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  1. [21:41](Spyders LaqiRagnarok) that s insane
  2. [21:41](Spyders LaqiRagnarok) i m sorry
  3. [21:41](Smiles DavisSpriggan) let's go again
  4. [21:41](Skaenryss Wintesces) being sorry isn't good enough
  5. [21:41](Niconi ConiLouisoix) It's okay xD
  6. [21:41](Niconi ConiLouisoix) aw
  7. [21:42](Spyders LaqiRagnarok) it s my first mistakes so don t tear me up more ty
  8. [21:43](Skaenryss Wintesces) i don't think you understand how hard this is for me so be quiet
  9. [21:43](Niconi ConiLouisoix) Stop :c
  10. [21:43](Spyders LaqiRagnarok) focus and shut up
  11. [21:43](Spyders LaqiRagnarok) not so hard
  12. [21:44](Skaenryss Wintesces) abide by your own advice
  13. [21:44](Spyders LaqiRagnarok) yeah because i m the only one who did mistake ?
  14. [21:44](Spyders LaqiRagnarok) that s why we wiped beforez
  15. [21:44](Spyders LaqiRagnarok) and again before
  16. [21:45](Niconi ConiLouisoix) --:-- until next Swiftcast
  17. [21:45](Niconi ConiLouisoix) ops
  18. [21:46](Skaenryss Wintesces) now-now
  19. [21:46](Spyders LaqiRagnarok) guess i ll just leave can t focus with a shitty mate
  20. [21:46](Smiles DavisSpriggan) can we kick this gnb please@
  21. [21:46](Smiles DavisSpriggan) chester?
  22. [21:46](Skaenryss Wintesces) yeah, sure, blame everyone but yourself
  23. [21:47](Niconi ConiLouisoix) Dude
  24. [21:47](Spyders LaqiRagnarok) and don t mess up with me when you forget your orb at the spears ty
  25. [21:47](Skaenryss Wintesces) just leave, hopeless flamer
  26. [21:47](Skaenryss Wintesces) good boy
  27. [21:47](Niconi ConiLouisoix) Spyders did mess up, but he apoligized, no need to be that rude...
  28. [21:47](Smiles DavisSpriggan) what is wrong with you?
  29. [21:47](Niconi ConiLouisoix) You're just being a douche
  30. [21:47](Smiles DavisSpriggan) the fight before you literally missed and orb on second 14 spears..
  31. [21:47](Smiles DavisSpriggan) chester kick him
  32. [21:47](Chester Barklight) no.
  33. [21:48](Smiles DavisSpriggan) why?
  34. [21:48](Skaenryss Wintesces) it's not me who said "shut up"
  35. [21:48](Need Hog) good luck then.
  36. [21:48](Smiles DavisSpriggan) you think this kinda behaviour is alright?
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