Anonymous Operation Ferguson - Communique

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  1. Anonymous Operation Ferguson - Communique
  3. Monday - August 18, 2014  11:15 AM CST
  5. Last night the global collective of Anonymous watched in horror along with the rest of the world as the security forces that have besieged the small city of Ferguson, Missouri launched a brutal paramilitary assault on the good people of that city, who stood their ground for the cause of freedom and justice for Mike Brown - murdered by the same police. And if this wasn't bad enough, the Governor of Missouri - having already declared martial law the day before, today announced the deployment of National Guard troops to be used against the protesters in Ferguson. We will not allow this situation to stand.
  7. Governor Nixon: you have exercised extra-constitutional powers to illegally declare martial law, you have presided over the mass violation of the civil rights of the people of Ferguson, you have turned the City of Ferguson into an open air prison, and you have committed crimes against humanity so severe that for the first time in history Amnesty International has deployed a human rights monitoring team to the USA. You have shown yourself to be a criminal and an enemy of your own people. You have behaved like a dictator in the mid-east, and now Anonymous shall treat you as one. You see we have experience dealing with dictators.
  9. Governor Nixon you are now dismissed. You will tender your resignation with the Secretary of State immediately. We will now begin the process, with which we are very familiar - of shutting down your illegitimate and illegal government. We will terminate your electronic communications, leak and dump all your data. We will remove you from the Internet, and your own people with the help of sympathetic legislators will remove you from power.
  11. Furthermore, we will hold accountable and gather evidence against any member of the security forces or military who have harassed, abused, detained - or in any way molested either the protesters or journalists in Ferguson. This specifically includes independent journalists. For your ongoing crimes against the protesters in Ferguson each and every member of the police forces and National Guard deployed deserve nothing short of being locked up in their own jails. We will hold you all to account in manner and at a time of our choosing. You should expect us.
  14. We Are Anonymous - We Are Legion - We Do Not Forgive - We Do Not Forget - Expect Us
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