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  4. Volcano Full Movie Download 1080p Hd
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  54. A volcano erupts in downtown Los Angeles, threatening to destroy the city.
  55. Something unspeakably chilling is ultimately starting to heat up at The City of Los Angeles! Beneath the famed La Brea Tar Pits, a raging volcano has formed, raining a storm of deadly fire bombs and an endless tide of white-hot lava upon the stunned city!
  56. This movie was pretty lame. I didn't lava it. In 1997's, the United States was welcome that year with two big budget volcano films. One was Dante's Peak, the other is this mess of a movie. Directed by Mick Jackson, the movie had a lot of things going against it. One thing is the horrible acting. Tommy Lee Jones seem to forget what movie, he is in; because he's channeling his inner Samuel Gerard from 1993's Fugitive with this role. Tommy Lee Jones plays Mike Roark, head of the Los Angeles Emergency Management Center whom with Dr. Amy Barnes, a volcanologist (Anne Heche) discover an actual volcano ready to emerges from the La Brea Tar Pits and destroy Los Angeles. It's up to Mike and his management team, including his second-in-command Emit Reese (Don Cheadle), to save as much people as possible. Too bad for Los Angeles, they put a guy in change for Emergency needs that has no clue, how Volcanos and earthquakes work. That's really smart. Serious, how does this guy, not know what lava and manga is!? The ignorance of geography is just annoying. Are we supposed to believe no one in LA has a clue what a volcanic eruption or lava looks like? Sure, the first time people might do double-take. However it soon gets to the point where the film seems to be set in an alternate reality where the very existence of volcanoes is an obscure geological fact completely unfamiliar to the general public. It's an insult. For a city as large as Los Angeles, the fictional and totally ridiculous volcano erupting un-noticing erupting is just out of the world, unrealistic. How does this volcano get unnoticing for years from every scientist in the world, over the years? Yes, California is a geologically complex place with many centers of volcanic activity, but most of them aren't anywhere near the Los Angeles Basin. So maybe, scientist weren't looking for it, but still Los Angeles area has no volcanoes active or even recently extinct. The LA basin is also full of oil wells and tar pits. Petroleum deposits cannot form geologically in the presence of volcanic activity anywhere in the vicinity; you can't have oil, tar, and volcanoes in the same place, period. It's nearly impossible to have volcanos such as a ParĂ­cutin type there. It's like me, saying that the volcano on the moons are all activate, when there clearly dead. Another thing that bugs me about the movie is Anne Heche. I really don't buy her as a scientist. She has to be one of the worst actress that came out from the 1990s. The movie even has the nerves, to set up a love plot between the 28 year old, Anne Heche and the 51 year, Tommy Lee Jones. Really? Do you think, that's needed for this ridiculous movie!? They have little to no chemistry. If that doesn't get you turn off, the movie adds more sub-plots like a doctor, Jaye Calder (Jacqueline Kim) choosing her job over her jerk husband who wants to flee the city. Why on earth, did the man marry her, if he's against her helping people? I would thought, the word 'Doctor', who give him, some clues, what she does for a living. The movie even wants to deal with racism. If there wasn't enough sub-plots in the movie, alright. There is a few scenes where a black guy and racist cop are fighting while the eruption and lava flow are going on. Only to connect with each other, when the disaster threaten their neighborhoods. In a better movie and director, this would be great social commentary, but in this film, it's deliver in such a cheesy and offending way. Even the boy last line in the end of the movie, sounds tacky. Another bad character is, Roark's daughter, Kelly (Gaby Hoffmann) who tend to freeze up constantly, forcing people to save her. Her clueless way to save herself, cost the chance of her hero trying to save someone else's life. Does she felt any empathy about that? No! The worst instance being losing a kid she was put in charge of and when she finds him on an exploding street, decides to stay there and wait to be saved. Her behavior is justified mention by an easily missed conversation between her mother and father early in the movie, but gees... she so tiresomely getting saved all the time to the point, that I wanted her to die in the film. There is also a lot patting scenes with characters that have little to do with the main plot. While, I do like the character of Stan Olber (John Carroll Lynch) and his last scene was pretty damn epic. There is little reason, why the movie needed him, around. The visual effects were alright in the most part. Still, there couldn't get the science between the lava, right. I like how the heroes place concrete barriers in a cul-de-sac so when the lava reaches them it'll dam itself, but they face it in the wrong direction for the dam to work. In real life dams and bridges need to have the arc against the point with the most pressure. There are too many instances to count where individuals are standing directly on the other side of concrete barriers redirecting and holding back lava. Most of them, with the ash they breathed in would have turned the insides of their lungs into pavement and killed them well before the final act. The movie was composed by Alan Silvestri. Too bad, it's not that good. Overall: The ads say The Coast Is Toast, but to be truth, the movie is toast. It's painful to watch.
  57. It completely feels like a B-movie but with a bigger budget. Sure, it doesn&#39;t have the spectacular f/x of &quot;Dante&#39;s Peak&quot; but on the positive side, it has a more believable plot.<br/><br/>When I say believable, it&#39;s not because it&#39;s interesting, well crafted, or anything else; but because it is based on real natural causes.<br/><br/>The dramatic sub-plot is what makes this really dull and does not have anything interesting even to put on the plot.<br/><br/>The f/x are not that bad but are clearly done with less effort than in other popular disaster movies of the time.<br/><br/>Just watch this if it airs on late, late cable or t.v. programming. Otherwise, stay away from it because it will bore the crap out of you.<br/><br/>I had the chance to watch it on the theater and I regret about it.
  58. I had a pretty good time at Volcano. The reason I didn't have a better time is that the characters aren't just schlocky, they're boring.
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