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  1. Hey. Hey. Hey,
  3. first of all i want to apologize for not having contacted you at all. i hadn't reached you via telegram. the last weeks were quite hard for me
  4. and I just couldn't get myself to write anything.
  5. as i've written before, i got sick. it's nothing life threatening but what i have to live with for the rest of my life.
  6. that's why i get some pretty strong medications that also cause depression... which wasn't so easy for me to cope with.
  7. i also completely understand that you are angry because i just didn't write anything but hope you don't resent me too much.
  8. unfortunately i will not be able to work on projects in the next months anyway, but i hope that you will be able to do all that. the idea is on
  9. in every case very well to a super time in the search for alternatives is.
  11. Jan 23
  12. jo thank you, unfortunately we lost the telegram and i'm trying to get it back since a month and no, i'm not mad it's just an incredibly difficult situation that whole act now.
  14. Sync by n17t01 io™
  15. if it works somehow and you can rule the status quo again on a vps would be the mega help par excellence, if you wonder why i write so fast: get mail
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