Speed Plans for Rest of 2019 and Maybe Beginning of 2020

ProInfernape Sep 16th, 2019 117 Never
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  1. Direct Speed Plans:
  2. My first plan for the direct future is continue doing no resets for MM10 until Nothin' But Mega Man on the 21st. After the marathon my top priority will be getting a 25 in Curse of the Moon Ultimate Casual since I'm pretty close with a 26:13 currently. After Bloodstained it's kind of up in the air where I want to go but I'm currently leaning toward learning Pokemon TCG and then Red as I want to take a break from Mega Man in general since that (and some Bloodstained) is all I've been running since around May, after I (hopefully) complete my Pokemon goals I will return to Mega Man with learning Mega Man 9.
  4. Miscellaneous Speed Plans:
  5. These plans aren't set whether I want to do them during this timeline yet but will probably end up running them eventually. The first game I want to do is Shantae: Half-Genie Hero not sure what category yet but I'm thinking of a longer one like 100% or Non-Shop Collectables. The next game I've wanted to run was Ducktales as it's just a short and fun game to play. Finally, I would like to some day return to Halo 3 and lower my time in that a little more.
  7. Casual Stuff:
  8. As for casual stuff on stream only game I want to try to play through casually is Hollow Knight and Shantae 5 whenever that comes out
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