.
  130. [2018/08/10 01:52]  ᴀᴋɪʀᴀ ʏᴀᴍᴀɢᴜᴄʜɪ-ᴜᴍɪ (addictivedarksin Resident): left chat range.
  131. [2018/08/10 01:53]  Kinako Seishin: /me overheard Ren speaking as one of her ears swiveled to him he came next on her list. When the old woman refused to move from the spot she bowed her head a bit politely. She felt like the woman was a bit off her rocker but she would never say so. "Uh.. No.. thank you..." She took a moment to study the woman's features before she bowed her head once more. Since things seemed to be getting wrapped up she needed to care for those injured or drained. "Please excuse me... and be safe." She offered a smile and yet another bow of her head before moving towards Ren. She could pull him into the restaurant and help him get settled while staff helped him out.
  133.  She paused as it seemed Aka was leaving she called to him, "Ojiisama!" She was waving with a smile like the cute kitty she usually was again. A proud face since she had been helpful. She giggled a bit as she waved to Eti, "Etienne-san... Take good care of Ojiisama for me." She winked for good measure as if Eti were a full service hunk for her grandpa. "Oh, and
  134. [2018/08/10 01:53]  Kinako Seishin:  maybe get some of his other regulars too." She giggled as she wondered who Aka's other regulars were. Talk about keeping up appearances.
  136.  She then set back to work as she started to move Ren to a better place.
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