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  1. Staff in training
  2.  Active in discord and community
  3.  Knowledgeable about the game
  4.  Friendly towards every member
  5.  Must be recommended by an admin
  7. New Raider
  8. Any one new to the game or raids..
  10. Normal Raider
  11. Understands roughly what is required, but may need some teaching
  13. Veteran Raider
  14. Has cleared each raid and raid lair at least 40 on normal and 10 prestige (NO OBVIOUS CHECKPOINT FARM)
  15. Does not need mechanics or encounters explained and willing to do any role
  16. Demonstrates to the ability to hold their own in any raid
  18. Raid Leader
  19. Can demonstrate the ability to step up and lead a raid
  20. Demonstrates the ability to teach raid the others
  21. Shows patience when raiding with those with ‘New Raider’ title
  22. Plans/schedules raid events and teaching runs
  23. Petra's Run
  25. New PVPer
  26. Enjoys playing any PVP activity and groups up with clan members regularly
  27. Gets the weekly Call to Arms milestone completed
  29. Casual PvPer
  30. Regularly plays Quickplay PVP with clan members
  31. Achieved max Valor rank
  33. Competitive PVPer
  34. Regularly plays Competitive PVP with clan members
  35. Achieved max Glory rank
  37. Trials Sherpa
  38. Demonstrates the ability to go flawless in Trials
  39. Able to carry others to 9 wins or flawless in Trials
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