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  1. William: Hi, I want to transfer a .co.uk domain name to you, is it possible to get the £1 deal on this?
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  3. * Call accepted by operator Kevin. Currently in room: Kevin, William.
  4. Kevin: no sorry
  5. William: bugger!
  6. William: ok, thanks for that!
  7. William: One of my .co.uk domains doesn't expire for another year - xxxxxxxxx.co.uk - If I transfer it in now, do I loose the year, or will it expire in 3 years time?
  8. Kevin: it will just expire next year
  9. William: well why do I have to pay for an extra 2 years then? :S
  10. Kevin: that is for us to look after the domain name for you
  11. William: Seriously? Is this just for .co.uk names? I have never heard of this before
  12. Kevin: yes just for .co.uk or any domain name ending with .uk
  13. William: Sorry, I am still a little confused - I really want to purchase this and don't mind not getting the £1 deal, but I am wondering if it is correct - the transfer a domain to UK2 screen says host/transfer - I just want to transfer, I have my own hosting... If this is just a management fee, why does it says "2 years" when I only have one year left and according to you, I won't get a second year?
  14. Kevin: OK the host is for us to look after part of your domain name with us just in case you want to use UK2 for your domain name emails
  15. Kevin: transfer is a everything together which means we will look after the domain name on our server for you and also look after the registration of the domain name
  16. William: I just have a domain name elsewhere with a company that I no longer want to use. I have one year left which is paid for. I want to transfer it elsewhere... I have used you before for .co.uk names (new ones) and was fine, I just want to transfer in...
  17. William: I have xxxxxxxxxxxx names and when ever I have changed/moved them, it always just adds the new time to the contract, I have never had management fees as you said so if that is true, I won't be using you. I am fine with my current host, I just want to purchase the domain name.
  18. Kevin: yes for .com it adds additional year for the price you paid to transfer it to us
  19. Kevin: but we do not offer that on the .co.uk
  20. William: well why does it say in the basket 2 years!!!
  21. * William has sent a file. Click [2 years.png (5.58 KB)] to receive the file.
  22. Kevin: that 2 years if for the domain management and not for the domain registration
  23. William: but why do I need 2 years of domain management if the domain is expiring in 10-11 months and you are saying that it will not be renewed!
  24. Kevin: in a years time you can renew the domain name
  25. William: but, will I then have to pay another £6?
  26. William: I have just done a quick look and found other hosts that do this management completely free (e.g. xxxxxxxx) and then I can just pay for the extension later. I tried to be loyal and stay with you, but this is a bloody joke.
  27. William: Thanks, and bye.
  28. Kevin: Bye.
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