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The Celebrity Wrestling Hindi Dubbed Free Download

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Sep 18th, 2018
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  4. The Celebrity Wrestling Hindi Dubbed Free Download
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  40. In a series of physical games and contests, two teams of celebrities are honed and trained by two former American wrestlers to produce two teams who will compete for the grand title at the end of the series. With an overexcited host announcing each event and each celebrity (by their new "wrestling" names) the celebrities go head to head with their opposite number from the other team in front of an arena of baying fans to win.
  41. Terrible This really was a pitiful excuse of a prime-time Saturday night TV show, as a semi-retired pro wrestler myself (I&#39;m taking a year or two out from the business) I was quite frankly embarrassed by this.<br/><br/>In fact this wasn&#39;t actually &quot;wrestling&quot; in that sense at all, instead it was just stupid &quot;Gladiator&quot; style games, which featured the celebrities (and I use that term loosely as they were Z-list to say the least) hitting each other with pogo sticks, and trying to push each other off a big round platform in a sumo type game among other things, also the games were &quot;real&quot; in the sporting sense (Although all the hamming up for the cameras and the pretending to hate each other was with out a doubt staged), unlike classic pro wrestling which is staged, so at least the winners of the respective games were legitimate in that respect, but in my opinion, I think the show may have worked better if the matches were staged and held in an actual wrestling ring, with story lines, good guys and bad guys etc, like a proper pro wrestling promotion would operate. The celebs had cheesy names like &quot;Pocket Rocket&quot; for the annoying Jeff Brazier and &quot;The Brawler&quot; for Big Brother 3 winner Kate Lawler (Very imaginative, let&#39;s just give somebody a wrestling name rhyming with their surname shall we?).Also the host former WWE/WCW wrestler&quot; Rowdy&quot; Roddy Piper came across as really cheesy and annoying with his stupid mannerisms and catchphrases, I loved Piper in his WWF heyday back in the 1980&#39;s/1990&#39;s, but he was damn pitiful in this.<br/><br/>D&#39;lo Brown and Joe Legend (Both former WWE wrestlers) captained their respective teams the &quot;Warriors&quot; and the &quot;Crusaders&quot;, D&#39;lo to his credit seemed to add a little bit of class to the show and in my opinion came across OK, but he was fighting a losing battle with so many clowns surrounding him.<br/><br/>This was axed from its prime time ITV slot after I believe just 2 weeks, and finished its miserable little run on ITV 2, as if this rubbish had a chance against the excellent new series of &quot;Doctor Who&quot; on BBC 1.<br/><br/>For years insiders in the British Wrestling scene wanted the &quot;sport&quot; back on mainstream TV since it was axed back in 1988, however I believe shows like this may have driven the final stake into British wrestling&#39;s heart, although this was not really in essence &quot;wrestling&quot; it still all gets tarred with the same brush, which isn&#39;t right, but its just the way that it is unfortunately.
  42. Film tutor John Truby once told his class that &quot; Towards the end of every drama the protagonist must make a decision . When I say a decision I don&#39;t mean that they have to choose between being awarded an ice cream over root canal surgery without anesthetic because by definition that&#39;s not a choice since there&#39;s no dilemma involved and can&#39;t be called a decision &quot; I wonder if John will be using this example for his film studies class ? :<br/><br/>Britain early May 2005 and a 7 pm Saturday night television audience has a choice between<br/><br/>DOCTOR WHO : Starring a critically acclaimed actor famous for his dark angry portrayals dressed in a black leather jacket in a fantasy series with Hollywood standard special effects and tight scripts featuring a breath taking firefight between a Dalek and hundreds of extras , or a later episode featuring an intelligent science fiction plot with space bats killing guests at a wedding <br/><br/>Or <br/><br/>CELEBRITY WRESTLING : Starring Roddy Piper wearing a kilt and a host of B list celebrities smacking each other with giant cotton buds and getting involved in push fights in a show that rips off GLADIATORS with the contestants having great names like &quot; Killer &quot; , Animal &quot; , &quot; Slapper &quot; and &quot; Tosser &quot; <br/><br/>That&#39;s not much of a dilemma for a family audience is it ? I mean if you&#39;ve got Christopher Eccleston trying to save humanity from the forces of darkness compared to a couple of actors from a soap opera getting involved in a sumo wrestling type bout then what one are you going to watch ? No Dilemma involved I think . I guess the producers were aware of this at the beginning so they tried to inject some human drama into it by having the coaches console &quot; the gallant losers &quot; who are more often than not in tears and praising the contestants courage but this comes across as being so false and patronising it&#39;s almost offensive and no wonder the audiences switched off in their millions <br/><br/>Perhaps Mr Truby should use the following example as a decision ? : <br/><br/>Britain late May and a 10am Sunday morning audience has a choice between <br/><br/>THE HEAVEN AND EARTH SHOW where guests discuss their religious beliefs as to what God , Jesus and spirituality mean to them in a pretty dire talk show <br/><br/>Or <br/><br/>CELEBRITY WRESTLING Starring Roddy Piper dressed in a kilt and a host of B celebrities discussing how much winning this competition means to them<br/><br/>I think television on a Sunday morning at 10am is a much better example of having to come to a decision as in &quot; Will I go out and buy the Sunday papers or shall I stay in bed till 11am ? &quot;
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