Greek Ponies 6

Jan 16th, 2013
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  1. I don't know how long I kept staring out from the front doorway, but eventually a nudge from Dan brought me back to reality.
  3. "Helloooo, Earth to Sarah, you alright?"
  5. I shook my head vigorously. "Sorry, I keep half-way expecting to wake up. This has officially gone from horror story to surreal absurdist comedy from my point of view."
  7. "How sho," Kat slurred.
  9. I took a deep breath, "Think about it. I woke up today afraid that my life was effectively over thanks to my little metamorphosis. Then, in the span of only 12 hours, Dan and I were driven to a sexual frenzy from a combination of pheromones and whatever caused this change, and this keg party went from a standard occasion of drunken debauchery to a literal orgy of pseudo-bestiality and rodeo antics."
  11. Dan blushed so hard even his cyan coat couldn't cover the red, while Kat tripped over her own hooves laughing.
  13. "You... Fucked your p0ny girlfriend?! Ahaha! I've heard of getting the clap, but it looks like you caught the CLOP, this time!" Kat continued struggling to stay upright, resulting in her rolling around on the floor wildly, wings splayed out in awkward directions.
  15. For Dan's sake, I tried my hardest to keep a straight face, but as soon as his eyes met mine, we both lost it. I mean, as hot as it was for both of us, the mental image of my boyfriend (coltfriend now?) making love to a plum-colored p0ny was something I didn't think I'd ever let him live down, even if said plum p0ny was me.
  17. I was the first to regain my composure, while Kat managed to merely contain herself. "Okay guys... In all seriousness, we really should do something about the fact that a p0ny bearing a contagious mutagenic agent has just hauled tail towards the most populated section of campus. This is like the adorable equivalent of a zombie outbreak here, guys."
  19. Dan raised an eyebrow mockingly. "Adorable? Really?"
  21. "Oh come on, Dan, you can't tell me that me, Kat, and even yourself aren't the cutest god damned things you've ever seen."
  23. Dan simply facepalmed. Or would it be facehoofed, now? Whatever.
  25. I noticed that it had gotten perceptively quieter over in the living room. A quick flight over showed me a room full of unconscious or otherwise tuckered out humans and formerly-human equines; they must have finally worn themselves out, not to mention all the alcohol they had consumed. Great, at least I wouldn't have to help corral or chase down any more of them, though I seriously felt sorry for whoever ended up having to clean up the thin, but noticeable, layer of p0ny spunk and other bodily fluids that had built up during the earlier festivities...
  27. I landed back in front of my friends. "Anyway... Now that Kat has regained her senses, and the other transformees have fucked themselves into a stupor, maybe we should try to track down my lab partner, I can't help but feel like that stuff he 'accidentally' spilled on me had something to do with all this."
  29. I heard an oddly-familiar feminine voice call to me from the front steps. "Uh... Sarah? Is that you? Sounds like you..."
  31. I turned around to see a grey pegasus with a sandy blonde mane and tail. As best as I could tell from where the visitor stood, she was a mare, and her slightly off-track eyes seemed familiar.
  33. I took a few steps towards the outside to meet her. "Uh, yeah, that'd be me. I'm sure you'll understand why I have no idea who you are..."
  35. She sighed, before slowly walking closer to me, hanging her head. "So, yeah, Sarah... It's me, Todd, your lab partner?"
  37. "Wat"
  39. "Todd" choked back a tiny sob before looking up at me. "Yeah. Apparently the stuff that did this to us has a slight possibility of changing our genders, I already found our lab TA, she, or I should say "he", seems to be taking her change rather well..." She pawed at the ground awkwardly, "As for me, you'd think taking my manhood away would be bad enough, but the process somehow brought back my lazy-eye!"
  41. "Uh. Process? Lazy eye?"
  43. "Yeah... I just don't know what went wrong..."
  45. I felt my ears lay straight down as my blood pressure shot up. "You know what did this?!"
  47. Todd cowered down where she stood, barely squeaking out a feeble "y-yes..."
  49. I saw red.
  51. Before I even knew what I'd done, I found myself standing over Todd's toppled form, breathing heavily as she quietly sobbed out endless apologies.
  53. "Sarah, what the fuck?!" Apparently during the whole thing, Dan had rushed over. He began helping Todd to her hooves, avoiding a few scrapes that were beginning to lend a few tiny red spots in her coat.
  55. "Dan, this is my lab partner, Todd. Tell him what you told me, you asshole."
  57. Todd took a few steps back. "I-I kinda know what happened... It was my fault..."
  59. Dan's jaw dropped. "Excuse me? Mind explaining there before my short-tempered girlfriend loses her shit again?"
  61. Todd took a deep breath. "So, Sarah, you know how I do genetics and mutations research for one of the private labs in the city? Well, they'd been experimenting with a modified strain of viruses for gene modification. Basically, they're trying to use viruses to induce limb regrowth and reshaping. The end goal is to basically create a real-life equivalent to 'plasmids'."
  63. I cocked my head. "Plasmids?"
  65. "Oh, you mean like those genetic power-up things from Bioshock?" Dan answered, flashing me a smug grin.
  67. Sometimes, I think he's more nerd than frat boy.
  69. Todd's eyes lit up slightly. "Yeah, pretty much. Well, I stole a sample after some guy approached me with an offer to pay me a ton of money if I could modify the sample to increase and improve a user's sexual characteristics."
  71. I rolled my eyes. Genetic ExtenZe. Brilliant. "Well, I guess that explains why we've all been horny beyond rational belief, but why'd we turn into ponies? And why do I have these wings? They're cool, but it doesn't make sense."
  73. "Well... Uh, in order to cause things like bigger dicks, sensitivity, and the other stuff, I had to have genetic material that had those qualities in common. I started with horses. I mean, doesn't every guy wanna be hung like a horse? And equine females have intense sex drives when they're in estrus..."
  75. "I don't even want to know how you know that shit."
  77. Dan had long since folded his ears back and sat down so that he could cover them with his forelegs.
  79. Todd blinked. "Oh, I grew up on a farm."
  83. "Anyway... As for the wings and horns, I don't know. I used some avian RNA but that was for reasons related to making the carrier virus viable, and it shouldn't have had any effect on phenotype..."
  85. I lunged at her again. "So. Why'd you set loose the p0ny plague? Specifically, why me?"
  87. Todd shrank down again. "I never meant to! I'd been using the school lab in my spare time to work on this, and I was just putting it away when you came in for our weekly lab assignment. It was a total accident, I swear. Obviously, I spilled it on myself on accident, you think I WANTED to be a little mare?!" Her eyes started tearing up as the stress made them swivel further out of alignment. "And my eyes! I can barely see straight! I didn't want this any more than you did!"
  89. I sighed. "I get it, I get it, but I'm not apologizing for how I acted. How stupid do you have to be to steal potentially dangerous stuff from a lab to sell to some shady asshole? Let alone how you abandoned lab safety 101 rules and turned the whole campus into a p0ny orgy..." I leaned over to rouse Dan from his self-induced bubble of silence. "So, Todd, what do we do?"
  91. "I did the only thing that makes sense, I called the CDC and sent proof to them as well as the press. It's out of our hands, er, hooves, now..."
  93. I felt the blood drain from my face. Flashes of vivisections and lab experiments raced through my mind as I began hyperventilating.
  95. As soon as I saw the lights of HAZMAT trucks and press vehicles, I passed out.
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