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  1. Chi la gagliarda donna vo' imparare,    | Ladies, who wants to learn the galliard,
  2. Venit' a nui che simo mastri fini,      | Come to us, who are shrewd masters,
  3. [Che de ser' e de matina                | Who from evening until morning
  4. Mai manchiamo di sonare:                | Never stop playing:
  5. Tan tan tan tarira, tan ti ru ra.]
  7. Provance un poco                        | Try a little bit,
  8. ca 'nce vuoi chiamare.                  | because you'll want to scream;
  9. A passa dieci volte che salimo.         | After ten steps, we jump.
  10. [Che de ser' e de matina...]
  12. Chi la gagliarda donna vo imparare,     | If you want to learn the galliard
  13. sotto lo mastro el bisognia stare       | You'll have to stay under the master.
  14. [Che de ser' e de matina...]
  16. A che e principiante li vo dare         | To the beginners I'll give
  17. Questo compagnio ch'a nome Martino      | This companion, called Martino.
  18. [Che de ser e de matina...]
  20. A fine mid-century villanella with ribald double-entendres.
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